And Yet They Knew

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  1. Zoom.

    Getting mugged has become something quite common in this part of town, ever since the government crumbled under the mafia's power. Why this part? Well, it is the city. And many people live in the city. Many people with purses and pockets who walk in large crowds in the morning, afternoon, and evening. And let's not forget about those living expenses and loansharks lurking about; it was just the perfect crime hotspot full of thieves and unsuspecting victims. And Jay was no stranger to this. She eyeballed the group around her for any eyes that could have been watching, then nonchalantly brushing by a girl with a small purse, reaching inside of it with two fingers quickly, and flicking out a folded up 20 dollar bill, then walking on as if she were in a hurry. She stuck her newly acquired booty down her shirt, and slowed to a languid walk close to the curb. She let out a sigh, while thinking of what she would do with the money. Oh, the possibilities.


    A car sped by quickly, brown mush splattering over the sidewalk and leaving a mud stain on the thief's pants. She stopped walking and slowly bent down to inspect the large brown spot now taking up residence at the bottom at her slacks. She could almost see a face in it. A smirking face. It was like the universe was poking fun at her. The curse of looking like a teenage boy, the curse of living on the streets, the curse of having to reach into strange places to find lunch money; and now, the curse of having unclean clothes! "Ah, c'mooooon!" She swore to herself while lifting her leg in the air in disbelief. "GIVE ME A BREAK."I just bought these with borrowed money! With the wet substance now bleeding through her pants, she put her leg back down and slumped over herself. She sighed and carried on, blending in once more with the crowd. This time, farther away from the street. Well, at least she knew what she was spending the money on!
  2. He slid underneath the fence and slipped behind a trash can as bullets whizzed by his head. A lock of his black hair floated to the puddle near his feet. His baby blue eyes forced shut as the bullets came to a stop.
    "We're gonna get you Amando! You won't be able to hide forever!" They said as they emptied their clips of bottle cap steamguns to reload.
    "Some other time fellas! See you later, ferro scimmie!!" He said, bolting around the corner into the crowds.
    The members of the Irish mob that had been after him kicked down the remnants of the wooden fence a second too late. Amando snatched a wallet from a well-dressed gentleman, stole a few dollars, and tapped the man on the shoulder.
    "Excuse me, sir, I believe this is yours?" He said, slyly.

    Within five minutes, he was in a fashionable tux with a fedora, ready to live up to his family title and cause more trouble for those who opposed the Camorra family. He had lost his nuclear-powered peashooter in the last scrimmage, but that was fine. He didn't need a weapon for what he had to do today. Today was tax collections day, starting with the little restaurant across the street, where a young kid had been splashed with muddy water. Poor fuck didn't know what he was walking in to, but Amando had a job to do, and he wasn't gonna let anything else slow him down today. He blended with the crowd as he crossed the street, ready to collect.
  3. “I should really get this mud out while it’s fres-“ she stopped talking to herself when she caught a whiff of food coming from the restaurant to her left. She perked up, wandering closer to the establishment, to that smell. She stopped at the stairs leading up to the door. Would she have to steal another few bucks from another lady with a purse? She turned around. But, it should be okay.. The place looked small anyways. And that smell, what more could she say? She needed a place to wash off the ungodly slush out of her pants anyways, and there was sure to be a bathroom inside. She turned back around and made her way up the stairs, into the small building. She was surprised, as it was half full, yet eerily quiet. Any conversation being exchanged was done so in hushed tones. Must be one of those days. She awkwardly turned to look at the man behind the register, "Um, excuse me.. could I use the bathroom?" The man nodded hesitantly, then directed her to an opening in the wall towards the back of the restaurant. She quickly thanked him and headed in the direction she was told.

