An Attack at a Roadside Tavern

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It was about mid-morning, and most of the Harrik Inn's guests were just getting up after a long night of traveling, or staying up in the establishment's sizable tavern on the first floor. Many people were having breakfast on their own in little wood-benched booths, most were drowsy and some were suffering from hangovers. Almost everyone had a few things in common: A journey, a destination, and this place as one night's stop. So of course most were inconvenienced considerably by the appearance of Astor's little bandit troop.

Astor was a big man, skilled with a bigger sword, and mean. Most recognized him from wanted posters instantly, but after the initial shock of seeing him kick in the door, everyone returned to their breakfasts, hoping he was here as a visitor and not an assailant. No such luck; he hadn't made three or four steps in the door before yelling that he had the place surrounded, and anyone who wanted out alive had better have something worthwhile to give him. Two men in armor, possibly soldiers of a nearby country on patrol, stood up to attack him and were promptly shot with crossbow bolts through a nearby window. Then the rest of the tavern's got involved, and the chaos really started. Astor yelled, and three of his goons wielding daggers or blades showed up to help.

Kiro was hoping for a peaceful morning with some breakfast and tea. He had spent far too many nights sleeping under the bare sky in all kinds of weather, and this tavern was the first sign of civilization he'd seen in over a month. No, this kind of travel was hardly appropriate for a gentleman. A gentleman he remained, of course, in spite of his long-since scuffed and dirtied clothing. His black hair was well-kept, his icy blue eyes retained their severe gaze, and his posture remained as steady as ever. Of course, he didn't want to get involved with these ruffians at all, but they had intruded upon him.

So the man sitting in a booth far from the bar, close to the door, snapped the fingers of his right hand, and with that, the world came to a stop.

To everyone else it seemed quite strange. It was as if the two bandits closest to Kiro's table simply fell over on their own, while the gentleman continued sipping his tea as if nothing was going on. Those more sensitive or powerful in magic would percieve a blur for an instant, crossing from Kiro's position to the nearest ruffian, to the next, and finally back to his seat. The one in control percieved what really happened; he stood up calmly, leaving his cup hanging in the air, and merely gave each of them a rough shove forward, enough to throw them off balance, to be sure, before sitting back down and snapping again.

((You may be one of the tavern's guests, an onlooker of some sort, or one of the bandits, even Astor if you like. Any bandits that are not PCs may be considered cannon fodder, to do with what you like. As magic goes, make up whatever powers you want, but always be willing as a writer to use them responsibly.))
Ser Brynden of Blackwood woke up groggily in a corner of Harrik Inn, the fine establishment in which he had squandered all of his money on last night in a fit of drunkenness and generosity. It was not often that Brynden drank,but when he drank....he drank. Often doting on any pretty lass that happened to be near him. A practice that seemed to have emptied his coin purse yet again.
As he surveyed his pathetic situation he realized that he was in full armor, with his shield by his feet, and at his waist was his trusted longsword. It was not common practice for Brynden to wear his large cumbersome armor to a place of rest, although it wasn't unheard of. But what truly troubled him was the fact that he had watched the innkeeper take it into the back room for him after he had changed into something more comfortable for the nights events. To be honest all he did remember was a amber haired serving girl that had loved to spend his money on drinks for the whole bar.

Better damn well had been worth it


Without lifting his head Brynden lifted his eyes to see what the commotion was all about. When his eyes finally settled upon a large man with a mean look about him. He recognized the man from somewhere, although he could not remember how. It quickly became obvious that there was no good will to be had when he started shouting threats, threats he looked like he could back up. As Brynden tried to gather his wits about him two men rose to face him, and fell as quickly as they had risen, crossbow bolts in their chests. As he looked at their bodies lying impaled upon the ground he placed his great antlered helmet upon his head and slowly reached with his left hand. He rose quickly to his feet, Stag emblazoned shield in hand, and his black armor rising with him. He had no wish to fight, especially due to the bottle he had thrown himself into on the previous night.

