Andaran atish’an - Greetings

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  1. Forgive me, for I am not great with greetings. I know little of what to say here to give you a good impression of myself.​
    I suppose, that I should start with be basics.​
    My name, or should I say 'usersname', is Vardaineil Malithiel. Now please, do call me Neil, for it is much shorter. I am seventeen years of age; 6 of those years I have spent roleplaying.​
    I was born in Ireland, and live there until I was eight. It was then that my family moved to the United States; Middle Tennessee to be exact.​
    Now, with all of that out of the way; we move on to my roleplay resume`.​
    I am very much a novice roleplayer; I am not so used to writing giant walls of text. Now, I do tend to prepare two - four paragraphs per post.​
    I am much more comfortable with the 'medieval fantasy' genre of roleplaying. I find it to be very much flexible to the needs of a roleplay plot. I do care very little for roleplays in modern setting, I believe them to be rather dull.​
    I generally roleplay as both male and female characters, although, my forte` lies with female characters.​
    The majority of the time, I try to take part in group roleplays. This has, however, back-fired for my in the past; my characters often tend to get ignored in some roleplays. Because of this, I am also open to one-on-one roleplays. I do, very much, enjoy a good mature roleplay; yet I do require more a plot then just sex.​
  2. No, forgive me, for I do not know how to compliment others articulately!

    All I can say is,
    Welcome to Iwaku and I hope to roleplay with you someday.

    (You're one of the few people I actually look forward to writing with - don't tell the others.)
  3. Cormamin lindua ele lle, mellonamin. nalle tela yamen'sina saesa?
    <My heart sings to see you, my friend. Do you find this place pleasing?>

    When LOTR first came out in theaters, I was reading the books. My older sister treated me to each movie as it came out, and when we got home we'd have a Quenya (High Elvish) lesson; annoyed the hell out of mom because we would speak to each other and no one else would know what we were talking about (Me being ~15-16 at the time it was mostly juvenile things about how my little brother smelled like an orc bum).

    Anyway greetings! I also enjoy some rough'n tumble fantasy roleplay chock-full-dragons and swords and knights and all that jazz! I'm not so very good at the airy-fairy, beautiful and silvery type tones, but I can cover a battlefield in werewolf blood well enough, so give me a shout if you're ever in the mood!