an agent of death + human

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  1. I've never done a one on one roleplay before but I've always loved this idea. :)
    The basic plotline so far:
    An agent of Death (me or you, doesn't matter) visits the CHARACTER (again me or you, doesn't matter).
    Tries to take the soul but surprise, surprise it/he/she is not able to.
    I'd love for someone to add on their own ideas and change some of the basic plot but there it is so far.
    Some things I'm considering are: The CHARACTER is a paramedic. It turns out the CHARACTER is also an agent of death, simply shirking their duties/forgot/didn't know.
    I hope I made it clear enough, I'll gladly elaborate if it's poorly worded or confusing or whatever.
  2. Orrr, the character could accidentally steal the agent of death's powers.
  3. that sounds good too! I'm really up for anything as long as we keep the whole agent of death meets a stranger thing going on. :)
  4. Perfect! would you be so kind as to send the starter. I'm kind of new here XD
  5. I PM'd you for details :)
    Took me a time to find it too, it's called conversation here haha.
  6. Haha, this site is like a maze XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.