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  1. (Yes, this is slightly inspired by Heaven's Lost Property)

    I am an angel who one day falls from the sky in a flash of blinding light. Your character finds me. The strange thing is, I keep calling you master. I insist on following your every command and perform any order you command.

    Can evolve into a sexually themed rp.

  2. Do you rp male or female?
  3. Either, actually.
  4. I'm interested!
    Mind if I'm female?
  5. I wouldn't mind at all! You comfortable with the plot?
  6. Ya love it
  7. Alright then, do you want a basic CS of just jump on in?
  8. We can jump in :)
    Would you mind starting?
  9. Nope! Give me a few minutes!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.