An awkward introduction

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  1. So, I have absolutely no idea what to say when it comes to these sort of things, so bare with me. (:
    You can call me either ValiantLion, or Katy/Kate. Either one is fine. I'm sure calling me by my username
    all the time, will get really boring.
    I'm currently roleplaying on a different site, but I thought I'd give forums a try. I've never roleplayed on one
    before, so please excuse me for being a noob.
    Oh, and I tend to ramble a lot (especially when I have no idea what to say/or even, what I'm saying).
    Erm, I have no idea what else to add, so I guess if you have any questions feel free to ask?
  2. I might just call you Valia... >:3 Yeeesssss. Welcome to the community, Valia! Forum roleplay is pretty much the same thing as chat roleplaying, except posts are a little bit longer and you wait longer for replies. But we also have chat roleplay nights too! So you can watch the forums for plots marked as Chat rps, or keep an eye on the calendar! :D
  3. You seem like a interesting person Kate. I'm Rufia, and welcome to Iwaku! The community here is extremely awesome so I hope you have fun here. I'd suggest, since your more used to Chat RP's to start off here at the Jump-In section. It has its similarities except larger posts so it will help the transition. :)

    Another thing to help you out, when your ready you should start to get involved in the community because new friends will always help, just post messages saying Hi to friendly members, post in the general chatting or even join clubs like The Girl's Club. Haha.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions yourself though! I'm sure everyone here can help you. :3
  4. Ramblers are awesome. I only wish I could ramble! Welcome to Iwaku. I don't think you'll want to leave! :) The staff here are very friendly and us users are as well! Hope you find what you are looking for!
  5. Welcome. :U
  6. Thank you guys for the welcoming<3
    I will definitely be sure to ask questions if I have any as well as navigate the site. (:
    [MENTION=3674]Vulcan[/MENTION]: Haha! I ramble all the time, it's crazy. Sometimes I ramble too much, because my chats can get pretty long.
    But I try to tone it down, because occasionally I'll repeat myself without even knowing it until the other person mentions it.
  7. Haha, I sit for minutes on end just combining everything to say at once. I can't help it and it has major defects. The biggest defect being that I forget what I say, and paraphrase my own thoughts. I usually leave too much out. It's bad sometimes :P
  8. Oh trust me, I do the same too. I'm very forgetful. Especially when I take forever to respond back to someone. I literally have to sit there stalking their comments (or I guess in this case post) just to remember what I last said. It's terrible.
  9. I can relate to that. I have to reference what they said at least twenty times...ok maybe not that much but I have done that at times :P
  10. Definitely. (: I need to start keeping archives of the storylines I have going on, so things like this don't happen. But then again, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to that.