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An Expeditious Search for Partners!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tol Foxy, Oct 7, 2016.

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  1. Hello!
    Thank you for looking at this! Long story short, I've I have found myself with a massive amount of free time to spend sleeping, working out, just generally getting my life in a better place and, my favorite pastime by far: roleplaying! So I'm hoping to find a few more partners now that I have this free time and nothing to do during the day past the first two things I listed.
    I'll start with a few rules (apologies, but I promise it'll be quick!):

    1. I like doubling and if you want me to play a canon character for you, please know that it's mandatory that you be willing to do the same for me. It gives the rp a sense of balance to me.
    2. Please be respectful, and I will do the same! I haven't met many rude people among the roleplaying community, but I have found a few and I'd rather not deal with the drama.
    3. Please, and this one is a major one in my book, let me know if you have any triggers. I have my own listed in my information, but I will also tell you if you ask. :3
    4. Please tell me if you're tired with the rp instead of vanishing on me, or lying. I promise, I will understand and parting on good terms is better than just disappearing on me. I tend to avoid roleplaying with someone again if they do this to me.
    5. I prefer to roleplay over PM because I have very little practice with Threads and I feel far more comfortable with PM. I'm really sorry about that too. >.< I just don't know how to use Threads and it's uncomfortable to me...
    See! I told you it would be quick! Now on to the Fandoms I'd like to play! Among these I do have ships (feel free to ask about them) and I do have an OC planned for some of them as well so we can do CanonxOC. :3 I am open to MxM, MxF, and FxF. Though I have far more practice with MxM and MxF, so please be patient with me if you want an FxF pairing!

    Bold = Something I really wanna do!
    * = I have a few ships for this
    ** = I have an OC I would like to use for this
    *** = I have both ships and an OC I would like to use for this!

    Here is a list of the Fandoms I would like to do!:


    Blue Exorcist***

    Harry Potter**


    One Piece*


    Marvel (The Avengers)** <-- Really Craving this one!

    Star Trek**

    Supernatural (I only watched to season 9 though)*

    Now with that all out, I would like to say I am very open to AU's so if you would like to do something with a Fandom in AU terms, that would be wonderful! But this is all I had for now. :3 If you would like to roleplay with me, or if you have more questions, please contact me over PM or put a message down below! Thank you for taking the time to read this over!
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  2. Star Trek?
  3. Send me a message hon. c:
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