EXERCISE An Awesome Wave

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  1. Get it?

    A wave comes toward you, wherever you may be. A wave of what? It's hard telling as you must capture this wave with words. Create a scene, a still image or some instance in a far off realm. Whatever it may be, a wave comes your way, what is it?

    Here's a wave! (open)

    Something sweet crossed my tongue, a bitter sensation coupled in it. I'd found myself on the shore chasing a vision. Of what? I'm not so sure anymore. Something awesome called me here, it's presence enveloping and overwhelming yet I felt a sense of calm and innocence bubble about when it called to me, when it showed me something of great proportion. As for now, it was getting late and the sun perched on the horizon for a final goodbye to the daylight as the night stars crept into sight.

    Then I saw it, the light gleaming over the horizon onto the thin wisps of clouds overhead. I thought for a moment a God spoke to me through this, as if drawing my attention at that precise moment. The world became surreal, disproportionate in ways. I stood unaffected by my shifting environment, unaware of the receding waters. I heard music, like a choir of young voices in cannon; I thought of forest birds and their calls in the spring mornings and thought I felt the sensation of a morning dew press against my palms. I turned to see the ocean sucking its belly in, the coast dry and a great lump formed in its throat, ready to spill back toward the land.

    I didn't move, not from fear but from a great excitement. Unleashed the torrent flooded toward me and I felt it slap my skin and run deep into my veins, consuming me and taking my body into its breast. It spoke to me in a language I didn't understand, like a rhythmic heartbeat thrumming from deep within the oceans core. The childlike choir continued somewhere, the voices dimmed through water as it rushed inland. The sky lit up above and shone through in spiky blue rays through the raging torrent. There I saw it, a great mountain I'd seen once before many years ago. As I gazed upon the mountain, it too began to collapse, a fury of black ink jetted across the landscape and with a terrible noise it collided with the oceans fist.

    I awoke with a start, looking out into the ocean. The sun setting and sand pressed against my legs, all was right as I knew where I was to be.
  2. I gave this a shot as best I could, and I am assuming the 'wave' can be any rush of something, so please excuse me if I totally didn't take this the way it was intended xD


    They were strangers, honestly. A pair of strangers with a lives separate from her and all their own, two people she'd never met, and yet Jessa felt her own wave of joy as she watched the man of the two slip his body down to rest on a knee before the woman. From this position he offered the woman accompanying him a ring with a now predictable question of marriage, and in return the man was greeted with joyful tears and an agreement so ecstatic that Jessa let her own lips free a giggle. She knew shed felt just the same when her own husband proposed, and the memory combined with the sweet moment inside the cafe besides her was enough to overwhelm her in a pleasant way. It was simply so sweet, and even as the two engaged lovers walked away to leave their now finished meals, Jessa found the odd wave of happiness continuing to wash over her as she walked down the crowded sidewalk, the feeling turning a drab moment of life into something just a little more beautiful.


    Not as long as I would've liked, but it was still plenty of fun. This is a great challenge idea after all! :D
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