An arranged marriage play

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  1. After having multiple of these types up where I play the male I would greatly like one where I play the princess who is being married off to a far away kingdom. So yes... I wish for someone to play a male. I would absolutely adore this to be an anthro play but it isn't necessary.
  2. Hrm...I'd need to know the age range, and I don't do anthro personally, but this sounds like it might be interesting. My guy won't be happy at all, but he doesn't have to be xD
  3. Age range can be whatever you are comfortable with honestly. It doesn't have to be anthro, I just like that style.
  4. Alrighty then. The male character I'd like to use is generally around the age of 18, but can vary depending on needs (sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more), so I wanted to ask. But anyway, yep~ I'm interested! I don't usually play much prince-based stuff, but this sounded much more interesting than what I was usually doing in the past so~ Yep.
  5. Well huzzah then, um I'd say I'd play her a bit younger than he... My next question is, what type of country shall he be from? It helps to formulate my introduction.
  6. Hrm...I haven't really thought of it. All I know is he's only the heir by name. The current king and queen are his aunt and uncle, who couldn't conceive a child. His father was the queen's brother from before she ended up marrying into the royal family, and my character and his sister were adopted by into the family after their parents had both died. Since there's generally a lot of farms there...I suppose a land that focuses a lot on agriculture? The people are likely generally friendly and hard-working...Which is similar to my character, besides the fact that he tends to be a but harsh-mouthed as well at times.
  7. Alright, that works for me. Anything you'd like to ask me? Also, do you prefer to have character sheets or no?
  8. I can't think of any questions right now, but I'll make sure to inform you if I come up with any. As for character sheets...While they're good for reference, I don't really require them. I tend to leave that up to the opposite party, as while they're useful, they're not a necessity to me. I'm fine either way with those.
  9. Alright, I'll get it started in the 'morrow.
  10. Alrighty. I look forward to it~
  11. Damn, someone beat me to it. Hit me up next time something awesome like this comes along with u!
  12. We can work out one, I don't mind multiples of similar.