I am never effing drinking again

Lucky enough that when he stood two of the large mans cronies fell to the ground for no apparent reason, and lost amongst the event was Bryndens actions in his corner. He hadn't been noticed due to the inn's patrons rising to their feet in alarm, all except one man who continued to drink from his cup as if nothing had happened.

One of the men who had fallen blundered to his feet a wicked curved blade in his hand, and began waving it back and forth at the patrons frightened and concerned.

"Wh-which one a ya did it? Eh? Don't make us start killin' yer friends."

"It would seem that you had blundered over a uneven floorboard my good sir, there is no need for your idle threats" Brynden spoke as he calmly strode forward from his corner. He was a towering figure, one who had always intimidated. "So how about you put your little toy sword down and let the big boys do the talking" The sellsword stepped back in surprise at the man who had strode forward from the shadows armored in black with shield and sword in hand. His surprise gave way to anger as he found confidence with his fellows at his back and stepped forward again, grabbing the nearest patron and holding them at sword point.

"Tha' right? Idle threat 'e called it" and with that he drove the sword in a downward arc towards his hostages exposed neck, laughing insanely is it struck home.

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One of the ruffians moved close and made to grab Kiro. The gentleman would have none of it.

With his right hand he swiftly made some gesture under the table, and then kicked the man in the stomach, causing him to stagger backwards, clutching it with his free hand. "Take it easy," he said, "don't do anything foolish." He moved almost faster than one's eye could follow, and suddenly he was standing up. There was something off about the way his voice sounded; it sounded deliberate, as if he were speaking slowly and carefully, yet at the same time it sounded as fast as regular speech. "A ruffian such as yourself could not hope to hit me with a knife if I were made of magnets."

His assailant moved closer, making for another attack.
"Why I oughta--"
"SILENCE!" He was pointing at the man, and it seemed he was frozen, as if by shock or fear, but his expression hadn't changed from where it was: in the middle of a sentence. "I have no business with the low of rank." The observant might see that Kiro's voice was back to normal now. He moved closer to Astor. "Ordinarily I would see you thoroughly punished for ruining my breakfast, but as I am in a hurry, and I am a gentleman, I will give you a chance. You leave me alone, and you can rob all these uncivilized people you want. You or any of your men move to attack me, and you will leave me no choice."

"Like h***!" Astor's sword was moving before he'd finished talking, and had crossed the position of Kiro's neck in less than an instant. Kiro ducked the attack with what seemed to be no effort, and before another could come he made another gesture, this time toward the sword, opening a fist into a palm. Astor tried for another, lower swing, but he couldn't move the sword. It seemed no heavier, as it wasn't pulling toward the ground, but it took immensely more effort to move it.

"Come now," said Kiro as he stood back up, "it wouldn't be fair to attack an unarmed man with anything but fisticuffs, would it?" Astor was already busy yelling something about his sword being bewitched and saying to take him out. One of the other bandits tried to grab the gentleman, who merely ducked out of his arms and gave a little kick backwards to a shin. It wasn't powerful, but it hurt enough to break his concentration for a second. Kiro jumped back out of the way of one of Astor's swinging fists, onto a nearby table. The sword the big man had let go of was left still floating in the air, falling slowly, but now it fell with a loud clatter on the ground. Kiro was occupied dodging more bolts from outside now, and since most of the people near windows had wisely decided to duck the only ones at risk of being hit were Astor and his bandits.

