An Ocean of Blood

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    Fire. Flames. Anger. Destruction. Death. Inevitable death. War is coming to the South, the continent split into three unstable kingdoms. Arkahaga, the most northern kingdom, is a one of strength and power. The culture of this kingdom is destructive and power hungry, with strong armies. They believe the other two kingdoms are weak and unfit for ruling the Southern Continent, and they grapple violently for control and generally win in direct combat. Raishka, are ones of intellect and plot, seeking any holes in the systems and gaining their way into ultimate power. Advanced technology is held safely in their hands, to be used to Raishka's advantage. They fight against the brutish, idiotic sheer strength of Arkahaga, and are nervous around the final kingdom, with hope that eradicating them will protect Raishka. The final kingdom is one of mystery and silence, buried deep in the Southern snow. Valair holds the most skillful assassins, scouts, and move incredibly swiftly at complete silence. They ironically battle for peace, even if it means destroying the other two kingdoms. War will come, and the ground shall weep tears of blood. War will come.


    Welcome to the Ocean of Blood Roleplay! This is a battle roleplay where you choose one of the three kingdoms to fight with, and it's basically a strategy game. Once more people join, we may set up private message chats for each kingdoms strategy. What happens is decided by how good the plan is and dice/die rolls. There is a reasonably high chance of character death, because this is a battle rp, so be prepared for them to die. If you roll a low dice roll (I trust you to roll your own) you have to write a scene of how you get knocked to the ground and begin to die. However, if a medic is in the same battle as you and has a high enough roll, they can rescue you. If that doesn't happen, I will write a scene where you pass away.

    All normal Iwaku rules
    Be honest on your rolls
    Don't write anything unrealistic like picking up a boulder or something
    To say you read the rules write 'green' in other

    This is my first owned dice rp, so remember ask if you have any questions, or tell me that I missed something.

    Character Sheet
    (Ten is the youngest allowed, and preferably most people will be older)
    (If you put in a photo you have to have a description as well)
    (1 - 3 sentences on your characters previous life, not too much)

    And anything else you think you should add.
    And here is the map!

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  2. Any other info?
  3. Sorry posted it too early
  4. More information will come this afternoon (or this night for American people)
  5. Sounds good.
  6. Not really much, just a general die roll. I'm estimating people can have about three or four characters at a time because it's a high chance you will die. The more battles your character survives, the more skilled they get, therefore not having to roll as high
  7. Completed. Tell me what else to modify, and questions
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