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  1. This is a Fanbased game, heavilly taking from J.K. Rowling's masterpiece Harry Potter, and the OOC and explanation to the basic setting of the roleplay can be found HERE.

    Character Generation: The Letter
    The day started like all other on this first of June, 2014, in the United Kingdom. The sun peeked brightly through thick clouds and the songs of birds filled the early morning air as owls of all shapes and color flew toward their destination, a very important enveloppe made of creamy colored parchment tied securely to one of their talon, each going to a different home to deliver their precious cargo.

    You see, today was not an ordinary day for a handful of young magical children, that they knew of it or not. Today was the day the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the premier magical school of Great Britain, started their recruitment of all those with magical gifts in their great purview and made sure that all of those children of eleven to seventeen years of age could go learn magic in the great castle's walls safely. Today was the start of the path to adulthood, of magic... today was the day you earned your place in the Wizarding world.

    As you awakened and made your way to breakfast that day, the Letter awaited you, along with the stately owl that brought it into your home. As you broke the elaborate seal and tore open the tough enveloppe, a small stack of parchment sheets, folded neatly, fell into your hand.

    On the first sheet, in an elegant hand stood darkly a short questionnaire along with a strange seal where, the letter stated, a drop of blood would have to be shed for the form to be sent back to the school, completing the registration process. Inside, tucked neatly in parchment, was a quill and an inkwell, waiting to be used.

    Place of Residence:

    Blood Status: (Affect how others react to you, and either you will start with Wizarding or Muggle Studies.)
    Brief Physical Description:
    Brief Psychological Description:
    The second sheet was a summon to the Gringotts Goblin Bank, and the third sheet held the required supplies needed for the following year, along with the express directive to go to Gringotts before the purchases. The appointment was apparently very important!
  2. Name: Cassidy Braven
    Gender: Female
    Place of Residence: The middle bedroom, Upstairs, 10 Royal Hill Rd., Derby, England
    Guardian(s): Janice Braven and Carl Braven (divorced, and living in different locations)

    Blood Status: (Affect how others react to you, and either you will start with Wizarding or Muggle Studies.) Muggle-born (her parents were good friends with a member of the wizarding community, though they only found out last year)
    Brief Physical Description: Tall, straight brown hair, gold-brown eyes.
    Brief Psychological Description: Spunky, enjoys working out the mechanics of the magical world, also enjoys seeing if she can get muggle things to work in conjunction with magic, watches anime and tends to introduce people into fandoms when she can.

    Cassidy smiled as she finished answering the questions. "Mum! My letter came!" She knew this was going to be the best adventure ever.
  3. Character Generation: Gringotts Bank
    The trip to Gringotts was full of expectant cheer, and once you finally were through Diagon Alley for the first time, you were greeted with a colorful and busy streets full of amazing shops and extravagantly dressed witches and wizards. The walk to the bank beyond was eventful, but what laid inside the white marble building was even more extraordinary. Dozens of goblins miled and worked in aisles and tall counters, processing witches and wizards of all shapes and sizes and exchanging pounds for galleons or galleons for deeds.

    It was a busy place, and as you approched the counter, the creature behind it merely sneered down his long and pointed nose and lent you a quill, a inkwell and a parchment, uttering a growl for you to read and sign it to proceed.

    Gringotts will be the sole Bank responsible for your finances from this point on, in exchange lending you a hundred galleons in addition for one hundred galleons for each successfully completed school year for the remains of your wizarding education, on account that you will swear to reimburse the fees caused at the end of your scholarship, with interest lowered with each OWL and NEWT earned, once you gain employment.

    This is to prevent slackers and listless layabouts from abusing of Gringott's generosity and to influence the youth of today to become responsible and productive member of the Wizarding World of tommorrow.

    Once signed, this document will act as a legal binding of magical proprieties, finalizing your enrollment and your entrance into the proper wizarding society. We hope to see you well and productive in the future,

    Gringotts Goblin Bank, London Branch.
  4. Quickly reading over the letter, Cassidy grinned and signed her name at the bottom. "There you are, Sir!"
  5. Wel looked down at the stack of letters critically, scooting them into a straight line before looking the first over. He picked up his quill, casting his totally-not-watching-you mother a glance as she worked on making breakfast. Wel had been waiting for this letter for three years - since the day his father had left his mother for a witch, another magic caster unlike his mother.
    He knew his mother was just as apprehensive as he was about this... Still he desprately wanted to learn to use the magic he held within him. He winced and scratched the 's' in 'Guardians' out before starting to fill out the form.

