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  1. Hiya! I'm the Writing Owl, and I seem to have a certain lack of roleplays, yet an abundance of ideas. So, I'm making this simple little request to hopefully get some more partners. So, here's a few plots I came up with. :)


    Every hero needs a guide. It's basically stated in the law of heroics. All the great heroes had at least someone to help them whether it be a fairy or an old wizard or even an animal of some sort. Finally, after coming from a great long line of heroes, it is time for the next generation to rise up and protect the land from evil. However, before the hero could do anything, he needs to find a guide. So far, a guide hasn't come up to help him find the current evil and defeat it. As the hero searched, he finally came across a young mage. This mage used to be part of a group that wished to usurp the current king. The hero, seeing no better chance, takes the mage as his guide. However, this mage may not be willing to help the hero...

    They had been best friends since kindergarten. The two boys had instantly clicked and quickly started doing everything together. They played together, shared snacks, and grew up to be inseparable. However, something changed in one of them when they got to high school. He got a girlfriend, a pretty little thing, though she seemed almost out of left field for the boy's taste. His friend was glad that his best friend had a girl to call his own. The girl and boy dated into college. While the girl never talked much with her boyfriend's best friend, the friend was still interested in at least getting to know her well. He never really got a chance to interact with her. One night, like most weekends, the two boys had a party. After a fun night, the boy found the girl battered and bruised, changing his viewpoint on his best friend...

    Wonderland had finally rid itself of the Queen of Hearts. All seemed to be ready for 'Alice' to rise up and lead Wonderland into a new era with the help of her fellow rebels. However, the girl who many knew as Alice had been exposed to a dangerous flower that put any who smelled its scent to sleep. None of the rebels knew how or why this happened, not even the 'Mad Hatter' himself. They deduce she is stuck in a dream-like state and have to get her out, so they send the 'March Hare' to enter the young 'Alice's' thoughts and try to bring her back to Wonderland before it falls. However, to get their leader back, the rabbit-eared boy needs to figure out the girl who holds the title of 'Alice'.
    Make a wish. The phrase was often heard when talking about stars, birthdays, lucky items, or anything a human could get their hands on. Usually it was something childish and silly, like a pony or World Peace. Most wishes never came true, if none at all. However, one night a teenage boy, alone and down, saw a shooting star. He made a wish, just a simple one. He wanted a friend. Just some sort of friend to help him through the days. It seemed that something had heard him as the next day he was greeted by a face in the mirror. Except, it wasn't his own. A girl his age looked back, claiming to be his new friend. Surprised and delighted, the boy quickly tried to figure out just who and what the girl was. However, with this new friend also came new difficulties and trials he had never known before.


    So that's a few ideas I have. Not many, I know. I'll update it if I have more ideas. I prefer to play female characters though if required I could try at a semi-decent male character. If you're interested and want to discuss, feel free to pm me!
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  2. I would be interested.
  3. Alright! Pm me with the idea you are interested in and we'll get to work!
  4. I like the Wish idea a lot. :) I'm interested.
  5. Alright, great! Just send me a pm and we can get started!
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