An Unusual Encounter.

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  1. Finalleeeee

    Okay. I FINALLY have a plot where the female is dominant, and the dominant is mwah!! XD well, actually its a switch ( I think hats what you call it...)

    Okay im like so excited X3 omg I just love dis plot ( not originally mine ...)


    It was a Regular day for __. But unfortunately for him, 'Regular days' aren't good. He's... Hmm, how should I say it? He's a Loser. If there was a popularity list... He'd be at the bottom of it, He lacks social skills, and He's Very bad at sports. Not to mention he's a pervert... But he kept that to himself. And thank god nobody has figured out his secret.
    You see, almost everyday... He'd sit in the Janitors closet, and just do what guys do.

    One day... __ found a love letter from a girl named "Akiko Tamare". She did confess her love to you... But he had no idea who that was, due to lack of social skills and popularity... He didn't actually care about the people that he doesn't talk to.

    That same day, __ went to his same spot after lunch in the Janitors Closet. Some girl so happened to be Wandering around... And well... She heard moaning, from the Janitor closet. She stared at him, then smiled upon seeing his face. Meanwhile __ just stared at her in embarrassment, and when He looked at her name tag, he was surprised to see the name "Akio Tamare"

    Okay, so my recommendations:

    *If you seriously don't want to rp anymore because your tired of it and not interested in it... Pls tell me I wont get mad..

    * NO ONE LINERS OK. Omg. Just no.

    *you have to at least write three sentences to 2/3 paragraphs. Cus that's how I work... And yeah.

    * Realistic reactions. Because there's gonna be a fantasy twist to it... And I don't want to spoil anything. But if your reaction is like "o yeah, whatever she's supernatural" don't be surprised if I stop replying. Because... No. This needs to be a bit realistic.

    Side notes:

    * Feel free to add any of your kinks ( when we get into the rp, you'll figure out what I mean. )

    Okay, you can ask Me in pm what happens after his plot above because... Theres a lot to explain. But I don't want to be giving out spoilers.

    And lastly.

    IM SORRY for asking for so much and sounding like a complete bitch....

  2. I love it!^^
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  3. Awesome •^•
    I'll talk to you in pm
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