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  1. Hello my name is Haylea a noobie I will roleplay almost everything but not sexual,incest,rape, or furry roleplays as I hate them very much so I would like to start roleplaying with anyone! I have amazing characters I will roleplay anything again but no sexual,incest,rape, and furry rps message me if you like to roleplay any kind but not the listed just need bio and bio I will give you my mine also which one I will use and also what kind i'm a bad rp kinda so here is my newest one I made her yesterday message me if you like to rp with her here is her bio here is a link to the picture

    Name: Daisy
    Age: 14
    Race: Human and angel
    Likes: helping others,protecting others,being around others,reading, and cooking
    Dislikes: being alone,hurting others, and bullies
    Bio: Daisy is a human and a angel she does not know she is angel she is very kind to others she lives with her parents and her older brother she is also fun and at school gets bullied a lot she wants to know why she is so kind and gets bullied she is starting to gain her wings white little stubs her brother wants to keep her safe as he has his best friend to spy on her she is friends with her.
    (open rp) *I was walking in the hallway going to be locker as we just got out school when one of the kids walks up to me grinning he grabs my arm I yell for help but one of his friends covered my mouth I wanted to hurt them I rarely hurt others he took me into the lunch room throwing me down he laughed he walked up to me bending down grabbing my arm twisting it behind my back I screamed in pain then after a minute or two he stopped he looked into my eyes he smiled a little bit I looked at him a bit angry when I grow wings I screamed in pain he looked at me then at my wings he hugged me I stopped screaming in pain as he hugged me I was shocked he always bullied me sense I was around 5 I pull back looking at him he started to tear a bit* Are you crying and why did you hug me? *he looked at me as he grow wings also demon like wings he smiled a bit I looked at the wings I stand up walking back but he grabbed my arm* Let me go please *he pulled me close smiling then he kissed me I pulled away shocked he smiled at me blushing a little one of my friends also my brother best friend looked at us yelling at him he waved goodbye as his demon wings went away then he walked away having a smile on his face* What just happened (y/n)? *my friend looked at me frowning a bit I sit down as my wings disappear she sat next to me hugging me* He has been my bully for years now (y/n) he never did this to me I need to go home.. *I get up running to my house I run to my room locking my door I look down walking over to my bed sitting down when I hear a knock I walk over unlocking my door seeing my brother I wave and smile a bit my brother grabs my arm running to the shed he looked at me frowning* What is wrong (n/y)? *I look at him he started to cry as he tried to say something he took a piece of paper and wrote this "Daisy it is just (y/n) seen (y/n) Kiss you he is a demon lil sis a full demon i'm worried because we are half angel he might turn you into a fallen dad and mom does not know about it we are both worried about you Daisy he has been bullying you sense you was 5 he is always in his human form hardly in his demon form i'm very worried we both know you and I hate him very much mostly you daisy try to stay away from him please he is nothing but trouble you don't need anything like that daisy you are a good girl while he is a bad boy that is why I grabbed your arm and ran in here because once again mom and dad does not know nobody can know about this but me,you,and (y/n) you must not tell dad or mom or they will kill me or you or worse making you stop going to school you are way to young to have a boyfriend mostly a demon one! Will love you Daisy." *he got up frowning still walking away I look down running to my room shutting my door sitting on my bed* He is a demon I should of fought back stupid demons mostly him he like suddenly likes me and i'm a angel I should of guessed by now *I hear a knock I walk to the door seeing my mom smiling she grabbed my arm running outside she let go looking at me I seen my dad working on something I walk over looking at it* Dad what is this? *he smiled laughing softly as he was shy and kind always working on things my mom hugged me then she ran into the house to get my brother* So what is this dad *I looked at him realizing it was a phoenix I smiled* Need help on this phoenix like panting it I can do that.

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