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  1. It all began when things had to be bigger, and better. Nothing else really mattered. That's when the 'stacking' started. America had been painted in a thick layer of urban architecture and cyberpunk futuristics as buildings gained special 'levels'. The First level was the regular street where people and most vehicles, even today are bunched up, most of it decaying while the numerous levels above possess most of the 'heightened' society.

    Solid hologram grounds substitute roads in the air in certain sectors, as well as a few of the first flying cars and helicopter-backpacks and holo-shoes that place solid-light steps for you wherever you go.

    In a world where some rise, and many fall, crime comes in abundance, due to having previously using an even more lenient police system in hopes of attempting to inspire others to work towards a utopia, or at least that's what the politician said before he got voted into office. As a result, a new administration was formed, and the poor fellow's public execution immediate as the next wave of law enforcement was initiated, incorporating full military support, especially from what we today shall formerly know as the 'United States Air Force.

    It was the dawn for the formation of the Angel Squadron. An elite group based around psionic abilities, such as telekinesis or even the likes of heat vision, merely tools to achieve objectives, as their corps flies through the Country at high speeds, dispensing a new kind of justice to a strange new world, while being opposed by 'outside' interference.



    The world of tomorrow (approximately 2038) isn't the prettiest. A majority of the world has given up chunks of its cities and urban supplies to the USA, allowing it to become 'Higher America,' or the HSA, Highest States of All. Most of europe is now a simpler place, donning small towns and large lands, like something out of a fantasy novel. China is also a sprawling country covered in atmoscrapers and the like. Space, sadly enough, is still far: The ships and such have had a long time to all be produced for the beginning of exploration and outer space colonies.

    Higher America has no capital. You either live in Northern/Eastern Chunks, or the Southern/Western Slices. The chunks are where most of the power are for the Angel Squadron and its government. The South/West is where most crime originates from, and happens to be the one place the Squadron needs to clean up. Badly.

    The Laws of the city aren't anything like they used to be. A Bit extreme in some places, silly in others, you get the idea, this isn't modern day america anymore. Just don't be surprised when someone warns you that the pepper from pepper shakers are illegal.


    Angels, as mentioned, are mostly consisting of skilled psionics mostly, all trained mentally in order to properly act as the authorities, their actual physical weapons limited to a couple tools at once, like one firearm for basic armaments as an example. They follow their rules strictly, enforcing all kinds of rules with their mysterious powers, nearly every Angel possessing super-similar skill sets:

    - Basic Telekinesis: You get the idea. Push, Pull, Lift, and a couple other things such as TK Hyper-Acceleration to simulate flight, and TK blasts.

    - Tactile Telekinesis: A more hands on version of telekinesis. You can feel vibrations, generate a forcefield around yourself that also simulates enhanced strenght, and still possess a faux flight method. Mostly used by the EST, or 'Eagle Special Tactics' Unit, based around the SWAT of old.

    - Omnidirectional Heat Vision: Seriously. It starts out as regular twin beams of fiery death that comes from the eyes, but eventually, you can change the beam's direction mid-flight. This is often used when lethal force is enabled rather than any weapon.

    - Nerve Shocker: With the touch of a finger and some electrifying thoughts, An Angel can electrocute one's nerves with a mere touch of the fingertip to create one effect, then must wait at least an hour before using again. Sort of like being a human tazer.

    Their uniforms appear strangely similar to that WWII style german uniforms, all gray, and sporting no badges. It is designed to be comfortable, with a light sheet of a thin armor that can protect against blades and other sharp weaponry,


    Don't quite like the sound of a mostly unarmed extreme police force? The South/West Slices have recruited a foreign mercenary outfit known as the 'Ballisticorps.' They possess an anti-Psychic mentality, using their own bizarre abilities to help enforce the 'true law,' that of the streets, and those that fight for it. They wear specialized sneaking suits, colored dark green/yellow, outfitted with utility belts, ammo belts, holsters, and whatever else will hold what they need.

    Animal Mimicry- The Ballisticorps are known for their most literal 'animalistic nature,' people possessing traits of various animals, making the Ballisticorps a wild, yet stealthy enemy that could at any time, go from prey, to hunter.

    Firepower/Tech- The Ballisticorps has served nearly everywhere. And with all that money and dead enemies, they tend to take weapons and gear for their own purposes. They've got safehouses set up everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

    Psionic Resistance - The Ballisticorps have a natural resistance to psionic attacks: They may not be impervious, but attempting to telekinetically lift them isn't going to work twice. A Push or blast might just even be a mere gust of air. Some of their grenades can even 'mindfuck' a Psionic for a short amount of time mentally, and physically interfere with such things as their nerves or motor skills.
  2. Interesting concept here--I think I could go for something like this.
  3. I'd be up for giving it a shot.
  4. Oh boy. Two players already! :D

    Any ideas on your characters yet?
  5. I would probably go for a member of Ballisticorps. Not sure exactly what I'd have them specilize in, but they appeal to me more than the others.
  6. Ballisticorps ftw. I take it they, much as opposed to the Angels, are rather more proficient with actual weaponry and physical combat?

    EDIT: Then Bob had to go all stealin' my thunder. I'll keep open the possibility of maybe playing a criminal/fugitive as well if that's an option?
  7. The Angels are also capable of having some weapons/physical training also. They just don't use as many weapons and such due to their Psionic abilities.
  8. well count me in as well and i'll be joining as an angel.
  9. still open? I'll join as ballisticorp