    "To the left, to the left.. H-hey, is this some kind of joke..?" She stopped and stared at the sign on the door clearly read 'Men's' for a moment. Shaking her head, she pinched the bridge of her nose and walked into the right bathroom, despite a strange look from the man behind the cash register. Inside, she propped her foot up on the bathroom sink. She casually ripped off a paper towel and ran it under the sink, taking it to her pants and attempting to wipe off the mud. "Stubborn wet dirt, just come out already..!" Groaning, she took her foot off the sink and returned outside, sinking into a two-seater and burying her face in a menu.
  4. Amando watched a gender confused boy walk into the girl's restroom while on his collection time. The owner had taken his sweet time while taking care of his customers. Amando was starting to wonder if this man was pulling his leg, or trying to short him. He'd have to make this into a hostage situation soon, give this restaurant some bad reputation, if the man did not comply. There was no one in the restaurant except decrepit folks who had to take out their teeth to eat.

    "Son of a bitch... Is this a restaurant or an old folks home?" Amando mumbled underneath his breath.

    As if a sign from god the gender-confused boy walked out from the bathroom and sat down in the back of the restaurant. So funny how he thought that he was going to get any service from the staff here. Well, now he was. Amando stood, swiping his hair back and removing his coat so that he appeared more like a waiter. He made his way over to the boy and put on his best poker face.

    "Excuse me, sir, but this restaurant is not a sit-down restaurant, you must be seated by a waiter or waitress," Amando said, yanking the boy from the seat and pressing a knife to the small of his back.

    "Tony! This isn't any good!!! Your staff is threatening customers now?" Amando tsked, and the store owner pulled out a well-defined double barrel small explosions shotgun.

    "Get out of my store you Camerro brat!" Tony shouted as his first round of fire went off above Amando's head, bad shot.
    "You owe us money, Tony! You're behind on your payments!" Amando shouted.
  5. Divine Retribution. It was Divine Retribution. The last person she stole from was a lowly old lady who had a family of fifteen plus a large bulldog-husky mix and a bum off the street that she was kind enough to take in, and now the heavens were angry, very angry. She felt the loanshark press something up against her back. Somewhat panicked, she immediately began struggling for some space. Like hell she was going to be a hostage to some greedy cash collector. And knowing this part of town, things will get ugly.. quick. "The hell.. Get someone else to play damsel, you--" Hold on a sec. 'Sir'?

    Ahhh, what! You would think that people would know better-after all, she did just come out from the women's restroom. Oh whatever. That was besides the point now. She stopped struggling and flinched on reflex as the shop owner started firing bullets at her captor yelling something about a Camerro. Oh, JOLLY. Just what she needed, a Camerro's blade at her back AND and a bad shot that shoots with a hostage. Just what had she gotten herself into!? "Let me go, let me go!" She spoke as the two men were having it out, and the rest of the people in the restaurant were either trying to flee through the door or hide under the tables. Now this 'Tony' was spewing some stuff about his family to try and weasel his way out. Like that ever works.

    She looked around for an escape route. Maybe a little mud on the gent's nice dress shoes, he'll loosen up.., she thought to herself as she stepped on his feet in a seemingly accidental kind of way.
  6. He cursed and hopped on one foot for a second, "OW! What the hell? Do you not get knife at your back?"
    His hands shifted to the boy's chest, to hold him better. What was that under his school uniform? What was that tough wiry material that went from one side to the other? All at once, it clicked.
    "CAZZO! Tu non sei un regazzo! You're a girl!" he hissed in surprise.
    There was no time to be shocked though. The owner had finally steadied his aim and it was time for Amando to run out the door. He nearly missed a horse-drawn car as Tony pulled the trigger, hitting the car. Now Amando was covered in mud as he scrambled with the 'girl' to a nearby safehouse. But he didn't take any chances, He flicked his wristwatch and a little trail of smoke bead exploded behind him, covering up the place he had just ran through with a thick haze.
  7. "Uh, whoops--" Jay tensed up uncomfortably as the gangster felt the under wire of her bra in realization. 'Damn, that's not right..!' Unsure of how to react, she tried to push his arms off of her bosom, but was briskly pulled out the door and into the streets once more, splashing in some brown goop and barely dodging a carriage, which took the blow of the other man's bullet seconds after. She looked back at the shooter, now unrecognizable from the black smoke. Loud screeches and cursing could be heard in the distance. She turned back, stumbling over herself to keep up with the stranger. Luckily, they stopped at a quiet building in a secluded part of town.

