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  1. Hi there.

    I'm looking for someone who writes at the very least one paragraph per turn and can reply at least once or twice a day, but if real life catches you, I understand, so I promise not to be annoying. I'm fine with most genres that aren't on my 'hard no' list, so ask me about them and I'll let you know what I think.

    Honestly, I'm more into action and adventure rollplays, but if you want to add something to it, that sounds like a great idea to me.

    I was also interested in a 'Infamous Second Son' rp, for anyone whose interested.
    So shoot me a message, and we can brainstorm ideas together. :bouncy:

    Now for some plot ideas:

    Kidnapped x Kidnaper, between dark and fluff: :heart::heart::heart:
    A works for a resistance against their tyrannical government. B is the child of that county's currents ruler. When walking through a city one night, B is captured by the resistance, with a ransom note attached to the body of their guard.

    Demon x Human (mxm), dark: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: (literally, I don't care how many people ask to do this plot with me, but I will say yes every time.)
    Your character has walked the earth for many thousands of years, and unfortunately, that gets a little repetitive. So your character starts to kidnap humans, and keep them like toys, just for a few years of entertainment. Recently, the human you owned had died, and you need someone new. That's when you meet my character. A shy kid who ran away from home. My character is drawn in by yours, and accepts immediately when offered a warm place to stay. Little does my character know, that he's just entered into his worst nightmare.

    Demon x Angel (fxf), either: :heart::heart::heart::heart:
    A is one of the worlds most feared demons in the underworld. B is an assistant to a powerful angel. One day, B finds A wounded, and half dead in the human world. B was always told that she had a heart the size of a bolder, but she never thought it would lead her, to save the life of her sworn enemy. But she didn't think she could live with herself, is B died, and she could have done something about it.

    Angel x human, fluff: :heart::heart:
    A is a struggling collage student living on their own. B is an angel, who was wounded and lost in the human world. A finds B and carries them back to their place, and patches them up. They have a small panic attack when they see B's giant fucking wings, that stretch almost from one end of their one room apartment to the other. But A saves them anyways, and when B wakes for the first time, there are a lot of awkward questions.

    Student x student, fluff and angst: :heart::heart:
    A and B have been best friends since they were in preschool. Then everything changed, when A moved to another city at the beginning of middle school. They're reunited once more, during their senior year of High School, but they're very different people. A is the nerdy kid, who doesn't really know how to talk to others. B is the mean goth kid, who everyone is afraid of. Can their friendship continue, or are they just...too different?

    Teacher x Student, either a bit of comedy would be nice: :heart::heart::heart:
    Student is the star pupil of their school. Teacher is the creepy math teacher everyone wants to avoid being alone with in the hallway. Student is always trying to dodge Teacher, their thick glasses and strange way of talking about things. Then, Teacher gives Student detention. Slowly, as the days pass, and the two get to know one another, Student starts to have a new understanding of why Teacher acts like they do.

    Stalker x Stalked (mxm/f), dark: :heart::heart::heart::heart:
    A seems like a well respected member of society. A nice job, a loving wife, a huge home. But he's not. Having what he's got already isn't enough. For years, he's been obsessed with one person, B. It's gotten to the point where A can no longer function without seeing B at least once a day. B knows they are being fallowed. They feel it, every time they're in public or studying in the library. B has reported it to the police several times, but there's no proof. Will B be able to prove they're being stalked, or will A finally get what he wants?

    Criminal x Law enforcement, crime: :heart:
    A has been working for years to put B behind bars, but there's just...never anything A can pin on B. We can work on the rest of the plot as we go.

    Prince x Slave (mxm), either but drama is always nice: :heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Prince has grown up in the lap of luxury, with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's a kind person, but ignorant to his people's suffering. He doesn't know that almost 60% of his kingdom is starving, or that all people who can't pay their taxes are made slaves. Slave knows though, because he had suffered that very fate. At only twelve years old, his father gave less then what was demanded, and his whole family was sent to become slaves to the nobles. Now, at seventeen, he's given to the prince of the land, to be his personal servant.

    Princess x Lower class (fxf), fluff: :heart::heart::heart:
    Princess doesn't like other people very much. She sits in her room for days on end, and hardly even talks to her parents. Then a lower class woman comes to the castle, and stubbornly demands that they become friends. (going to be honest, I haven't given this plot much thought.)


    Soul Eater: :heart::heart:
    Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji): :heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Infamous Second Son::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Hellsing: :heart::heart::heart:
    Naruto: :heart:
    Harry Potter: :heart::heart:
    Maximum Ride: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Supernatural: :heart::heart::heart:
    Attack on Titan (snk): :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    If none of those ideas interest you, then feel free to give me your own ideas.
    Thanks for reading.
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  2. I should also mention that I'm always looking.
  3. Hello o.o

    The following plots all caught my eye, maybe shoot me a PM?
    Which one would you want to be in each pairing?

    Prince x Slave (mxm)

    Princess x Lower class (fxf)

    Stalker x Stalked (mxm/f)

    Demon x Angel (fxf)

    Demon x Human (mxm)
  4. Hello, if this is still open Prince x Slave (mxm) has struck an interest in me.
  5. Cool, I'll just message you, then maybe we can start planning out our characters.
  6. I would be interested in playing the child in the kidnapper to if you're interested
  7. Yeah, cool. Just send me a message.
  8. These ideas sound brilliant, I like the first one better, kidnapper and kidnapped, but could we change it from a child getting kidnapped to my character who is a feisty flirty woman?

    also the stalker and stalked one? Let me know please if your interested

  9. Yeah, sure. Just message me and we'll talk about it.
  10. (New idea)

    Bully x Bullied: (mxm)

    A is a soft spoken kid, who tries his very best to get the best grades he can. B is the self centered jackass who runs the school with an iron fist of cruelty. One day, A makes the mistake of telling B off for bullying a younger student, and has caught his attention in the worst way.
  11. If we didn't already have a roleplay going, I would love that XD
  12. Maybe we can do this one when we finish the one we're doing now.
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