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(dunno why this makes me remember of the fable videgame)

Hades, a man not to tall, not to muscular, but not skinny (see avatar) was still drinking like if nothing happened, but Astors sword fell right near him so he rises and picks it up, something didn't look right, a man that size shouldn't be able to lift that sword with no effort at all like Hades did. While doing so Hades moves slowly like is dancing or drunk avoiding all the arrows that fly in.
"This is a good sword, you are unworthy of if, I'll keep it if you don't mind."
Hades drops a few coins in the table.
"This should pay my drink."
He says looking at the waitress that was ducked hidding below a table.
Then Hades walks to the door.
Brynden witnessed the attack in horror, as he was sure the poor man would have no way to defend himself. When the man put on a show of agility, power, and skill unlike he had ever seen before. The sellsword who had assailed him was now stuck frozen with a look of surprise plastered on his unmoving face, and the large man seemingly in charge had been effectively disarmed and was attempting (and failing miserably) to chase him around the tavern while his own sword was left floating in the air behind him. After the self-titled "gentleman" landed a swift kick to the large ruffians shin the rain of crossbow bolts through the window began anew. Through the adrenaline haze that Brynden was slipping into he also spotted a man who had lifted the "floating" sword from its place (after it fell to the ground) as if it were a child's plaything. This man moved like water towards the door, dodging bolts in a motion so fluid he could have been mistaken for water.

It seems I have earned myself strange company on this day.

But He scarcely had time to muster this thought before a crossbow bolt glanced harmlessly off of the shoulder of his armor snapping him back into reality and forcing him to quickly assess the situation. He realized that most of the patrons in the tavern had been intelligent enough to take cover when the fighting started between the "gentleman" and the ruffians. And that the brigands were diving to cover to protect themselves from their own crossbow bolts, spreading themselves out and making them vulnerable.

Brynden decided it was time to take action....

"Blackwood!" He cried as he sprung into action. He took his shield as a ram and bowled into one of the ruffians. he felt the mans legs crumble behind the shield and proceeded to use the heavy kite as a battering ram, with its gate being the balded head of his unlucky foe. The sickening crunch of shattered skull told him all he needed to know as he rose from the bloodied mess beneath him. As he stood he threw his massive fist at the nearest ruffian and he caught a poor soul in the face with his armored gauntlet, sending the man sprawling towards the windows as the man grasped futilely at his waistline for his stiletto as he was decorated with several bolts through the windows.

Brynden was a terrible figure to behold, the giant man was covered in the blood of his enemies, his antlered helmet speckled with blood and his yellow shield stained with large spots of red towering above the two crumpled bodies, but Brynden wasn't thinking anymore. The adrenaline had taken over. He was doing what he was born to do. Fight.

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Jade huddled under one of the few tables in the inn that wasn't overturned, her hands were clasped firmly over her ears. She bit her lip and tried to ignore all the voices around her, they weren't making it easy. To anyone watching her they'd see a helpless 17year old girl who was afraid of the bandits, but it wasn't the bandits that bothered her. It was the spirits, the spirits of the dead patrons who cried out in pain anger and confusion. And now the cries of the dead bandits, who were trying in vain to cut down their murderer.

She glanced around quickly, but there was no one she could help. The voices of the dead raised in volume, drowning out everything else and practically deafening her. She yelled at them to shut up, but it did nothing to quit them. She had to get out, she got to her feet and started towards the door. she gracefully avoided the cross bolts but bumped into someone in her rush,
((Brynden)) and fell back wards into the arms of a bandit.

She tried to pull away but he held her tightly by the waist and neck, he laughed cruelly as she struggled. He hissed in her ear, "looks like i caught myself a beauty." Jade tried to reach for the sword at her hip but he held a blade to her throat, "easy now you won't want to get hurt now would you?"

((Hope this is okay? I'm aware it sucks :P))
...helpless year old...
(how old again?)

