And Down goes the magnificently crafted airship...

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  1. ...Yes, I played Final Fantasy (the ninth, to be exact) recently.

    Dow reporting for duty, capt'n!

    The journey was long,but the crew managed to find a nice harbor by the name of Iwaku, where we shall land and explore on your command, Sir! The grounds seems to be rife with small rodent for meat and seems to be peaceful, a good place to recuperate, in my opinion!

    The locals are of this newfangled 'roleplayer' species, and since we dabbled in their culture ourselves, we may do well in the initial face-off! Let's be careful capt'n, you know what happened last time we got too cocky. As an
    all female crew traveling these seas for twenty three years and having studied the writer's craft for nearly half that much, we may stand a chance, Sir!

    Let's not be picky about
    the setting or the favored flavor of the place and let's try to make a a base of operation here, aye? ...besides, the airship be burning.
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  2. You!Be in my Airship harem!Now!

    Kidding.Anyway,welcome to Iwaku!Have fun and enjoy your great moments in Iwaku with out great members and staff.Oh and,they are one hell of friendly human I've ever seen.
  3. Welcome to the Other side of the Fence actually xD. You shall be pleased here and an advice.. Be aware of he flying marshmallows ^^

    Enjoy your stay ~
  4. Welcome! I hope to participate in this all female crew. :3
  5. Thank you for your welcomes!
  6. *SALUTE!* Welcome to shore, Sir Ma'am!
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