An Insane Asylum Type (Or Perhaps an odd pairing)

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  1. A year or so ago I had this girl I loved to play by the name of Alyss, but it was hard to find anyone who would let me use her. Her problem was she thought she was four, she didn't think she was her actual age and it was hard for anyone to convince her otherwise. I guess a lot of people didn't like her because she simply wasn't interested in sex. Because, she was thinking she was four and what four year old do you know wants sex?

    I really want to use her again, but I don't want to just spring it on someone. I like to make sure people are okay with me using her. No frets, she can be helped and in some rps she has gradually gotten better. :] I just need someone willing.

    Any takers? I'd prefer it to be over AIM or Email but I can probably do it here.
    musicmakesmelove <-- AIM
    Anyway, just post here or contacct me on one of those.
  2. I'm down for an odd story. We can make this work somehow!
  3. Oh yay :D Thank you. I'm sure we can just pair her up with anyone you'd like really.
  4. Well if you want to work out on how you want to do the story I can come up with someone.
  5. Well, if you're not looking for an insane asylum type we could do patient x doctor or really I don't know what else. Is there a certain type of character you had in mind to play?
  6. No, I can come up with pretty much anything lol You let me know what you want to do and I'll conform since it's your character. I don't like changing characters once they're made, the background and all that, I like to keep as is. So, I'll make something that works with your character. You can email me more if you want since I have to get off here. You start and I'll follow :)
  7. Okie Dokie. I do believe I sent the email off to the right location.

    for anyone else just joining, i will take on more than one of these rps. ^^
  8. Do you have a place for me to post?
  9. I thought we were doing this via email o.o
  10. Lol, if you like. They have threads for that though.
  11. Uhm okay well I sent you an intro, I sent you a list...