An Iwaku Hangover

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  1. Blair

    She rolled her eyes again at her friend and Blair let out a laugh in spite of this and walked towards the door "Not bad for a night out with a man whose usually cramped up in a room."


    She smiled as she got comfortable "In my defense I was freaking out over a freaking bone fragment that had grown out of my elbow and then had to deal with the fact that you know my secret. But hey, it's not like you peeled off the mask and saw someone that would have made scandals all through out Balitmore."
  2. Ray

    "Aww, thanks. I'm sure you were delightful company even then. I just have manners, I guess." He smiled and got in and started the car.


    "I wasn't scared but I get what you are saying." He smiled. He stuck his hand out slightly to shake on it since they were really close.
  3. *Snuggles up to Deimon more*
  4. *Three of the Minigunners assemble a hobo fire, one taking out a guitar, the other a bottle of vodka, and the third a harmonica.*
  5. ....... It's midday.... you realize that.... right?
  6. oh god, two terminators and a kilt wearing lich passed out on the couch...I'm surprised nothing got shot.
  7. Blair

    She chuckled and shook her head "No I believe my body is just acting against me to make me seem silly. I'll be fine."


    She walked up to the man, weapon out held in front of her "Go away." She demanded, voice full of fake confidence and husky tone "Just leave him alone." She felt her heart pound in her chest but she reminded herself. She could break his bones. She could snap a rib.
  8. Would that be the one where I sneak into Cor and Vay's honeymoon and Cor wakes up to me playing with her nip rings and thinks that I slept with her when Vay has to come in and tell her that no, I didn't, but I cried so loudly when Vay tried to make me leave that he let me stay?
  9. (Alrighty)


    "No!" She exclaimed with a laugh as he kissed her neck "What a fiend!" She teasingly squirmed in his arms. She was suddenly reminded of her night job and the time she had to actually freeze someone to let go. Good times. Something she wouldn't do to him


    She scoffed "I-I am a big girl. I c-can handle anything." He started wrapping up her arm
    And she grimaced "I'll get changed. I have some clothes. And I don't need help." She paused as she leaned back into the pillow "Honestly Jay I'm okay."
  10. 0.o
    Can it, Patty-boy.
  11. Blair

    She rolled her eyes but felt more at ease now "Ah you have discovered my one weakness now. I am forever entitled to you,"


    "You are a horrible nurse." She grumbled. She reached for the clean shirt and sighed. She was more worried about the scars she had around her stomach and chest due to street fights but she wasn't going to mention it. With her one hand she clumsily attempted to slip off her shirt "Ow ow ow..."
    She grumbled, stubborn still.
  12. Nope. It shall remain.
  13. Ray

    He smiled at her and rubbed her back. "Well, how about we just let our bodies take over, rather than overthinking it." He kissed lightly on her neck.


    He helped carefully get her shirt off and get the new shirt on, looking as little as possible so she'd feel less awkward. "He did, and I got lucky you stepped in when you did. You saved my life, so let me help you without fussing at me, okay?" He got up. He gently swung her legs over the side. He faced away from her and pulled off her pants. He made sure the new ones were facing the right way before he tried to find her legs without looking. "There, all done."
  14. Blair

    She shook her head before kissing him "Just regular adults." She almost sighed against his lips. She almost wished she could be regular. She suddenly worried if someone was watching her that Ray could be affected. Her heart sunk


    "That's why I didn't leave. I didn't need you getting killed and having me the soul survivor, hurt." She slowly nodded her head and just let him move her into the bed. "You should rest too." She suggested lowly.
  15. lockdown, assorted other members of the "Ryker Militia" and TK are girls.
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  16. Blair

    She grinned as she kissed him again, again pulling the blanket over them "There cozy." She chuckled at him, trying to die down the heat.
  17. Blair

    She chuckled as she kissed him "I'll fight you on that one."
  18. Ray

    He smiled. "Okay, I just wanted to make sure." He noticed her try not to yawn. "Getting tired?"
  19. Blair

    She half snorted and half laughed at that "I was going to admit that I read true crime until I can't sleep and slowly just let myself conk out as I watch on tv, again, true crime." She rolled her eyes "I also bathe in the tears of my enemies. But that's besides the point."
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