An Artistic Conundrum

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Original poster
So, iwaku.. I’ve got a bit of a conundrum… I’ve been ont eh fence several times over the past year about trying to start a web-comic. I have several plotlines set out, but no real motivation to start them, however, It seems more and more these days that I am spending more time drawing out the sequences then Anythgin else.
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I have always been a perfectionist, but that meanssometimes I add too much realism to a cartoon style that already focuses on stretching and bending proportions…
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So I went to town tonight trying to find a good mid-way point of sketching that lets me set up comics in a frame by frame design quickly, getting the point across without getting into the realm of ‘anime realism.
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My question being.. Should I sacrifice quality for quantity to try a new style for a month or two?
Here are some samples of the difference between quality, and quantity.

the portrait style one took two hours, the multiple character sketch took half an hour total.


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You could always do the "light" version of the comics most days and then once a week do a colored/fancy version -- if it's a daily comic!

I always liked the more detailed art comics, myself!

Captain Nic

Original poster
Okay, so you say you've got layouts (or what sounds to me like storyboards), but you're not motivated...

Draw in monochrome first.

Either that or do one-shots. That fits well if you're a spur-of-the-moment kind of person.