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​Character Sheet


Grade in School:






Motivation/ goal in life:

<DIR>Name: Kori

Grade in School: 11

Ethnicity: white

Age: 16


-Outwardly: bouncy, cheerful, flitatious, loud

-Inwardly: sad, sometimes apathetic, easily angered, spiteful

Motivation/ goal in life: To someday sing as a lead in a hit broadway

History: He grew up in a normal household, his mother a bit off in the head, his father a bit to ready to grab his belt, but otherwise he was fine and happy, although he repressed and held in a lot of baggage from how off kilter his parents were compared to everyone else's. He only liked to sit and sing along with his radio and watch movies to escape, reading shakespears plays and holding a sercret place in his heart for all of them. He has a twin brother who stays at home and takes school anline whom he dotes on and easily talks of the overly shy boy. He has a lot of friends but he's never brought a single one of them to his house, or slept over anywhere.
Name: Bachi Takura

Grade in School: 11

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Age: 17


-Outwardly: Very quiet. Bachi doesn't like to socialize. He thinks it's dangerous to get too friendly with lots of people. The few friends he does have is enough for him.

-Inwardly: Always trying to calculate the next move of anyone he meets. Always trying to figure out what they're planning, what their second objective is in life.

Motivation/ goal in life: To become a detective.

History: Bachi has always been inward. He didn't really talk to many people. And when he did, his responses were always short. Even in grade school, he gave short answers to everything. The teachers didn't like how he would always choose to work alone when group projects would arise. He was great with technology, was able to make his first automaton at the age of 13. His parents didn't give him much, just asked that he would be the best at whatever he wanted to be. When he got into Jr. High, he won every science fair that he entered and was the best at all of his tests, except for Drama. Finally, in high school, he didn't have to deal with those classes, so he does a lot better. He's only ever had one grade below an 'A'. His best friend out of it all was Kori, who has stayed his friend since they were in grade school.
Alright, I'll set up the IC and post first. Whose going to be transferring into whose class though?