An angel and a Demon

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  1. Siren stood still in the alley way, listening for any signs of him.
    She'd been tracking this man for a few weeks, following her main assignment, while
    following her minor ones as well.
    Her wings spread out behind her, and she shook them restlessly.
    Siren was an angel, sent down to Earth to take out all evil,
    and the main source was the man standing a few feet away.
    She couldn't kill him yet- she didn't know him well enough.

  2. Damien spotted the angel, watching him. To anyone else, she would just look like a pretty face, but he saw those bright wings, hidden from mortal eyes. She was his assignment. No one would challenge him if he could corrupt her. But he couldn't do anything in an alley. Not exactly an easy place to carry out seduction. He gave her a toothy grin, his broken raven wings twitching on his back, and walked into the street.

    She couldn't get him here. The sidewalks were full of witnesses. Damien would try to lead her to a bar nearby, one of his many hunting grounds. With luck, she wouldn't fight him there, and the atmosphere would work to his advantage. Plus, and he wouldn't let anyone hear him say this, She was one hot piece of wing.
  3. Siren followed him as he crossed the street, smiling at an elderly man who'd whistled at her.
    What, exactly, did that mean?

    She shook her head and spotted the demon again, then quietly followed him.
    He appeared to be going into a bar of some sort.
    She needed to track him, so she produced a fake ID, and went inside.

    It was dim and smokey inside, something she didn't like.
    The smoke settled on her wings, making them gray.
    She sighed.

    Why here?
  4. Damien smiled behind her back. It was so dark and smoky in the bar, she didn't see him double back behind her. She also couldn't see through the darkness and the smoke all the wings; at least a dozen broken, black wings. He liked how the ash darkened her own wings, and he admired the view from behind even more. The angel should sway more when she walked. That was always Damien's biggest problem with girl angels; they were all so beautiful, but they wouldn't show off what they had.

    He walked up to her until his chiseled chest was pressed between her wings. He grabbed her shoulders, gently, but with a firm enough grip to let her know she wasn't going anywhere.

    "You know what I like about this place?" he whispered in her ear. "There's always at least six demons in here. You never would've even made it in if I hadn't talked to the bouncer. count damned souls, while I let myself out."

    He couldn't resist giving her a toying kiss on the cheek before heading back for the door. The other demons looked at Siren and stood up.

    "Oh!" he added just as he reached the door. He turned and addressed the demons. "Don't touch the hips, or that pretty face. If you wanna mess up the wings, go for it."
  5. Siren turned and glared at the demons that were slowly making their way to her.
    She snapped her fingers angrily, and was gone in a blink.

    She opened her eyes, and she was back in her temporary home, her apartment for now.
    Quickly, she got in her shower and washed the dirtyness from her wings.
    "Dirty demons.." She muttered, glaring at the shower wall.
  6. Damien laughed outside as he made his way down the street. He'd introduced himself. The seed was planted. Siren wouldn't be able to stop thinking about his little trick, or about him. All the thoughts would be negative, and he couldn't seduce someone who hated him, but he would be on her mind, he was sure of it, and that was a start.

    Annoyingly, she had clung to his mind, too. He couldn't wait to run into her again, to have more fun, to play more tricks, and to touch that soft skin that seemed to glow even in the darkness of the bar...

    Damien shook it off. The only reason he liked what he saw was because he couldn't wait to corrupt it.
  7. Siren washed and got out, then dried her hair and got dressed.
    She sighed- the demon, Damien, was on her mind.

    And for some reason, he was sexy to her. She never thought this way, but he got her blood moving,
    he made her want something she couldn't have.

    She shook her head and walked outside, deciding to get a coffee.
    The shop was only a block away.
    But it was cold outside, so she bundled up, and by the time she got to the shop,
    her cheeks were rosy with cold.

    She smiled at the cashier and ordered a hot Vanilla coffee, then sat down to wait for her order.
    As she sat, her mind continued to wander to Damien.
  8. Damien never much cared for sunlight. No demon did. But he was searching for an angel, and angels liked light. He protected his eyes with a pair of sunglasses, though the light was still burning red circles around them.

    Damien soon had to keep a laugh from escaping his throat. There she was; the angel, sitting in a coffee shop. It occurred to him that he was a little happier to see her than he should be. What was this?

    He walked up to the shop and tapped on the window. He lowered his sunglasses so he could see her with his burning eyes. Idiot. He was showing that he was vulnerable. But that didn't bother him at the moment, for some reason. He wanted a less obstructed view of her. Now that he saw Siren in the morning light, instead of the dim glow from the bar, he found himself even more amazed by the angel's beauty. What was this warmth he felt? Perhaps it was the sun, eye of God, glaring down at him. She was one of his children. She was the same. Until he got to her, that is.

    Not quite sure what he was doing, Damien walked into the cafe.
  9. Siren turned and glared at Damien.
    What was he doing here?

    She took another small sip of her coffee, and ignored him pointedly.
    Right now, she didn't want to do her job- she wanted to enjoy her coffee,
    and think about him in peace.

    She knew he would never be with her in real life as he was in her mind.
    She sighed.
  10. She was trying to ignore him, but Damien would not be ignored. He sat down, right across from her at the table.

    "Did you have fun last night?" he asked her. He felt a twinge in his chest as he mocked her. He didn't like what he was saying. Where'd that come from? He pressed on. "I was hoping it got your blood going. Maybe tonight I can get you going in...other ways."

    He wasn't supposed to move so fast. He had a system for breaking down innocent girls, and he was ruining it. But he wanted to get this over with. The longer he put it off the more he felt that he was wasting their time.

    "Or maybe you can do me," he added. "Whatever it is you came down here for. So...What do you want to do to me?"
  11. Siren glared at him.
    "Excuse me."
    She got up and began to walk away.

    But as she did, she clicked her fingers, and her cup of hot coffee spilled on his lap.
    She laughed as she walked outside.

    How dare he speak to her so dirtily?
    It did get some blood flowing-- down in a place she knew she wasn't supposed to be feeling things in.
    She blushed brightly as she made her way outside.
  12. The offending liquid burned, but only for a short while. He couldn't help but find a thrill in it. He was excited to find out she could play his way. Little Miss Goody Two Wings had a bad side. He looked forward to seeing just how bad an angel could be.

    Undetered by the coffee, he got up and followed her out of the shop. He rushed past the humans at a supernatural speed they didn't even notice to catch up with her.

    "Who ever thought an angel could be sadistic?" he said as she walked. "Not a lot of good it does, hot coffee. Was already pretty hot down there. Should've gotten iced. Unless you didn't want to cool me off."
  13. Siren's face was bright red with blush, and she glared at him angrily.
    "You're disgusting."
    She said loudly, as she walked faster.

    "I don't want to even see your face."
    She said and began to fly off, her hands closed in tight fists.
  14. Now that's just not playing fair, the earth-bound demon thought as she soared away. Perhaps that was a little too much too soon, but what could he say? He was a demon of lust, afterall. That's just what he does.

    Damien started heading into an alley; dark and quiet. That's just what he needed. He'd have to try to hone himself in and work a little harder if he wanted that angel.