An unusual werewolf.

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  1. Heyla and well met, I'm looking for a partner who doesn't mind me experimenting as I delve into different sorts of characters. I'm a fairly descriptive writer and I look for at least a paragraph or more from my partner. I'm not a grammar nazi, but I like capital letters and punctuation. Even if it's wrong.

    I also like breaking up a wall of text into proper paragraphs as wall of texts make me a little dizzy.

    I like magic and monsters and mayhem and emotional roleplaying.

    The plot I have in mind is rather simple at the moment but it has the ability to get as complicated as my partner could wish and I'd love to plot with someone about this concept.

    A genderqueer, FtM transgender man is bitten by a werewolf after he's already transition. This doesn't make his breasts regrow as they are already gone and same with his uterus. Because of his testosterone treatments, the werewolf curse/change treats him as male and he's able to go off his treatments as his body is now producing it's own testosterone. He doesn't really understand what is happening to him until the local pack seeks him out and tells him what is going on.

    Or he could still have take his testosterone. Either way would be interesting. Him warring with his treatments and the wolf the new wolf that resides him could be interesting. Including how his body reacts to the T itself.

    As for my partner, another werewolf or a beastie of some sort would be best. Gender doesn't matter in this case as my character is bisexual.

    The story could take place in a small town with the possibility of a move later on, or travel. I'm really not sure how the werewolves are going to react to a FtM person as a werewolf, or just a person in general.

    I'm still up in the air about this being a romance or a weird take on a werewolf coming of age story.

    I would love to plot and potentially play this with someone, so if you're interested I'd love to hear about it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.