and you though your life was good until [o.o.c]

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and you thought your life was good... until (o.o.c.)

and you thought your life was good... until (recruitment.)

Are you ever tired of the life you're leading?
Wanting something interesting to happen?
Are you up for excitement to happen in your life?
Not just any old kind of excitement though.

With everything you have, and everything you
give; you become the most abnormal human in the life you live. One night, Elena Michaels was attacked by another human being.
This isn't just any human though. This is a human that when a long time ago was bitten by another like his kind. When there was a full moon, the switching from human to werewolf were in effect. The only thing that would be able to stop you, is a silver bullet. Knowing this, you are not allowed to use anything else other than SILVER to kill; if you are only planning on just BEING human.


My name is Elena. I'm not just any type of human, I am a werewolf. A werewolf not by choice. I didn't want to become one of like the many few that have been around,
but unfortunately, it happened one night when Clay bit me. I whispered suddenly in his ear, after we met and I was supposed to kill the others that were attacking our
Pack. "You bit me." He whispered back, when our bodies were pressed together and our eyes were locked. "It was the only way, you could be apart of me, completely."
I shivered slightly at his words, when I finally got back from New York City, to Ohio. Those words rang through my head the whole trip. I moved, to practice just being a human.
Away from the Pack, and to have a separate life, from all the killing, and anything else that came with it.

It wasn't just that one night, when I asked Clay what exactly he wanted with me. He told me, "I need you to help our Pack. After all Elena, you owe me one." I nodded slightly at him,
as I waited for all the instructions to be given. It just wasn't any ordinary life, I held. It was a good thing that it wasn't a full moon, either. I took a deep breath, as I followed Clay into the other room, and sat quietly waiting.

This was going to be a little harder than I expected. Clay and I, had this thing from the past, and I guess it never really stopped flaring. Although sometimes I wish it would. He always
knew that I was attractive, and he didn't care that I had someone back in New York waiting for me. Of course, he just wanted me to himself just to satisfy everyone else around him. I remember Clay offering me a game of poker, while I was there. I sort of snapped back up at him and said, "What makes you think I'm going to play at all?" Nick just perked up and said, "Winner tells Jeremy tonight what happened." Clay, being the smart one of the group, he swiftly spoke, "No, I am going for something different. If I win, Elena comes outside with me tonight, to the woods."
The Setting:

The setting is placed in Somersville. A small town outside of Washington DC. Elena had grown up there most of her life, but then moved to New York city to get away from the pack that she no longer wanted to be apart of. She wanted to be a human. She wanted to live like a human, but the only way to do that was to get away; and be the person that she wanted to be her entire life.


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