An Uprising

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So basically, here is the plot idea that I have. Please let me know if anyone is interested! Can be one x one or a group roleplay. I'm just trying to gather some feedback since I want to do some writing now that the holidays are here and I can relax and freely write!

"The world is different now, the Final War has wiped out most of the human race and only a few societies now survive. Those that did survive migrated, doing what they could to stay alive until they could form those safe cities with others they found on their journey. Those cities were beacons of hope to those there were still wandering around, searching for help before everything else crumbled around them.

Protection was seen through the thick, concrete slabs that were built around the newly-growing societies, the people being told that they were there to protect them from the dangers that lay outside, that death was the only thing that was out there now.

Not long after, things began to change, within all the healing societies. People, who had nothing in common, were becoming 'infected' but not with a virus or disease or illness. They started developing powers. Telekinesis, telepathy, element control, force-field protection, invisibility...powers beyond anyone's dizziest daydreams. They were soon known as the Abnormals.

Those without powers, they became scared, afraid of the Abnormals and, still effected by the Final War, began to hunt them down or force them into work. The Pure didn't like change, not after everything. Change is what caused them to lose everything in the first place. Those Abnormals that survived either went underground or managed to pay their way out, fleeing the safe haven they once knew.

A resistance formed soon after, aiming for equality and wanting to live in peace and in the security of the societies the Pures' and Abnormals once built together."
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