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  1. Hey I am ActualHumanBean, call me Bean, and this is my roleplay wishlist. I have been Roleplaying for around ten years now and I am newish to Iwaku. I will just jump in and list off a few ideas that have been circling through my head as of late. These are all officially onexone requests but if wanted they could be group roleplays. Most people interested should be 18+ because many do deal with sexual themes. If I could ask that all interested parties be at least 'intermediate' in writing skill level. Yes if you look through some of my replies you will see a number of short replies but my preference is for a bit of bulk. I enjoy writing long replies. For your entertainment they will read like really bad book inserts.

    Lust demons stuck in high school
    A teenager accidentally summons two brotherly lust demons from the depths of hell and binds them to herself. Forced to live off of sexual energy the demons enroll in her high school. She has a lot of roadblocks on her way to cramming these demonic hunks back downstairs!

    A Handsome Bluebeard
    In fictional Europe a woebegone Count hosts a famous masquerade in his castle to find a wife. A party every year for the last six years. For every year his wives plunge to their deaths before one year of marriage. Suicide, it is always suicide. Whispers start and rumours begin. But, he's too handsome to be a lady killer, or is he? It is the eve of his famous event and party goers swarm like flies, each one there for their own motives...

    Dashing Detective
    Famous for being the only cop to ever almost catch the city's most elusive thief he was forced to leave the squad for frequent fraternization with his secretaries. He knew the truth, the pretty girl thief had found a way into the dirty underbelly of justice. Now a private eye he barely makes it by and yet still has those damn affairs with his secretaries. Enter his first male secretary, little did he know how far his rabbit hole would go...

    Betta Mermaids
    In a world where mermaids have always existed it has always been fashionable to keep them as pets in small tanks. One day a person discovers a secret about themselves that makes them want to change the whole system from one side of the glass to the next.

    Fairy Forest
    A lone traveler in the woods find themselves stuck in the midst of strange, sexy fairy magic.

    Organ Hunters
    In a dystopian world not unlike our own a group of ragtag young people prey on the newly dead and soon to be. Harvesting their organs is the only way they know how to make a living.

    Warlock Waters
    In a land of floating islands and flying ships a world living in the wake of a once great civilization is terrorized by the sudden revival of widespread magic and strange disappearances.

    This isn't the school I thought my scholarship paid for
    He's the resident bully behind a shining smile. None of the teachers believe you. He owns your every move. It's either his body or a life of humiliation that you will never stop paying for.

    Hotel Heirs
    He is the son of a wealthy business man, but his family hides lots of secrets in their penthouse sheets.

    Mermen in Paradise
    Two mermen brothers decide to join modern life away from the their ocean home. In a quiet seaside town they discover that there are more than just humans and merpeople in the world.

    Here be Dragons
    When two kingdoms come together in marriage it seems the only thing that can stop the unification is how long it takes the princess to arrive. Attacked by a dragon on the way to her betrothed the princess soon learns that the tales of a dragon in the mountain are all too real. And the dragon? A human shape shifter who refuses to let her leave his mountain home.

    Orphans in the Windmill
    A group of orphans live in a windmill orphanage on the outskirts of a farming village. They always felt there was something different about them, but it was not until they arrived that the orphans learned what they really are.

    Feel free to post here or PM me if any of these interest you or spark any other ideas :)
    Lined through are taken but if you really enjoy the idea I can do two of the same.
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  2. Wouldthis (or any other) be a smutty/smut-containing/M-rated for sexiness RP?
  3. I'm interested in the fairy forest plot.
  4. Yes, most likely they would or could encroach on those subjects. I normally find my writings at least brush smutty subjects, but if the partner interested wanted to forgo that it could be easily done. But, for obvious reasons partners should be over 18 just in case.

    Though that particular story idea is probably best served as a full blown m-rated story even if nothing is ever actually described just heavily implied.

    Does that clear it up at all?
  5. Nice :)

    Feel free to send me a PM with any further plot ideas or thoughts. I purposefully kept certain facts gender-free because I don't care too much about any of that.
  6. Hey there I'm interested in your first idea if you are still looking for partners. I do have one question in that would you be playing the girl?
  7. In most of them I don't actually care either way, but for this particular one I claim the rights to one or both of the lust demons :)
  8. I'm interested in the Warlock Water idea if the spot is still open and are you still looking for partners!
  9. Yes I am still looking! This would be my third RP to take on and might fill my plate :)

    Send me a PM and I can tell you a lot more about the idea, or we can create a new one with the basis in mind.

    (Years ago I actually tried to write a whole book based on this idea, creating mythology and immense back story, but every time I went to write it I would just blergh on my choice of characters, they were never right.)
  10. I have room for one more RP if anyone is looking/interested :)
  11. I'm interested in the mermen in paradise idea. PM me if you're still looking :)
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  12. Hey I am looking for one more partner :)
  13. I'm interested in the Fairy Forest plot if that one is still open :) If not, we can just discuss some other ideas in PM
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