An Unknown World and Hidden Power's

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  1. Plot
    You are aboard the Winchester, a starship that houses roughly 20,000 civilians. Most children, teenagers, and young adults have grown up on this vessel. From time to time the ship would land at various planets to restock and give people a chance to get off and explore. Usually the ship was in space a few months at a time so many residents cherished the time they spent off on each planet. The craft houses many city like structures, from homes and apartments, to malls and stores, even a few areas have parks and other nature filled plots. Yet it always was nice to be on a planet and see new things, breathe fresh air.

    One day the Winchester begins to have technical malfunctions and the pilot's aim their descent to a nearby planet, one with few civilizations, Airvey. As the vessel neared it was quickly pulled in by gravity and crashed, landing far from any civilization. You wake up and manage to make your way out of the Winchester. You were one of the lucky survivors, for now at least. Not knowing where you are or even where to go, not knowing if anyone else made it.

    (Now at this point you're probably thinking this should be in the sci-fi section but that is only the beginning, there will be little to no sci-fi content next.)

    As you, and possibly other's, make your way through this planet you begin to realize you have powers, either through combat or other activities. You are confused and you're not sure how you got these powers. No signs of technology are seen as you venture through forests, deserts, and other environments filled with dangers. You learn to control and use these founded powers as your adventure unfolds.

    Spirit (invisible energy)

    Human (Normal ole humans, range from size, shape and color)
    Elven (Usually lighter skin, average height 5'4" but some can stand at 5'8" or higher.
    Beastmen (Humans with animal ears, tail, etc. Not fully furry. Usually taller than most other's)
    Cyborg (Can look like the other three but beneath fake skin in some places lie metal and technology, non-vital places.)


    -No more than one element power. You can have minor ones like boosted strength or agility.
    -If someone makes an lgbt character please respect them.
    -Keep it pg-13, sexual scenes can involve kissing and rubbing, ect. but if it goes further it needs to fade to black. If you really want sex, finish it over PM.
    -You can fight other characters but ask the person before engaging.
    -Respect other's and if you fight personally do it over PM. Ain't nobody got time for that.
    -A characters age cannot be under 15.
    -No one liners.
    -Finally please post something that other's don't have to decipher. Mistakes are ok, we all make them but if it takes 10 years to decifer your post, odds are you'll get a slow reply and irritate someone.

    [Image](real or anime)
    Personality: (Can be detailed or a few words)
    History: (At least explain why they were on the Winchester)
    Anything else: (Likes, dislikes, ect. Add anything you want us to know.)

    Well if you're interested please join. I will have my character(s) up shortly. Any questions please ask.​
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  2. Been slightly busy but here is my character.

    Name: Alyssa "Lisa" Heartlock
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Powers: Water/Ice element and increased speed under pressure.
    Personality: Lisa is a mature woman with a strong will. She rarely gives up and is determined to win. She is kind but you have to get through her shell to see it.
    History: Lisa was born on the Winchester, her mother Diana raised her as a single mother until she passed away when Lisa was 16. Lisa became a security guard at the age of 19 and since has been admired by some of the residents.
    Anything else: Likes sweets, cats and the color purple. Dislikes unjust people. Secretly has a teddy bear names Rosa.
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