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  1. Trinity Daniels (open)

    They first day of school is always the day from hell and is made worse by being the 'new girl'. Well, that's Trinity Daniels. She is an 18 year old that has been uprooted from her old home, old friends, old school, and old town to some other town that she doesn't care for. Why did they have to move? Her dad. He always wanted to do bigger and better things, be the bigger and better person, and he holds that standard of Trinity. Trinity always has to be better than everyone else. Her B needs to be an A. If she gets an A she should have gotten extra credit. So much pressure, right? At least her parents think that since she is getting good grades she is being good everywhere else; they have that wrong.

    Back in her old town, the school knew her as the resident party girl. That stereotypical 'lady in the streets, freak in the sheets' kinda thing. What was wrong with having a little fun? Everyone needs to let loose every so often. If she didn't go to the parties and have her fun the pressure her parents put on her would make her snap; she would be a certified looney in some comfy padded room. At times she felt like she wasn't far from that. Maybe that would be a better alternative then living with the parent she had, but that was beside the point... right now.. the first day of school was the monster she had to slay.

    "Anatomy. Room 921," she mumbled to herself softly, a slight southern accent coming out.

    Of course I won't know where 921 is. Trinity chewed the inside of her lip, the edge of her anatomy book digging into her hip. Instead of moving, she just stood at her locker, staring at the piece of paper, reading 921 over and over. I could just ask someone for help. She looked around the hall to see the massive crowd of students. Noo.. How about I just walk?

    That was it; she set an uncertain course. With a sigh, she began to walk, the soft thud of her tan cowboy boots being drowned out by the chatter of the students around her. That was the other thing! She felt quite out of place. Here she was in a plain white tank top, blue ruffle skirt, and cowboy boots. She definitely was straight of the country. Her hair wasn't done up nice like others girls, make up wasn't thick... definitely out of place.

    The bell rang. A heat wave ran over her body as the halls cleared leaving her there along next to a door that read 825. Grand. Trinity definitely felt helpless as she looked around.

    "How hard could it be to find 921?" Once again speaking to herself, and with that, she was off, walking through the halls uncertainly.
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    Max swallowed her fear as she stepped into the guys bathroom chest already bound tight so she could barely really move her chest much. A quick pee job than run. That's all it was but not really. The next thing she knew was she was already out in the hallway getting pounded on really. Verbally, and Physically.
    "How do you like that girly boy?" one of the assailants said as her cheek was starting to bruise over. Of course they had no idea what her gender actually was. The whole school had really no idea.
    Just like that the bell rang, and they were gone leaving her to go to her next class. Just another typical day and she flinched when someone walked past her not really noticing her. They mumbled something about Anatomy, the same class she had first.
    "I c-can show you where it is." she managed to say voice cracking, "Anatomy?"
  3. Trinity stopped mid stride and turned her head slightly hearing a voice from someone she had just passed. Her worst fears had just been realize. Someone was talking to her! Not only was it just a someone, it was a rather cute someone. Her cheeks turned bright red as she tugged lightly at her hair before tucking it behind her ear, only to pull it back out from behind her ear.

    "I uh.. yeah." That's all she said along with a slight nod.

    Really? Really? Trinity. Is that all you can say or do? Come on now.... he is just another person, another hurt person.. Her eyes widened as she noticed the bruise on the guys cheeks. All she wanted to do was to reach out and touch it, make the person feel okay, but she didn't know him so she had to settle with:

    "What happened?" Her blue eyes filled with concern. "Are you okay?"

    She bit her lower lip nervously, running the tip of her index finger over the corner of her anatomy book. This was crazy! Not only could she not find her class, she was later, and now she was caught up with someone who was hurt. Well... appeared to be. The bruise on his cheek wasn't all too lovely.

    "Is there something I can do?"
  4. Max grunted softly attempting to stand, "I can show you where to go. You've got it with me." She moaned softly feeling the all to familiar pain of bone bruising, before almost doubling over from said pain.

    Although she caught herself smiling up at the new girl. She was pretty. To pretty to be talking to someone like her.

    "Just the normal school friendly beating. Nothing out of the ordinary." she said, "Maybe help me stand up all the way though."

    She really was use to the beatings. It happened regularly whenever she encountered anyone from the sports department. She felt bad though. Normally could stand on her own. Although maybe it wasn't so bad. She got to meet someone who didn't know who she really was.
  5. "Yeah! I can definitely help!" Trinity said with great enthusiasm before clapping her hand over he mouth, looking at the guy with wide eyes, and a blush spreading across her cheek. "I didn't mean to be that loud," she practically whispered.

    She outstretched her hand to the guy on the ground and gave him a soft smile. I can't believe I just burst out like that! That's so embarrassing. Now, she had the guy standing and could look up at him. Trinity giggled slightly and looked down a bit. This is how she got around cute guys. All giggly and awkward, loud then quiet. It was almost like her personality needed to have an adjustment.

    "Alright. Now you have to escort me to my class." Trinity beamed brightly. "I am already late, and I guess it isn't an awesome first impression to be late my first day. I'm actually scared... I'm the new girl.. this is not good." She bit her lower lip, eyes beginning to cloud over with fear. "This is not good."
  6. "Thank you." Max said with a bit of a grunt as she stood up rubbing her one rib tenderly. She couldn't help but smile at the new girl when she giggled. A quick adjustment to the chest thingy and she smiled a little more. "I'm Max by the way."

    She held out her hand with a grin that was the friendliest she could muster. "And its okay if you're late you first day. Easily say you got lost, and helped me. They'll notice the bruise. Easy out."

    She chuckled softly groaning again at her side. Of course it hurt when she laughed.

    "We should hang out some time though.." she said suddenly.