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Katelynn Elizabeth Carston, a young girl of a mere nineteen years old, has everything she could ever want. Great friends, a loving and close family, acceptions to her favorite colleges (U-Mass Dartmouth, Briarwood, University of New Hampshire and a few other secondary picked schools). She was due to start her fall semester in just five months, but one day she fell ill and was taken to the ER, that is when she got the dreadful news. Katelynn Elizabeth Carston, a young beautiful nineteen year old woman, is dying of a rare heart condition: a lymphoma on the Aortic Valve of her heart. The condition is inoperable, and the most the doctors can do for the time being is give her medication and offer chemotherapy treatment.

Katelynn does not want to die as anyone other than herself, she has scene what happens to patients that undergo chemotherapy and various other treatments to prolong their death, it makes them sicker and look deathly; pale skin, constant temperature flashes between cold and hot, hair loss, weakness, and various other symptoms. She loves her friends and family dearly, and would not want to put them through the torture, fear, sadness, or financial trouble of the treatments, nor would she want them to spend their last moments with the "wrong" Katie. She politely denied the treatments from the doctors and held a long discussion with them about her time left and what exactly the lymphoma would do in her last moments.

Her doctor was a very kind man, and also very understanding and easy to talk to, in the sense that he used "normal people talk" instead of medical talk. He explained to Katie very carefully that the lymphoma was a cancerous form of a tissue that arose from a lymph-node tissue near her aortic valve of her heart. Any kind of lymphoma is highly cancerous, and generally virtually painless as it grows and kills its beholder. She was lucky they had caught it, but she was not lucky in it's place in her body, without treatment at the rate the lymphoma was at now and the way research had showed previous lymphomas, Katelynn has about four months left to live, with treatment the doctors could extend that to a minimum of one year.

It has only been a week since Katelynn has left the hospital and returned to her apartment. She informed her friends and family that she was fine, and that the doctors told her to just cut back on all of her activities and relax some, a straight lie. She doesn't want anyone to know, they would inevitably treat her differently, like a dying person, and she does not want to spend her last months like a dying person. Of course she will eventually tell her loved ones the truth about her condition, but she will wait to do that until the time is necessary. For now, she wants to live out the rest of her days as best she can.

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