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  1. Okay so i found this place by accident google search normally i don't find things that interest me often but i have found something now so here i am and now this will probably get lengthy so if i bore you i'm sorry and you don't have to keep reading ^^;

    I'm 16 years old, live in England but was born in Poland and can still read it and speak it but writing is a little difficult. I have a handful of hobbies suck as photography, drawing, media, signing and a few more but i don't consider myself to be the best at them.

    It takes me a while to settle in so it's going to take me a while to figure out where everything is and to well fully join the community so i'm sorry about that but thats enough of that.

    I'm quite optimistic and like to believe that i'm interesting but i can't really promise anything with me, the only things that are certain is that i enjoy having a good laugh and meeting new people but now i'm kind of running out of things to say so yeah it's nice meeting everybody.
  2. Photography! Drawing! Media!
    Hello Aqacia! Welcome to Iwaku!
    Oh and dudette?, ask for help if you need it, we will kindly help out.
    Enjoy the site, play some roles, and keep doing stuff.
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  3. Welcome, Aqacia!

    Glad you've joined us :). Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself!
  4. Thank you so much for the warm welcome ^---^ eye eye i'll keep that in mind thank you again.
  5. Welcome To a world where anything is possible. (Not joking, just saw an advertised role play about one girl and 6 brother vampires all trying to marry her) I CAN see that you already have the qualities that will take you places around here, meeting people and laughing are probably the only requirements when coming aboard this lovely site.

    The admins and mods for this site are the best, I love them all. (Do you dislike serious people, we have an admin for that)-insert much needed laugh here- We have people from all walks of life that enjoy sharing their views on the world. Most of us if not all are just like you, optimistic, creative and have a love of sharing a passion of writing with others.

    If you have any questions, everyone is willing to help here! My suggestion is to look at the general roleplay sign ups, there you can at least see what a normal sign up (out of character) and ooc chat looks like. There are also great FAQs and, again, wonderful mods (Minibits my fav) who can help. Welcome to the dark side, you'll love it here.
  6. Oh wow that sounds like quite a handful of a roleplay there. And awesome at least it will take less time to settle in.

    Thats pretty cool although sometimes the numbers of people on scare me a little as it's not everyday you find a roeplay site with so many members.

    Thank you, i shall ^-^ and eye eye.
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  7. Hihi Aqacia! 8D Welcome to the community!

    That kitty avatar is adorable. O_O
  8. Thank you and it's a character that i brought so yeah my little baby.