    Name: Weldon Leif Dresdner
    Gender: Male
    Place of Residence: 221 Harbor-way, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Guardian(s): Rohna Kami Dresdner
    Blood Status: Half-blood
    Brief Physical Description: Short red hair, hazel eyes, tall-ish
    Brief Psychological Description: Shy until he knows people for awhile, has a sarcastic-streak, likes books and riddles

    He scooted the papers around again agitatedly, before his mother turned and placed his breakfast in front of him with a wistful smile and tears threatening to spill over her round, freckled cheeks. She placed a kiss on top of his head. "Wel I'll get you to Gringotts tomorrow, honey. We'll go by Floo Powder."
    Wel tried to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat. "Thanks Mum."


    Wel could tell that his mother was anxious around all this magic, not to mention the goblins. Not that he can blame her - the one that was staring down at him with it's beady little eyes was giving him the heebie-jeebies too. He quickly signed the Banking Contact, doing his best to avoid eye contact with the creature.
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  6. Inventory Overview: Diagon Alley
    Now with a small expending bag full of golden coins in hands, you stepped out of the bank and into the hectic chaos of Diagon Alley. The crowd was both colourful and pressing as you made your way through, but soon you were the proud owner of most of the needed items for the next school year, with leftover for a wand complemented with either a familiar or a few books or trinkets of your choosing.

    Looking around, you pondered your choice. You needed a wand, of course, but would you prefer a familiar or a few interesting objects?
  7. Cassidy grinned. "I am so getting a bird!" She bounded down towards the Emporium to pick out a familiar.
  8. Wel took a moment to think after his mother asked him what he planned to do with the rest of his gold. He knew that it was in vogue to take a pet as a new student, however he wasn't sure that he would like. In fact, he wasn't even sure he wanted a pet.

    He took a moment longer, to make up his mind before turning to the bookshop closest to them and slipping inside. He heard his mother call after him that she would be waiting back at the Leaky Cauldron for him.

    The bookshop was mostly empty except for a few stray people here and there milling about the stacks; he quickly got lost in them himself. After searching for a while and nothing finding his interest he was wondering if perhaps he should find a pet shop or simply return to his mother. Then a particular book sitting within a stack in a chair in the corner nearest him caught his eye: the cover was a faded leather-bound blue with gold leafing around the edges of the paper. He picked it up and red the gold-ink scrawl on the spine: 'Raddix Rodym's Book of Ponderous Thoughts and Riddles'.

    He instantly knew this was what he was looking for. He went to the counter and payed before rushing off.
  9. ((Hey Guys, hope this is still going on. This is a catch up post, meaning, it's long. Sorry about this, but I don't want to post extra to catch up. So, here goes nothin'.))

    Character Generation: The Letter

    “And why do you think they really want you there, pray tell? Hogwarts might just dig themselves another grave if they would actually consider allowing another Malorram to pass their walls.”

    The burly dark woman stood before Lithiuna and her mother, right in the pathway of their yard. A beautiful grey owl perched itself on their mailbox with a screech, almost yelling at Madame Dygdon as she waved the elaborate envelope in Lithiuna’s face. Lithi wore the unfortunate face of confusion as her mother, with a more understood expression of frustration and anger, stepped before her child and snatched the envelope from the older woman’s hand.

    “And who are you to speak of my family with such rudeness? The Dygdon name doesn’t stand well there as well. In fact, they stand much, much lower than all others.” Mrs. Malorram’s strong Haitian accent grew darker as she spoke, which only caused the heavy set woman blocking their path towards their front porch to shrink slightly and step to the side. Lithiuna could only stare in awe, without the absence of that confused expression.

    Mrs Malorram was a rather strong Mambo, but Madame Dygdon was from an older Voodooist family. For her to step away from such a challenge from her mother was rather odd. But Lithi was having a difficult time focusing on what transpired before her. Her eyes were glued to the unopened envelope in her mom’s hand. What was it all about, this…Hogwarts?


    “So, I’m supposed to just leave home and go…there? To this new school of – magic? But Ma, I thought you said I didn’t have the gift? Why do they want me there if I hold no magic?”

    Mrs. Malorram was filling out the documentation within the packet for her daughter, trying her best to explain exactly what she herself really didn’t have the answer to. “I’m not sure as to why they’ve selected you, Una, but obviously there’s some magic within you or they wouldn’t send this.” She tapped the letter with her finger before continuing to write. “Maybe, Old Magic doesn’t reside in you, like your father and I, and your ancestors. But the New Magic that’s taught there…perhaps you possesses some of that. But, it’s hard to say. I’ve studied New Majic back in my day, but have not used it in a long while to actually detect it in you.“

    Her mother slid the papers before her and handed her the quill. “Now, you sign it. This is your chance to learn what sort of Malorram you to become. All others before you have come and gone, and a few of them have studies at Hogwarts, but not many. You take your place now, and let’s see what happens, nah?”

