And I'm the New Kid on the Block Again

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  1. So hey there, I'm Cierra. Or Red. Call me whatever your heart desires, really.

    In case the name didn't tell you, I'm a female. 20 years old.

    I'm extremely new to the site but I've been roleplaying for seven years.

    I'm always the new kid because I never find a site I like, I stuck with one for four years but it's recently been abandoned and I've been bouncing around ever since.

    I prefer one on one roleplaying, though I've been known to join groups as long as it's a small group and everyone's fairly advanced.

    I'm trying to seem pretty classy because this is the internet and you can be whoever you want, but I'm honestly pretty normal. Excited to see what this site holds, and happy to be here!​
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Cierra! I like classy! :D
  3. Hi! I had my share of forum-wandering before Iwaku became my home, so I get what you mean.

    I'm Minibit and I'm one of the staff here. I help to make sure there's always stuff for creative minds to do on the site, and also that Iwaku is a pleasant and safe community for all members. Please feel free to message me if you need help or have any trouble - even if you're just bored!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.