And Yet The Furnace Burns

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  1. In the city of Seattle, a rumble occurs every 8 seconds. But these are no earthquakes. In fact, the city isn't even attached to the ground. No, these rumbles are caused by one of the city's eight great steam-powered legs. All across the world, 5 types of settlements exist.

    Stalker settlements, like Seattle, are towns and cities that walk the land. Traction cities, like those such as London, ride across the land. They will both try to devour other settlements using weapons, and then pick up whatever is left with great hydraulic jaws. The last kind of settlements, mostly behind the great walls of Anti-motionists in Asia, are the static settlements we know of today. Sailing settlements are in few, but ride peacefully in the water. Air settlements, like Sailing, are friends of or anti-motionists themselves, and stay high in the sky. All 5 are friendly to Aviators, usually merchants who go around in airships selling their wares.

    Every Stalker and Traction settlement has multiple tiers, open floors supported by poles, usually 10 feet higher than the tallest building. The boilers at the bottom house the furnaces which power the legs or wheels, as well as the deconstruction rooms for taking apart catches.

    A city-eat-city world. That's how life came to be after World war VI, only a year after World War V. They used terrible weapons trying to kill each other, but ended up blowing themselves up. Now every city except for the anti-motionists will do everything in their power to eat each other, all for supplies. What used to be a flourishing world is now a dying one, with some corrupt governments speeding up the process. Can you save our earth, or repeat history?

    ((So yeah, this is a post-apocalyptic steampunk roleplay. It's sorta based of the Predator Cities series. Kinda. Not really. Well, I just hope people enjoy.))


    Appearance: (3 sentences or picture.)
    Home Tier: (1-6, 1 being the highest, like nobles, 6 being the lowest, like homeless. Put 0 if you're a prisoner.))
    Job/hobby: (Remember, this is steampunk. They're aren't any computers or mages.))

    No godmodding, Mary sue, blah blah blah- I think people have common sense, but if not I'll point some things out. Wait until I give the okay to start posting.
    You all live in Seattle, Washington, unless you ask and I say okay.
    Most importantly, enjoy yourself.
  2. This one looks very interesting but I have one question about the tiers, as a prisoner or a noble, would you ever meet, or well mostly as a prisoner how would you get out of jail then? Sorry just have a habit of being the one trying to break out one way or another
  3. Name: Genive Silver
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A old, hunched over man, with a grey beard, usually wearing a purple robe. Very wrinkly, and always smiling.
    Home Tier:
    Personality: Humble, kind, and talks with a hushed creaky voice. Slow, tired, and clumsy, but never angry.
    History: Genive was a historian before he became mayor 20 years ago. He had discovered many things like the "Space Needle" which they recreated later on the top of Seattle.
    Job/hobby: Mayor of Seattle
  4. [MENTION=2848]Sinderi[/MENTION]: Well, break out like any prisoner! Make a plan, and when the time is right, run!
    Thus, when you're free, you could always talk to a noble. So the answer is: Yes.

    As for HOW you get out: Get out of the cell, run past the guards through a labyrinth, go up to the boiler, casualty make your way to and up one of the tall stairs to Tier 6, and avoid police from then on. Simple. Kinda.
  5. Name: Atelve Sormic/ Uncle Steam
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Black hair, usually wearing a strange black top hat with a gold stripe and a pack with gears sticking out of it, turning. Has gloves with no fingers, dirty ragged clothes, and always has yellow goggles.
    Home Tier: 4
    Personality: Would make a very good uncle, if he had any nieces or nephews. Usually teases but loving, with a good sense of humor. Very daring, and a very good mechanic. Heck, who knows what half the stuff he makes does...
    History: An only child at birth, Atelve made a good reputation to children as an "uncle" and to everyone else a wonderful mechanic. He rarely ever leaves tier 4, usually because he's always working on something.
    Job/hobby: Mechanic
    Other: His many inventions all do something different- which sometimes worries people.
  6. Name: Insani Ridgar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: White hair going to just below her shoulders with green eyes. She wears old ragged (way too big) clothes the same as every other prisoner, no shoes since they were seen as a threat. standing just about 5'7" tall and thinner than she should be.
    Home Tier: 0
    Personality: Despite the fact she has been locked up she is a very nice person, once you get to know her. However she has sometimes trouble with strange thoughts and is often labeled as either crazy or insane.
    History: Insani grew up in tier 5, it was rough and with her parents off to work most of the time she had to take care of herself, eventually ending up without them being there for her because of lack of money. It didn't take long before she started stealing small things, just an bread or an apple, most people ignored it since she was just a little girl. But when she hit age 15 she started stealing other things and was caught when she tried to take a small mechanical puppy with her, being put in prison right after. Being around the 'real ' prisoners has affect on both her mind and body, she will break out, when she doesn't know.
    Job/hobby: Prisoner.
    Other: Her other side will help her.
  7. A fine application to me- accepted.
  8. ​Yes! -Falls to her knees with her fists up in the air.- ^w^
  9. Name: Allie 'Ally' Savanah, often just goes by her alias.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Ally is rather short and thin, which is her natural body shape, but it appears to be a bit unhealthily so; she appears to be small and younger than she actually is. She has soft sea green eyes and short, cut with uneven and ravaged edges, orange-red hair that sticks out like a sore thumb, so she often covers it with a navy-blue bandanna. She wears a dark yellow midriff with very short sleeves and dark brown cargo pants. Around her waste is a belt with several small purses around, which are definitely all hers in case you ask. She has red (appearing dark red now) shoes so worn and faded that she might as well be barefoot.

