An Odd Weapon

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    Well, watch the video. When you do that you will find that a man is trying to commit a robbery with an odd weapon. This was of course because of his intoxication... still hilarious and slightly amusing. How would you feel if you were in this situation? Have you been in an odd situation like this? How would you feel if you were?

    More importantly.. how would your roleplay characters feel? Would your character be the one to act off the wall and do something out of the ordinary? Would your character be the one to save the day? Either way an odd action would definitely be a humorous twist in any story.

  2. i have actually been the victim of a flasher XD
    of course me and my friends being rather bitchy that day ((it was a day to go out because i was just dumped))
    we yelled at him. -_- for not being hot and not having something to show off. im not joking...after it i found myself laughing because i love my bitchy friends.
  3. I do not have been in a situation like that, but if I was in the middle of that, I would be really confused. I think I would just stare in disbelief, because really, who would expect something like that? Then, if it was strange enough, I would just go away, to my home, take an aspirin for my headache, and lie down, thinking about what just happened. I really do not know, though, since you tend to act differently when you are placed in a situation like that, so I guess I am just running my mouth.