An Iwaku Hangover

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Warmaster Death

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A sea of empty bottles clink together as several figures fidget in what looks to be deep sleep.

atop a couch that seems like it's going to collase at any moment, sprawled over the armrests snore two men in terminator armor, one a grey knight chapter master fidgeting with a stormbolter in his sleep, the other, a chaplain with a pipe laying just next to his gaping mouth, holds an empty bottle of vodka in each gauntleted fist.

head resting on the point where the two suits of terminator armor meet, a kilt clad Lich slumbers silently, dark fires smouldering in empty eye sockets.

across the sea of bottles, a group of soldiers in various states and types of BDU gear sleep in a tight group, one even has a fox resting atop his chest, their breathing seemingly in sync.

closest to the window, a pile of ooze bubbles gently like a small, living puddle.

midday light blares through a gap in the curtains, and the man with the fox on his chest opens his eyes and watches it warily, though he does not stir.

the light however hits the trio on the couch, and almost as one they groan, which in turn sets off a chain reaction, as the bleary eyed iwakuians awoke

"oh fark me dead" the Terminator with the bottles croaks, turning his head so that it faces away from the light, his pipe seemingly stuck to the fleshy side of his face

"urg, wassappenin' ah meh fookin ead" the Lich, eyes now lighting up like a fire restarting as he was jostled by the stormbolterm armed Terminator rolling off the couch with a loud crashing of bottles being shattered and crushed
"aw shit" the Grey Knight as he pushed himself to his feet

by now everyone in the room were getting up, though most jumped at the sound of the grey knight falling
"ah now ye'v darn it ya wankah" the chaplain said, pushing himself upright
"feels loik meh fookin 'eads gunna fawl awf" the Lich grumbled as he too rose

"roit. baycan an eegs toim oi reckon" the chaplain said, crushing bottles as he moved for the door, though he had to make his way past the ooze first

"fark jack, ye'd think ye'd be able to foind samwhare bettar ta sleep wouldn't'ya" the chaplain complained as he did so.

"oi need a farking pannadoll" the chaplian muttered to himself as he left the room.
...I seem to be imagining myself sounding like Mickey from Snatch.

*Snuggles up to Deimon more*
*Three of the Minigunners assemble a hobo fire, one taking out a guitar, the other a bottle of vodka, and the third a harmonica.*
....... It's midday.... you realize that.... right?
oh god, two terminators and a kilt wearing lich passed out on the couch...I'm surprised nothing got shot.

What about a female Iwaku hangover version next O___O maaaaaaaaaybe?
Would that be the one where I sneak into Cor and Vay's honeymoon and Cor wakes up to me playing with her nip rings and thinks that I slept with her when Vay has to come in and tell her that no, I didn't, but I cried so loudly when Vay tried to make me leave that he let me stay?
if you were in my honeymoon bed playing with my wife's nipple rings i don't think i would 'ask' Though you would be best to ask cor if you can borrow her speshul helmet.
Can it, Patty-boy.
Nope. It shall remain.
Why do i get the feeling that one of us is gonna get a DUI in the Rhino?
*boots TK out of his spot and hand cristmass decorations from Cor's rings*

Get Deimon to get nipple rings if you want so bad.

Also this could be the first of a series WMD

Ok...WMD I'm gonna do one of us getting drive thru, hungover in the rhino...and there'll probably be a shootout...vay and grumps can come too.
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