    Home Tier: 5-6, she has no home, but is a bit better off than others.

    Personality: Allie- Or, 'Ally' as she claims as her alias, can think quickly, though also tends to act with what comes to mind first, though she often thinks that she's being 'clever'. She also tends to form habits easily that are hard for her to break. She often acts nice and can be very childish, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she is nice, mind you. She wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of what's a good situation for her, but sometimes tends to go too far at these times. Ally prefers to work by herself, but you might be surprised to see that, at times, she is willing to help others; however, she often expects a favor in return. She's great at escaping, it's just the alibi and lying thing that she needs to work at. If you get close enough, especially if you act as a role model, she can feel some loyalty to you, including picking up some morals; which is much to her distress, as she often tries to go by her own rules. She often teases everyone she comes across, but is very cautious and uncharacteristically quiet around authority such as the police and the government people in general. Her size is both a blessing and a curse, she can easily pose as a little kid, but it's hard to get others to take you seriously when you're 'pint sized'.

    History: Allie was poor from birth, barely remembering her mother who died when she was only two (Allie thinks that her mother died in a prison, but she's never really gotten the full story), so she was raised by her father. Despite being poor, her father followed his morals closely, making sure that there was enough for Allie, but sacrificing his own earnings in food, money, ect. to help others. She always thought that it was, to be blunt, stupid, helping others without second thoughts, and ultimately she was somewhat right- From giving his food to others, her father eventually dying of malnutrition. Without her father to pay for bills -or at least try his best to- she quickly became homeless. Out of desperation she began to steal, soon finding that she was rather good at it due to her size. She does live a bit better than the average homeless person, easily stealing common but usually out of her price range food, but never stealing any of the more expensive things as to keep a low profile with her genius alias of 'Ally'... at least for now, anyways.

    Job/hobby: Thie- err, "Professional Borrower Without Asking".

  10. [MENTION=2282]ForLackofaBetterName[/MENTION]: Heh, Sorry it took so long- accepted.
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  15. Name: Kyle Headlam
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Tall, dark brown hair that covers his eyes if he doesn't flick it out of them, usually wears a dark colored (usually black) t-shirt and casual pants. When he visits the lower levels he wears a hood until he's sure no one around would recognize him. He can only wear this when his parents are not around however, they always want him to wear more 'presentable' clothes as they call them but he calls them an annoyance. When his parents are there he much wear clothes that are kind of tuxedo-like but always fits the occasion so it varies.
    Home Tier: 1
    Personality: generally keeps to himself but if he finds something that interests him he will go after it, curious many different things that don't involve history and etiquette, always looking for an adventure or something to do, protective of those he cares about even though they are very few, he acts like a big brother to all the kids he meets when traveling to the lower levels
    History: He grew up pretty well off in a family in one of the higher tiers and to ay outsider looking in, the perfect family. But actually, he doesn't much care for his title but isn't lie those who hate it and wish they didn't have it. He finds that idiotic, you have the life you are given and why should you change it? Instead he uses his title and money to help those he thinks needs it. He doesn't act or is a charitable person at all actually. He only helps those he knows can do nothing about their poverty. He uses any chance he gets to leave the higher tiers and visit the lower ones and his 'brothers and sisters' down there. At least that is what he calls them and they all call him their big brother. He mostly just helps to the younger children and orphans because it isn't their fault they have no money. While he visits the lower levels he never mentions how he gets the money he uses to give to others and no one knows who he truly is
    Job/hobby: Noble
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  18. If you funkied this up with pictures and an idea of where the protagonists will come in, inciting incidents, etc., it could be a very cool roleplay. I like the furnace symbol.

    Are you going with Steampunk technology? I think there's a separate prefix for that, and also a Steampunk fanclub where you can advertise.