Hades walks by the girl in danger, the bandit is to distracted with his prey to notice him.
Hades holding the sword with his right hand, carrying it over his shoulder, delivers mighty left punch on the back of the bandits head, piercing through his helmet and making his eye balls jump across the room.
Now the other bandits notice him and the ones who aren't busy with Brynden and Kiro, charge on him...
((lol it was 17, stupid editor :P))

Jade felt the bandit's arms go slack, and felt him fall limp against her. She let him fall to the floor and turned to face the man she had seen sneak behind the bandit, "thank you sir." "I am greatly indebted to you." She said gratefully before unsheathing the two swords from her hips, one in each hand. She prepared herself for the wave of bandits rushing towards her and her rescuer, the spirits stood back and watched. They were strangely quiet but it allowed her to think clearly.

Two bandits stood in front of her and laughed "oh please don't hurt me", they said sarcastically. Jade smirked and slashed one across the chest, spraying his companion with blood. The other bandit's smile vanished, it was replaced with a look of surprise and dark anger. He slashed out at her throat but she ducked and spun, slicing his own throat. She disposed of three more bandits, slowly clearing a path towards the door and protecting the few remaining civilians.
Hades tosses the big sword like a boomerang slicing in half a wave of bandits and getting the sword back in his hand afterwards.
He then plunges the sword on the ground and puts his right arm behind his back.
"C'mon ladies I haven't got all night!" - he yells at the bandits.
Another volley of bolts flew through the window at Kiro, and he snapped, again making time briefly stop for him. He made small adjustments to the direction of each projectile, pointing two or three at the bandit's leader and giving each of the others to one of his subordinates. When time was back in session, they sailed toward their new targets with all the momentum from before. Most didn't hit, but some forced their targets to dodge, distracting them enough for someone else to take care of. By now there were three or four others holding their own against the attacks inside, so Kiro dove out the window before more bolts could come through, landing on a side of the building. "Surrounded, ey?" he muttered to himself, taking stock of how many were still outside. In this direction there were only the two or three of them clustered together, firing bolts from behind a tree. Either Astor had lied, or he'd called in everyone who wasn't on crossbow duty inside once the trouble started. Either way, it would be easier for everyone if these nuisances were taken out.

They noticed him, fired at his position, and he dodged to one side. He drew his right hand into a fist, channeling magic, and everything around him appeared to slow down. He ran toward them at a brisk pace, and every thirty seconds or so from his perspective some bolts would be close to him, moving somewhat quickly but slow enough to perceive and dodge with a comfortable time before they would have hit him. It wasn't long before he arrived, still sped up, and went around them, hitting one on the back of his head, taking his weapon and bludgeoning all three of them with it, knocking them out. He returned to normal time again, and surveyed the other sides of the tavern that were in view. The front had a few guards right on the door, probably intended to kill anyone who walked out before they had time to react. The back had more men with crossbows. Neither group had noticed him yet. Kiro began moving, quickly and near-silently, around toward the back side of the building.
Most of the few bantits that still inside charge on Hades after hearing his insult, so Hades adds injury to insult by performing a fast horizontal circular move with the sword that chops them all in half.
(won't post till monday please drag my char with you while the story evolves outside the tavern)
Amber orbs flickered to life in the depths of the shadows; burning bright, they wavered only once, and that 'twas only as an arm, severed from some unlucky victim's person, fell before his hidden shape. At first, wary of its orgins, the young Xyft only eyed it dubiously, though he was more than well-aware of the fierce rumble of hunger in his own gut. It screamed at him to snatch the morsel and run with it- however, he refrained. Such a forward approach would gain the attention of the other creatures, and only further trouble would come from that. So instead Split forced himself to act more subtly: extending a paw and sinking curved talons deep into the flesh of the severed limb and, then quick as a snake, jerked it to safety just atop his paws.
The silence was deafening...

Brynden stood in the middle of the tavern, blood soaked. His shield was spotted red, yet his sword was still bare of the marks of battle. Clear and shiny as always, he sheathed his beloved sword and sat down at the seat nearest to him.

boy do I need a drink...

