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  1. I posted this in the mature section...I may not have the right audience there so I decided I would try in this forum. I don't know what prefix I would even put it in so I put it in misc.

    Ok, my idea takes place in the modern world and partly in the viking era, hear me out first before you just run away looking for other people to rp with.

    The idea for this rp is that your character is reading this series that involves vikings and he has this sort of crush on the main Character named Ulfr; your character wishes Ulfr were real one day and puts the book down to go to bed but he hears something stirring hear where your character had set the book just minutes before, Your character looks back at the book only to find Ulfr standing right beside it looking confused.

    Side notes: I will be writing what all goes on in the book as your character is reading, we both will be playing two other characters if you don't mind, if you don't want to we can leave out that part of the rp but I had this other idea.

    See, Ulfr is a viking and as you know Vikings are known for plundering and kidnapping, here's where the other characters we will be playing come in. Ulfr decides to take a person prisoner because he found the other person attractive and wants him as his own...if you prefer not to play this other person then I will gladly take the rains.

    As for your character in the real world; he has this friend who has a crush on him and has liked him for a while and all that. I won't give away too much but yeah.

    Note: This rp will be a Yaoi

    This is Ulfr

  2. Intriguing -smirks slyly-
  3. Ah, you like...? :D
  4. Indeed I am.
  5. sweet XD alrighty, you don't mind playing the reader or did you want to be the book character?
  6. who would you prefer to play?
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