And people thought Babymetal was weird...

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  1. So apparently KISS and Momoiro Clover Z are collaborating. ._. I have so many questions rattling about in my head but the 3 that come to mind are:
    1. What.
    2. WHAT.
    3. Aren't KISS retired?
  2. I think ive seen enough shit for today.
  3. O___O WTF did I just see?
  4. …Bro, why you gotta go and ruin the one bragging right I've got? :/
  5. Actually I didn't think babymetal was weird, just unappealing.
  6. It's Japan; I've seen much, much weirder things come out of Japan.

    I say imbrace it, mesh with it, fuse the weirdness into your very being. Become.... one of us...
  7. Gene Simmons will do anything for a buck.
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  8. Dude has less integrity than Donald Trump.
  9. But better hair.
  10. First off:
    Babymetal is the best form of music that's ever been made

    Aren't KISS all dead?
  11. Babymetal: Japanese girls singing out of context about something absolutely ridiculous while the music doesn't reflect the lyrics at all. . . which is actually quite normal.

    This is also quite normal.
    I think you need to look a little deeper into modern Japanese culture. Be ready however, culture shock may lead to a series of hysterical fits, aneurysms and strokes. If you can get past the possible ailments, it's quite entertaining over there.
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  12. I'm unsure of what I just watched. I am going to go ahead and fall back behind a shield wall of viking metal now...
  13. May Odin protect you from these foul bastardizations of metal. [​IMG]

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  14. I like Babymetal.

    Granted they're not a favourite of mine, there's many things I'd rather listen to.
    But they're good, they do Metal in a very... anime/weeaboo sort of way. XD

  15. So it happened, God help us.
  16. What a time to be alive.
  17. What a let down. That's nowhere near as awful as I hoped it would be.

    I cringed more at the shitty animation in the first couple minutes than I did at the song itself.
  18. I honestly found it rather enjoyable.
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