An Orchestra of Veggies and Junk

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  1. [video=youtube;i22JyxcjgEU][/video]

    Oh, and MIKA, like, one of my top favorite musicians.
    This made my day. c: Especially as a percussionist,
    I believe you can find music, sound, everywhere, out of everything around you.

    Is it stupid and lame?
    Or innovative and inspiring?
    Thoughts and comments ^^ <3

  2. he needs to die thats such a waste of food
    and i liked that guy
    i would like to see him play the pumpkin now

    but the trash guy is kinda kick ass

    he sounded good but he needed something to do with his hands the random moving made me dizzy

    he needs a stage presence like captain maggots XD or needs to make things fun like emilie

    i will look at some of his other stuff i really liked the song but the veggie part made me kinda upset
  3. That is awesome! I've never thought of making an instrument out of a vegetable... now I'm tempted to try.

    The smallest recorder made using a baby carrot in my fridge!
  4. T ^T MIKA doesn't need to die.. Don't kid about death. That's mean. -sniffle.-
    And is not a waste. o wo Actually, I read an article that humans don't consume as many veggies around the world as we should anyhow, so it promotes awareness of how AWESOME veggies are. >:D PLAY IT, AND THEN EAT IT. YEAH. -power fist!-

  5. i didnt mean him i meant the guy who was turning the food into music...mika is actually rather good.

    and i am trying to even out that number everytime i eat it has some kind of veggie side dish.
  6. Oh. Well. GOOD JOB. :D

  7. yeah i love veggies oh god im hungry now...oh god i love the fact that when my bf cooks he is to lazy to make thing from scratch yay frozen the microwave it goes