    She shook free from his grip and bent down to catch her breath. She could hear her heart drumming away recklessly in her ears. What a rush! She smiled secretly to herself as her heartbeat stabilized, then put on her best serious face to look at this rapscallion in the eye and give him a piece of her mind. She started off by punching him in the shoulder with a frustrated, "You-you--pervert--!!" Then stopped, her senses catching up to her. Loanshark. She closed her mouth again and threw her hands down to her sides. She paced aimlessly back and forth, pulling at her ruined sweater and swearing loudly. As much as she wanted to fly right out the door, she knew better than to give away their location when there could have been people watching. She turned back to the mystery man with the baby blue eyes, ruffling her short hair in irritation, "Dammit, what the hell's wrong with you?! Why'd'ja hafta drag me along?!" She rubbed her face with both hands. "And my sweater!" It was her only one, after all.
  8. "I am not a pervertito! How was I supposed to know that you were a Lupo travestito da pecora? Erm... A wolf in sheep's clothing. How was I to know you-? Oh cazzo..... You're a girl.... I can take care of your clothes. CAZZO!" He said, pacing and flipping the knife in his hands.

    "Tony would have shot you on the spot just for being associated with me. He wants nothing more than to rid his little SHIT of a restaurant to be clear of bad press. Of course, he should have thought of that before he asked for a loan so his wife could buy a fucking puttana!" He flipped up his hand at the last word.

    He turned around, hands on his hips. His trouser straps over his white, button down shirt truly put him in the shoes he was meant to fill, that of a loanshark. He opened his arms, as if to say, 'What' to her for staring at him.

    "Your sweater is the least of your worries by this point." he said, back to pacing, "My fratello, my brother, is going to be here soon and he's gonna demand to know who you are.... Fuck if he doesn't try to take of your clothes if he finds out you're a girl.... AYA! Of course! You will do what you do best and be a boy!"

    Now, he had gone nuts.
  9. "A wolf in sheep's--What! You want me to act like a guy!?" Well.. she looked down at herself, patting her chest plainly. I guess I do look like a guy.. And then it hit her- like getting shanked right in the gut. Her neck snapped as she gave the man a face of disbelief, "Wait! I'm coming along!!?" Was it really necessary? Couldn't she just leave through a back entrance or something?? The more she thought of it, the louder the voice in her head scolded her for getting caught up in this. She shook her head and sat on the floor in defeat. "I don't understand you people!"

    She looked back up at the man in trousers. Might as well make this easy to save time, right? And maybe she would have a better chance of making it back in one piece.. right? No, of course not. She's not going, no way, no how.
    "I don't want to." She said bluntly, staring straight into his eyes. She looked away and rubbed her head again, "I-I just want to go--" She hesitated, "..home.. eat something and get cleaned!"

    She smacked herself on the forehead and thought of a way out of this, but was interrupted mid-thought by an intricate knock at the door.

  10. "Not a chance in hell now! Everyone thinks your a guy. I can't just go and find myself another hostage, can I?" Amando said, sweeping down and kissing her on the hand, "Sorry about this. You'll be able to go home in no time. Just gotta put on a show until we can get back at Tony for shooting at a girl. I'll take you back home afterwards, I promise."
    Amando winked, and then rushed to the door to see who was at the window. A moment later, a group of men were coming inside with pipe guns, loaded with various things they could find. One even had a dead rat in the end of one. Amando and his brother started gibbering in Italian with animated gestures. His brother was taller than Amando was, but not as pretty in the face. His brother's face was a little more stretched out, but it was apparent that they were related, none the less. Amando's brother pointed straight at her as Amando turned to look. He waved his hand and continued to talk to his brother, addressing him face to face. There was a quick Nelson headlock pulled on Amando as his brother gave him a noogie, messing up his hair. Amando used his favorite word, 'cazzo' again and struggled away from his brother as the other men laughed. Then, his brother was leaving and Amando was walking back to her, a sigh of relief on his face.

