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  1. Oh, gee. This place is like getting lost in a mall. But..!

    Hello, I am Simici; a named gleaned from playing word games with a map. My age has this odd tendency to change every year, so there's no sense in dwelling on it. Although, I am still writing 2012 on my papers, so who knows where my mind is. I don't think there's anything particularly interesting to be said about me as a person - just your everyday adolescent, trying to find her (as I am, in fact, a 'her') math book.

    Let's see...I've been roleplaying for a few years, I think. I don't see myself as very good at it, but I guess that's why I'm here. I started out on a pet sim; went between some small sites that didn't last; ended up on Swizeo, if you've heard of it. A member there was advertising this place, and it seemed interesting, so here I am. Like I said, I do feel a bit overwhelmed by it, but that's all and well.

    As for the sample thing, I will answer this: PUDDLE JUMPING! Because I live in a desert, and when we see rain, we embrace the rain.

    Hmm. I like jellyfish a lot. I'm not really sure what my avatar is about, or why I even had that on my computer, but it seemed cool, so. Despite it, I'm really not a horror fan, nor much of an enigma. Pity, that.

    So anyway, hullo!
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  2. I know how it feels, but getting lost in the mall can be good sometimes! Anyways, welcome to Iwaku Simici! Enjoy your stay ^ ^

    P.S I think Jellyfish are adorable :3
  3. True, that. I'm sure it'll be interesting. And thanks ^^

    Also yes - why don't more people see it? cx
  4. Puddles forever! ^o^

    Welcome to the site, Simici! :D