He knew there was more men outside, but he did not care. The "gentleman" had taken to it, and from what he had seen, he was more than capable of taking out the few bandits that were still prowling the outside of the tavern. So Brynden lifted off his great antlered helm and placed it on the table next to him, as well as placing his shield on the ground by his feet. He sat there, quiet, unwilling to say anything as the sounds of the chaos around him began to filter back into his ears.

Men and women were crying for their dead sons, daughters, husbands and wives. And for what? The greed of a few men?

And where is their leader? He thought to himself.

After searching for a few minutes he found him on the floor, eyes glazed over, seemingly knocked unconscious.

Good. Because you have some questions to answer...

And with that he grabbed the pint that still sat on the table throughout all the chaos and began to drink...

One for the fallen he thought as it touched his lips.
Jade lowered her weapon, satisfied that the immediate threat was over. The dead bandits had disappeared, and the spirits of the inn patrons were to busy trying to console their grieving families to make to much noise. She kept her sword unsheathed but allowed herself to relax her muscles a little, she quickly and quietly walked around and checked if there was any one she could help. But alas they were all dead, she bowed her head and said a prayer of passage for the dead. She knew it wouldn't make much difference at all to the spirits, she only did it as a sign as respect for them and them families and friends. Once everyone else left, she would do her best to help the spirits move on. The families and friends of the dead bowed their heads and joined in with her, it seemed to help them at least a little.

Jade noticed one large man on his feet, he was soaked in blood and looked slightly dazed. She approached him slowly until she stood face to face with him. She looked down at him, "are you injured sir?" She noticed the way he casually sipped his larger and guessed it was bandit's blood he was covered in, though it couldn't hurt to ask.
It didn't take Kiro long, at least from an observer's point of view, to finish the rest of those waiting outside. When he was done, he stopped using his powers and walked carefully back to the entrance of the inn. On the way he noticed that one of the men he'd knocked unconscious was missing an arm. It seemed that someone else, far more violent, had been outside, but that was hardly his concern. He composed himself as much as possible while he calmly opened the door and strode back inside, but there were visible marks of exhaustion and sweat on him. After surveying the scene, taking note of those who had begun fighting after or just about when he did, he stopped over the leader of the bandits, Astor, and knelt next to him.

He was out cold, but Kiro muttered to him anyway while he worked. "What did I tell you? You probably could have gotten away with some of your profit made off of others, but now someone's going to make a profit off of you. I am far too well provided for to resort to such..barbaric measures, but not everyone can afford to be so picky." The gentleman was busy sitting the man up, taking off his gauntlets, and putting his massive hands behind his back. Next he folded the hands together, fingers on fingers, and pulled out a long piece of sturdy string from a pocket in his pants. He then tightly bound the fingers to each other, and gently lay him back down on his own hands. "You shall regret delaying me so."

Kiro stood up again and moved to a nearby unoccupied booth, and then sat down, legs toward the booth's outside. His breathing was a little heavy, but he kept it as inaudible as he could. Again he surveyed those who had fought...a big man in armor who favored drink; a smaller man, but clearly no less strong since he had taken Astor's sword earlier and was still holding on to it; and a young woman who had a sword and seemed to know its use, but had at first been distracted by...something. He didn't speak for now unless spoken to, but he was intrigued most by the latter. He knew he wouldn't be able to continue his search in earnest until he'd had a little rest, and if he could make his rest useful, he certainly would.
Brynden took a hard look at the pretty young woman who had asked about his health. She had handled herself well in battle, moving with the grace of a hawk when she had cut down two bandits who had been unfortunate enough to get in her way. Though he wondered why she had ran screaming through the room towards the beginning of the brawl...

"Been worse for sure"

Any man would have shown wear from the type of battle they had just experienced, a few bruises, a scratch or two at least. But the only blood on Brynden was his enemies. He had not been slashed or cut in any way shape or form. But the skin on his hand had suffered bruises from using his gauntleted fist. He had removed the gauntlet for ease of use while handling his pint. Brynden looked away from her for a second and set down his brew, allowing his bruised hand to stretch out, displaying the fact that they were healing right before her eyes. Bruises changed color, dark blues and purples changed to green and yellows, finally settling on the pale color of the rest of his skin.

