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Anoura walked into her apartment, closing and locking the door behind her. Today was one of those days that made her question her life choices. At 23, she was still only making coffee runs and doing other tedious tasks such as that at the publishing firm she worked at.

Sighing, she made her way into the kitchen (if you could even call it that) and made herself a cup of coffee. Then she took a seat at her little table, taking a sip of the coffee before setting it aside. A black journal was resting on the table, and Anoura reached for it with every intention of writing her thoughts in it. When she opened her journal, however a piece of folded paper she didn't remember placing there fell out of it. She raised an eyebrow, glancing around before picking up the paper. Had someone broken in? She unfolded the paper and began to read it.

Today is the beginning of the end. In a short time from now, your life will no longer be your own, but a vessel for that which may come to pass. None shall know your name, and the shadows will become your dwelling. The light will no longer reach you, and your heart will cease to exist. This is not what will be, but one of the many possibilities that await you in your future. However, it is the path most likely to come. If you wish to escape this fate, the fate of becoming AshanRakar, the demon's vessel, then you must follow my instructions exactly.

She rolled her eyes. Great. Someone was definitely trying to prank her here. She'd need to find out how they'd broken into her appartment. Her eyes went back to the paper, her eyes widening a bit.

Look up and to the right. You'll see the small bound book that you found lying outside your door.
Now, stand up slowly. At this time, the your watch should beep, signaling the hour.
Take the book as soon as the beeping stops. Trace the binds with your right thumb, from top to bottom.
Now, very carefully pronounce these words before the knock comes at your door because there are no second chances in this game of death
'Anransha Kion Nakar'
With an expression that became more and more confused as she followed the letter's instructions, Anoura opened her mouth, "This is so stupid... but whatever. Anransha Kion Nakar..!"

As soon as the last word left her lips, there was a knock on the door. Before she could react, though, a blinding light came from the book. Her eyes snapped shut. After a while, she felt something like a breeze wrapping around her. Cautiously opening her eyes, she stared dumbfounded.

'What the hell just happened? Where... am I?'

Before her was stretched out a green field filled with different wild flowers. The Sun shone brightly, reflecting of a tall polished structure in the far distance. From what she could tell, it looked like the tallest tower of a castle... She felt back into a sitting position in the grass.

"Okay. I am definitely dreaming. This is not possible." The thought came to her that whoever broke into her apartment must have poured some hallucinatory drug into the water in her coffee maker, but she couldn't have been farther from the truth. This was all real, and she'd been sent, or rather summoned back to a world she was too young to remember leaving. She was sent away for her protection, and now she was summoned back for that same reason plus another... She was one of the chosen that would save this world from falling into darkness.


Okay... Sorry it was a terrible introduction post >.< But your characters would either be the chosen who already live in this medievalish fantasy world, or were summoned to it in some fashion or another. Let's have fun!


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"Papa, I know you're lying! Demons aren't real!" Myu thudded the chest of what was presumably her father, but in all actualities, this was far from accurate. An enormously large, terribly pale hand then came down and ruffed the golden waves of Myu's hair, who couldn't help but giggle in delight at receiving such unexpected praise. "No, little one, not in this day in age... Demons disappeared from our world long, long ago." The Ice Giant's single opal eye stared into those of the little Vampir, teeming with humor as her continued persistence pried at him for more and more tales of old.

The Ice Giants are a species of man who -as granted by their name- are unusually tall and pale. While most would see them as blood lusted creatures hellbent on destruction, it's very uncommon for any of these gentle giants to tread the path of war. This Ice Giant in particular goes by the name of Ins'gard, and indeed was one of the few of his kind who participated in The Wars of Old. He was no heroic general or a secret weapon, simply a mere foot soldier who survived the senseless conquests for land.

Myu is known as a Vampir, almost a cousin to their notoriously famed siblings, the Vampires.
But in this world, Vampires and Vampier (Plural for Vampir) are but an uncommon citizen. Their only difference is that Vampires are night prowlers who have black hair and red eyes while Vampier prefer daylight, have golden blonde hair and amber eyes.
That, and neither races drain the blood from their victims. Rather they give a small love nibble and take only what they need. Myu ensures that the people she feeds from are comfortable and keeps cloth handy for the wound, despite the fact that her fangs are still children's and really only leave the same irritant as a mosquito.

Typically one would project some tragic past for the odd pair, but this too is indeed not the case.
Myu is none other but a mere farm girl who had taken a liking to the neighborhood Ice Giant, who had decided to settle down and raise chickens for a living.
Both of them have happy families consisting of either Wife and Child, or Mother and Father. The only twist in their little story is that this small, young Vampir is indeed one of The Chosen.