    "That went much better than expected. What is your name, Bella Donna?" He asked, cocking his head to the side as the doors shut.

    Outside, the sound of an expensive motorcar peeling off into the street let Amando know that his brother was going to clean up his mess. But his eyes were focused on the, still gender confused, lady in front of him.
  11. She stared after him, feeling blood rush to her face. It was so hard to understand this man. One minute, screaming, the next acting all gentlemanly.. Alright. She'll play along. Just for now. Then again, it's not like she had a choice! She stood up as the armed men came filing in, and casually turned away with her hands folded behind her head after seeing a dead.. thing stuffed into one of the men's guns. This guy must've been one of the higher ups to bring so many armed body guards. She secretly peaked at them, and caught the man's brother pointing at her, making her feel self-conscious for a second. She looked away quickly, patiently waiting for a sign, which came in the form of laughter from the men in suits. Pacing in a circle, she found herself looking at him again; His hair had bunched up in the place where his brother had rubbed in his fist, she assumed. She snorted a bit, and watched as he closed the door and spoke to her with a relieved expression on his face. I'm safe! She sighed. And she was finally recognized as a girl. Another sigh, and a meaningful grasp at her 'heart'. But his new suave demeanor wouldn't fool her. He made a promise, and he had better keep it!

    "I'm Jay..lin, Jaylin. But I prefer Jay." She'd gone so long without hearing her own name that it felt strange to say, even if it was just an alias. She'd already gathered that the man's first name was probably Amando, that Tony guy had called it loud enough. And from his close relationship and shared traits with a higher up, his surname was most probably Camerro. With his attention fixed on her, she felt pressed to carry on, and she asked his name anyway. "And what's yours, Signor Pervert? Something you like to go by?" She said, nervously brushing at her crusty sweater with her hands, then sticking them into her pockets and staring at the man's collar. "Since I'm guessing I'll be stuck with you for a while," she added, blowing her bangs out of her face.
  12. "First off, if you're going to insult me, do it correctly. It's prenounced Signore.... Which means significant, or dignified one in your language. My name is Amando Camerro, second heir to the Camerro mafia, after my big brother, of course. And no, you don't have to stay with me. You could leave and have all of your fingers removed with a chisel and hammer so that your family knows what you have done, you little thief!" he accused, not sure if it was true, but everyone was guilty in this city.

    People stole from each other in order to survive here. It was a sad fact of life. People, unless they had strong family ties as Amando did, couldn't get by. That's how he and his family liked it too. It meant that less people had the means to revolt if the people in charge were well paid. 'Someone had to scrub the toilets,' so his father had told him when he had first discovered inequality as a child. Ever since then, his life had been a collection of experiences that supported this idea. Some people were just dealt a bad hand, but it's how you bluffed that made the difference. The perfect example stood right in front of him. This girl was dealt one Ace and Jack of hearts in Poker when all of the cards on the table were for the queen of diamonds. This girl had brains for books, but in the visual department, she was a total loss. At the same time, it had saved her from being molested by his brother.

    So, yet again, he had learned: Play the cards you were dealt the best you can and just hope you leave with the jackpot.
  13. "I--! Y-you can't--!" She stuttered. Damn. He had her with that one. But it wasn't like the members of the mafia were any better. Ask anyone, they'd tell you the mafia were the real crooks. And to top it all of, they practically ran the place. Thief or unlucky soul who got in the way, if looked at any of them funny, you were punished by the law! That was the extent of what most people knew of the mafia, and those who were better-off didn't question it. But people in debt? Orphans? Hobos, etc.? Those who wanted to live only had two options; borrow loans from the mafia with ridiculous interest rates, or thieve. Of course, stealing was definitely the easiest out of the two, but there were wrists to flick for taking money away from potential clients. She was lucky this time around. It didn't look like this man was planning on doing anything to her at the moment, and she had 'escaped' his brother. But that second thing would probably take some time for her to pick up on.

