And So It Begins

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  1. ((Okay. Then I guess I'll just wing it and see how it goes.))

    Josh crashed down on the steps outside of his apartment building, placing his face in his hands. "Fuck..." He grumbled, dragging his fingers through his hair for a moment. "I can't believe I got locked out again." This had been happening to him ever since he had first bought the stupid room, wanting to get out of his mother's house finally. He just wasn't good with remembering things, even if they were as important as where he put his keys to get into his apartment. Hell, I can't even get into the damn building. He thought bitterly, a small laugh escaping from him. "This is just my luck."
  2. images.jpg Shuan just happedn to walk up as he looked to josh. " Locked out again? He said as he smiled to him. " I think i can help you out with that. " He said as he said as he walked up the stairs to the door and knocked on the door to find a weak spot. He smiled as he found one and just hit it really hard cuaseing the door to open. " There ya go. " He said as he smiled agian.
  3. Josh tipped his head back to watch Shuan do his magic on the door. "Awesome." He grinned as he stood up and moved to open the door fully. "See? Why should I worry about carrying a key around when I have you to magically show up and help me out." He chuckled, watching the red head for a moment before stepping inside. "Were you stopping by for a visit or am I keeping you from something?"
  4. " Well i have nothing better to do. " Shuan said as he smiled. " Mind as well visit for a bit. " He said as he smiled lightly at josh, his teeth glinting in the dimm light of the moon.
  5. "You can't raid the fridge this time." Josh said as he headed into the apartment building, making his way up the stairs. "I haven't had time to go shopping for more food so there isn't much to eat." Finally he made it to his room and searched his pockets for the key. "Do you think you can open this one too?" He asked Shuan.
  6. Shuan chuckled as he cracked his fingers. " Sure why not. " He said as he placed his ear to the door and knocked lightly findeing a waek point, he hit it hard as the door slowly krept open. " There. " he said as he bowed.
  7. Josh grinned, deeply impressed as he walked into his room. "You have got to teach me that." He chuckled, heading for the living room part of the room. A small kitchen branched off on one side and there were two doors, one led to his bed room and the other to the bathroom. "So what are we going to do?"

    ((Do you want 50/50 with sex and plot or what?))
  8. ((sex 60/40 plot ))

    Shuan smiled. " I'm sure youll learn soon it's just a simple bang of the door. " He said as he looked at him. " I dunno what do you wanna do. " Shuan said as he took his jacket off and put it on the coat rack next to him.
  9. ((Okay. Then we might as well get started. xD))

    Josh looked back at Shuan and paused, noticing that he had taken off his jacket. "Are you going to be staying the night then?" He smirked, a few ideas coming to mind of what they could do. "If so then I have one thing we could do."
  10. " Oh? And if the idea's good then i may just stay. " he said as he giggled lightly smileing at josh.
  11. Josh's smirk turned into a wicked grin as moved closer to Shuan, snagging his fingers into the belt loops of the other boy's pants and pulled him close. "Well then...Let's see if I can persuade you into staying the night." His voice was light and seductive, eyes watching the red head closely and almost in a challenging way. "Interested?"
  12. Shuan blushed. " Yea i am interested. " He said as he got closer almost kissing josh as he stared into his eyes loseing himself in them.
  13. Josh closed his eyes for a moment, letting his lips brush lightly against Shuan's. His fingers let go of the belt loops and his hands moved up to the hem of the other boy's shirt. Finger tips touched soft skin as he moved his hands up further, going underneath Shuan's shirt slowly. The smirk was back on his face as he dipped his head low, trailing kisses along his neck. "Then how about you show me..." He muttered against the skin there between kisses.
  14. Shuan moaned lightly as he felt the kisses on his neck being his weak point. " Mmmmmmh. " He stood there as he closed his eyes enjoying what he is reciveing from josh. " Oh josh you know what that does. " He said as he blushed lightly beginning to get a bulge in his pants.
  15. Josh laughed softly against Shuan's neck as his hands continued their way up his shirt, pulling it up along the way. "All's fair in love and way, Shuan." In one swift movement he had moved away from the other boy and had pulled his shirt up and over his head. "Oh..." His smirk grew when he gave him a once over, noticing how hard he had gotten already. "You're always so easy to excite..." Once again he moved closer to Shuan, this time kissing him on the lips.
  16. Shuan kissed back as he wraped his arms around josh's neck tilting his head to the side locking his lips with josh's closeing his eyes savoreing the kiss as long as he could.
  17. It wasn't long before Josh broke the kiss, taking a few steps away from Shuan. He crooked a finger at the other boy, beckoning for him to follow. "Come on..." He practically purred as he headed for the door that lead to his bedroom.
  18. Shuan followed him instintivly as he looked at josh with lust filled eyes wanting more.
  19. Once in the room Josh grabbed Shuan by the belt loops again and pulled him over to the bed. He set the other boy down on the bed, leaning down to kiss Shuan again. Slowly this time while his hands worked at his own pants, undoing them. He grabbed the other boy's hands and led them to his now undone pants. Leaning back he looked down at the red head. "Shuan..." He whispered in a husky tone, urging the other boy to continue with the job.
  20. Shuan's hand travled down to josh's member, he grabbed ahold of it and slowly started to rubb. " mmmm such a big boy. " Shuan said as he looked up at josh and giggled.