Eventually, the Giant bid the girl farewell and set about to searching for his own daughter whose games of Hide and Seek have been known to stretch on for nearly two weeks at a time.
Myu watched her life-long friend leave, his towering steps easily covering half a dozen of hers. She was surprised he hadn't found the little Miss already, Myu saw her not even an hour ago watching them from across the mossy stone bridge that lead to the Castle in the distance. Hearing a growling at the tip of her senses she started to become anxious, hurriedly speed walking a half mile home before realizing it was her own stomach. Her only concern then was if Father had eaten her portion of the stew he had helped her Mother prepare so hard before being ordered to play outside until the breaking of dusk, which just now started to shimmer through the increasing quantity of clouds in the sky.
She was marveled at this, even though she had seen the beauty countless of times before. The sun shimmering between the breaks in the clouds, almost glowing as the wind ruffled the air with countless of dandelion seeds. She raised her arms and lifted her head, bathing herself in the sun and air when a sudden scent took her completely by surprise.

She had only smelled it one other time in her entire life, but she remember it all too well.

At first, she was about to dismiss it, thinking her senses were playing tricks on her because of how dull it was. But after another successful hit she was positive it wasn't a trick of her mind.
Tracing it, though, would be a problem.
Thinking best to oppose the wind, she had almost lost it entirely before once more catching a subtle fragrance of whomever it was. She knew they were alone because of small, distinctive characteristics that gave each person their own unique scent, yet at the same time categorized together. (An example could be the different scent between plain cinnamon and burnt cinnamon.)
Once more her stomach had protested against her task, and she eventually gave into it's cravings.

Little did Myu know, she had actually circled entirely around the person she was seeking, and was now heading almost directly toward them.
Her gaze was fixated on the lowering sunset, seduced by lines of gold it produced in the sky.
Myu had passed within two meters of the other girl, unable to detect her due to the rays of the sun and the conflicting blow of the wind, rendering Myu entirely oblivious of who was probably one of her many partners in destiny.
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Fantasy, Sci fi, anything in which the world itelf is extremely interesting.
A young man was catching his breath after the biggest sprint he had ever accomplished. He was a peculiar fellow, with scruffy white hair, a green cloak, heavy boots, and a red pointed hat. He was a little over four feet, and carried a shovel, as well as a huge back pack. He was absolutely covered in dirt. He was practically gasping for air, and looked terrified. He looked behind him... nothing, he looked to his left and he looked to his right... nothing. He breathed in heavily one more time, and he calmed down rapidly. He kept both hands on his shovel just in case anything wanted to jump at him again, and now his mind started to function properly. A pig the size of a large dog came waddling up beside him, it looked like the average barnyard pig, except for prominent tusks. Not seeing anyone else around, he talked to the animal.

"Well Pig, you saved me again."

Here were two close friends, Thonar and Pig. A gnome, and a boar, of course, the two of them looked significantly more refined than one would imagine. Thonar was in fact... a little on the skinny side for a gnome, and he lacked a beard. At the same time, Pig just looked like a pig with tusks. The two were just in the middle of their favorite activity, digging holes, as Pig liked to look for truffles, and Thonar liked to look for alchemy ingredients, which he kept in a large bag, and either sold or used. Once he even found a Dragon's skull! But in the middle of digging, they were... interrupted.

If Pig had not saw something scary, and proceed to squeal like mad, then some strange creature with lots of teeth and pointy claws, would certainly of made a late-afternoon snack of the both of them.

"and I though they were just rumors... of nasty beasts lurking around, skulking around the forest, and sneaking into open windows."

Pig made a low grunting noise.

"We couldn't have killed it! I only have a shovel, and you couldn't fight a goblin if it was piss drunk and had an arm tied behind it's back!"

(He liked to pretend Pig was saying something by making those noises sometimes.)

Thonar caught sight of some people far away, and, not entirely sure if the nasty creature was still on his trail, decided to move in their direction, with one final glance over his shoulder, and still seeing no trace of the monster, he quickened his pace towards them. Pig did as well, making a small grunt with each step.

"Come on Pig, it would be best to stay in a group, and who know? Maybe they'll buy something, or help us kill than thing! Bet I can sell bits of that to some wand waver in a nightgown who's lost his marbles."

Even further past the two, he saw a tower in the distance.

"Aaaaand that looks like the home of a wand waver in a nightgown who's lost his marbles!"

He continued towards the two, at a faster pace now, with Pig following closely behind, grunting at a faster pace as well.


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Not knowing what to do or how to react to this place she deemed an illusion, Anoura walked forward slowly, turning in a circle as she went. It was beautiful to say the least. The fields ran on for miles, though some hills and the bright sunlight made it difficult for her to get a real estimate. Opposite the tower she'd seen were the tops of trees in the distance. A forest she presumed. She sighed, placing a hand on her hip.