    She clicked her tongue and swore under her breath. Damn dignified pervert. But given the choice between spending some time with this guy or losing a few fingers.. She suddenly held her hands to her face, looking down in thought. Cripes, a chisel and hammer? She'd rather keep her appendages. Besides, all she really had to run away to was her spot under the bridge and a few sad books she stole from the library. What was a few hours away from a few slabs of wood and some murky water. She quickly regained composure and nodded at the Camerro in silent compliance. But, what exactly was this guy hiding up his sleeve? What was she going to have to do? Stay locked up in here? "Hey.." She waved at him with one hand uncertainly. "So what's on the agenda. What do I have to do?"
  14. "You are going to start with taking off your muddy clothes," he said, pointing a finger at her attire.
    He waited a moment or two, and then realized the mistake he had made. He had left the impression that he was interested in watching her undress. His eyes widened as he raised his hands to correct himself.

    "Oh no! I mean you must have your clothes cleaned! I will play the gentleman this time, but you are not about to receive the same clothing as you did before. Something more fitting to your form, I will help you buy. But, yes, you must do something for me first. You, my half-man friend... Are going to earn the money first," he said, slyly.

    He didn't have an overcoat or a hat, but the half-dressed look half suited him. He looked at her with that smirk, that twinkling in his eye. He opened the door and bowed, like the real fake gentleman that he was.

    "Let's put those sticky fingers to work, mmm?" he said.
  15. She eyed him sternly, "'Half-man friend'? Are you trying to pick a fight?".. is what she would have said, were it not for the way he went on, opening the door as if he actually saw a woman under her boyish features. He was really good at playing this role, she thought.And objectively speaking, he was actually quite the looker.. Just how many people has he been able to trick with that smirk of his.. No, no, none of that! Jay shook the idea out of her head and combed out her bangs out with her hand.

    Sticking her hands in her pockets, she nodded with a "Yeah, yeah, I gotcha, prettyboy," and walked towards the door, "Just don't make me wear a dress or something.. frilly like that." She cringed. Heaven forbid she wore something so unnatural, so.. unfitting. In her mind, it represented the showcase life, one in which people lived materialistically, a life of unrealistic standards. She didn't care if it was for a disguise or what. She took a step out into the open, and said quietly with her back still to him, "I'll throw a frog down your pants if you do." There was no turning back on this strange situation she had gotten herself into. Just until this issue is resolved, just 'til everything's taken care of.

    Thieving for the mafia. This was definitely new.
  16. He was prepared to meet the challenges that this girl threw his way. Though he was a part of the Camerro mafia, Amando was tragically interested in fashions and how to look your best. This is why he had to rob the rich gentleman earlier in order to buy himself a nice suit to wear before the made his impression on Tony. How you dressed told people if you were serious or not, and this girl, in his best opinion, was leaving the best impression to say 'walk all over me.' Amando was straight as an arrow, but this girl was not attractive at all in those clothes. She really did look like she was trying to pass for a guy on purpose. The short hair and man's plain suit was not helpful. Amando had to change that, partially because her sense of fashion was hurting his inner metrosexual, and partially because he did not want to have to take the time for steam cleaning it.

    He led her to a busy area. This girl was going to have to get better and pickpocketing if she was going to buy a new outfit that contradicted her terrible haircut. He had accused her of pickpocketing earlier because he knew that everyone had to steal. Although, with her shaky attitude towards it, he might have been wrong. Amando shrugged it off, watching the girl, Jay.... Yet another point where she had masked her true gender..... to ensure that she did not run off. He looked for a willing victim of pickpocketing. There were so many, he didn't know how to best pursue this for her. So he decided not to.

    "All right," he sighed as he lounged on a bench, "You need to come up with enough money to buy a weeks worth of meals. I'll wait here and watch."