"Name's Brynden, I see you haven't been injured, good, we were greatly thankful for your blade today... miss?" Bynden inquired about her name.

He then eyed the head of the bandits who had attacked. There was no place to take him, the nearest town with a prison that could hold any more prisoners wasn't necessarily close to this isolated inn...plenty of time for any allies to this man to catch up and free him.

The Man who had chopped the men in half like they were butter walked silently towards the center of the room, joining the small temporary alliance towards the center of the room, hanging just out of the center of the room where the others had gathered. The "gentleman" had re-entered the tavern and made his way towards the unconscious leader, he had seemingly ended the threat of the other bandits outside without too much issue. Without a single scratch on him. Brynden watched the man tie the large ruffian up and move to a nearby table. He made Brynden nervous. He had spoken up about not caring if the men robbed the poor folk of the tavern as long as he sat unbothered, and this did not sit well with the large knight. Perhaps he would be proven wrong, but a man without thought for others is a man no one can trust, but yet again, his nature would give the man a chance to prove his first impression wrong.

"It seems you have an admirer." Brynden added as an afterthought.

The "gentleman" was staring right at them....but Brynden had a sneaking suspicion that the man's eyes weren't settled on him.

Jade watched as the man's hand healed itself, well obviously her skills were not required. "I'm glad of that, lord knows we don't need another casualty." She nodded to his comment, "yes i was fortunate enough to remain un scathed." She looked sadly around her then back at Brynden, "more fortunate them some it would seem." She nodded to his weapon, and sheathed her own "as were are to yours." "It's Jade, nice to meet you Sir Brynden."

"It seems you have an admirer." She looked at Brynden questioningly, and followed his gaze across the room. The man she had seen first stand up to the bandits was staring at her, she looked back at Brynden "thats a little odd." she said nervously, this was the so called "gentlemen" who had been more than happy to offer up the inn patrons to save his own skin. She knew nothing off him and was very confused by his attention, she turned to look at him again and called over "may i help you?"
Hades grabs a chair and sits down, making himselfe confortable, placing his feet on the top of a table.
He then looks at the others - "Brynden, Jade, I am Hades, young gentle man, care to introduce yourselfe?"
He says like foreseing a friendship being formed with this "warriors".
"May i help you?"

The gentleman took a moment to breathe and gave a very small smile before he began. "I'm certain anyone could, anyone who has seen the poor lost girl I'm trying to find, but I'm sure you mean in particular. It seems to me that one with your skill in swordsmanship would have no reason to hesitate, yet you seemed rather distracted at if something only perceptible beyond the limited physical senses troubled you. Perhaps I am wrong, though." He tossed the possibility aside just as casually as he had suggested it, and moved on, looking to the other two who seemed interested in him. "My name is Kiro, and whatever I am employed in, I take very seriously.

"I was to guard the girl I speak of, but she wandered off in a moment of carelessness on my part, and has proved difficult to find. I'm certain she went this way, however. She is hard to miss: younger than you," (he pointed to Jade) "with the look of a wolf and a generally distraught behavior. Her home village was destroyed by some villains of more particular interests than these," (he made a sweeping gesture at the dead and unconscious bandits) "though no more civilized, and my employer fears that those responsible may still be after her. I had meant to get an early start this morning looking for her, but using my Gift so frequently, especially in combat, tends to wear me out."

((Pronounced "Key-roh" if you're wondering.))
"My only hope is that the next fiends we fight together pose more of threat!"
He says getting up and resting his sword over his shoulder.
"Otherwise I may fall asleep and won't be able to help you out!"
he says in a cocky joking tune in hopes the others will laugh, but pherhaps they have more respect for life than he does, so for a second he regrets saying that joke and looks at his companions faces.