About the same time she released her breath, a girl with golden blonde hair passed by her. The appearance of the girl surprised her as she jumped, losing her balance and falling backwards into a sitting position.


Addressing the girl in an annoyed and yet automatic response, "You shouldn't sneak up on people like that!" She let out a sigh and then addressed the girl in a calmly curious voice, "Why are you wandering around here by yourself anyways?" Was she talking to an illusion now? Great...

Wait. That fall hurt. Still hurts. A confused expression made its way to her face. She didn't know much about hallucinogens, or drugs of any kind, really, so wondered if pain would seem so real. The feel of the grass under her as well. As her hands brushed over the grass, she thought it felt... too real as well. Drifting into her own thoughts, she zoned out, forgetting the girl who had just passed her. She changed her sitting position to sit cross legged, dark brown hair falling over the left side of her face as her face was turned downwards. Closing her bright blue eyes, she tried to reason things out. After a second of thinking, her eyes snap open as she says out loud, "-not a dream."

It didn't make sense, and she knew she was probably simply giving into the illusion, but everything felt too vivid to her. But then... What would that mean?

If this place actually is real...

Her heart rate accelerated as her mind retraced what had happened.

There was that weird letter, and... "The book!" She quickly turned her head to t behind her look behind her. I need to find the book. I'm sure I was holding it- Did I drop it?

Eyes widening, she saw two figures approach them at a quick pace. "What the hell?" What looked a dwarf or maybe a garden gnome was running towards them with a wild boar?

"No. This is a dream. Definitely a dream."


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Myu was wearing her typical. A plain woolen, split dress she had decorated with the creativity of a child, using bits and bobs here and there to make it almost look like she was royalty. If it wasn't currently stained with dirt and had an large, obviously blueberry stain on the lower right side of it, she could easily pass as a duchess if viewed from a distance. Beneath that was a vest and shorts of a leathery material made from the skin of a Bandersnatch, a terribly cruel monster known for its large size and diverse postures. Its most known features are very large claws and a mouth full of teeth, which likes to tear into just about anything that wont kill it easily.
The leather was almost straight black, having a unique cheetah-pattern on the naval Myu added using red dye she got on her last birthday, along with the vest.
Myu was likely no taller than the Gnome, maybe an inch or two shorter, but clearly much younger. She was maybe twelve or thirteen years old, Vampier age at the same rate as the typical human, so it's fairly easy to guess just by looks.

Myu, being brought back into reality from her day dreaming by the startled shout, and then scolding of a woman almost screamed in her own frightened shout.
Even if she would come to deny it later, she couldn't help but jump almost half a foot in the air, stumble a few steps and eventually coming to a rest with a heavy thud on her butt.
Had it been someone other than Myu, they would have likely begun staring at the odd clothing the woman wore, her accent and manners... But instead the first thing that came from the little Vampir was "HAH! I knew I would find you!" A triumphant finger rose to point as she spoke, jabbing the air toward the direction of the human. "Papa introduced me to one of you before, they helped us build our..." She paused a moment, seeming to struggle remembering a word when it came to her. "Terraces! For when we started our first flax bundle!" Myu would have begun ranting on more about who knows what, when she -finally- registered the fact that the woman asked her a question. "Wandering? I live not eve-, Hey! Are you listening?"

But it appeared as though she was not. She seemed almost... Bewildered at the fact that she was sitting in an empty plain filled with grass and flowers, almost dreaming...
Myu sat there with her legs folded in to form a W, her eyes growing ever larger as she stared at the odd behavior. Were all humans like this? She couldn't remember since it had been such a long time since she saw the - Man who had helped Father and Papa, she couldn't remember his name at all.
After battling with the demons of her conscious, she worked up the courage and used the same finger she pointed with to try to get the woman's attention.

"Excuse me?"



Poke poke.

Then suddenly she exclaimed "The book!" and Myu once more fell backwards in a scare, this time managing a small squeal before the grass caught her in its kind embrace, making her almost disappear beneath it. Slowly, she rolled back up as the woman started to look for something, stopped, then stared. Myu rose a small bit more, thinking that the grass would hide her from sight -which it didn't- and started to scan the area to find what she was staring at. It didn't take very long, she had noticed their scent long before seeing them.

A Gnome, she knew. There was plenty of them somewhat to the north, and they smelled surprisingly bitter compared to a Dwarf who have an odd, almost honey smell to them. And the hog smelled like plain hog.
But there she hid, her lower body covered while her head remained in plain, fuzzed view just above the thickest of the brush. Her eyes glowed with the reflection of the sun, making them look like a raging fire viewed from far, far away... But less extreme.
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