    Lithi looked at the paperwork, reading the contents of her description – the majority she knew, but some - the new information that her parents never told her, proved that there was obvious more to her than once expressed.

    Name: Lithiuna LiAnge Malorram (Nicknames: Lithi, or Una – parents pet name for her.)
    Gender: Female
    Place of Residence: 621-4B Southway Hold Providence; Port au Prince, Haiti
    Guardian(s): Ulgen & Segunna Malorram (Chief Houngan and Mambo of Petro Voodoo)
    Blood Status: Pure Blood

    Brief Physical Description: Long natural black hair, which she either wears long down her back, or twisted into small tendril dreads. Strange violet eyes that can draw a person into them, or draw her within them; take your pick. 5’6”, 130 lbs, can easily confuse someone into believing that she’s incapable of defending herself, but they would be sorely mistaken. Haitian born, her creamy light mulatto skin shows her delicate structure.

    Brief Psychological Description: Personally, she’s never considered herself as a bad person, or even strong spiritually to be as dark as Petro, but every now and again her thoughts and actions weigh heavier on that side of the scale. Nevertheless, she still maintains a sort of neutral control over her positive views, even against her father’s wishes. Her father believes she is far too soft and probably being influenced by Iwas, like a Bon Ange (good angel), rather than Loas, like a Mau Deboo (bad demon). With all the little Iwas and even bigger Loas that surge through her soul every now and again, it's rather hard to say if Lithi is really herself, or someone else.

    Normally, she’s a regular, timid little creature, uncertain of herself since she has no clue that she possesses any magical or Voodoo abilities whatsoever. Her parents weren’t sure themselves, but felt that allowing her to enter Hogwarts might just awaken something within her that they can’t even detect. Hopefully, their only daughter holds talents they can be proud of.

    Lithiuna folded the completed sheets and headed to her room. Her life was about to chance, but she wasn't sure if it would be for the better. She had a very bad feeling that she was not going to turn into what her parents hoped for. In fact, she felt she’ll end up being more of a disappointment than someone to be proud of.

    “Well, I don’t have a choice in the matter. Might as well enjoy the experience.”


    Character Generation: Gringotts Bank

    Lithi was in a whole new world as her as her mother took her to Gringotts Bank before purchasing her things for school. Her parents finally explained a few things about London, and Hogwarts. Her mother, Segunna, studied there, completing her seven years before returning to Haiti. Her father, Ulgen, only completed four years before he had to return to Haiti to care for his dying father and take over the temple as the new Voodoo Chieftain. There was so much they've never told her about their past – her family history, and she didn’t ask why. Lithi had a feeling she didn't want to know.

    The Goblin Bank was the most frightening place Lithi’s ever been. It was like stepping into the nightmares of a person possessed by Deboo. Goblins were not safe to associate with in good Voodoo, but in Petro they were considered friends. Her mother had no problem dealing with them, filling out more paperwork and other things Lithi was oblivious about. All Lithi could do was stare and blindly sign whatever her mother placed before her. She’s never seen a Goblin before. But soon they left, allowing relief to calm her frantic pulse. One thing was for sure though, she’ll have to learn to deal with things she’s never seen before in this new world. New Magic had its surprises.

    Inventory Overview: Diagon Alley

    “Alright, are you sure you can handle yourself out here? You have the map, and your money, and your list. All you need is the rest of your books, your wand, and a pet.”

    “Yes, I think I’ve got it. I’ll call if I get lost.”

    Lithi’s mother left her before the bookstore, carrying her other items back to the place they were staying. Lithi made her way inside, purchasing the rest of her books, before heading to a clothing shop. In there, she saw wonderful gems and items of interest, as well as school uniforms and such that she'd already purchased at another store. Oddly enough, she felt compelled to purchase a beautiful bracelet with amazing stones around it. It was extremely expensive, but for some reason she really didn't care. It was as if she would never forgive herself if she didn't buy it.

    The cashier stated it was a one-of-a-kind piece which once had a matching necklace, but it was stolen years ago. She did say that it was a item for special occasions, so Lithi decided not to wear it as she continued her shopping. Next, she headed to the pet store. After looking around, she fell in love with a beautiful black Maine Coon cat. His eyes were the brightest green, which was rare for a Coon Cat. After purchasing her cat, naming him Dumballah, she headed over to the only wand shop she was guided to – Olivanders.
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