Among the Shadows of the Moon (Noir Roleplay)

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Would anybody be interested in playing a Noir story where the characters are anthros(animals as humans) and the setting being a steampunk background? Here is a picture of what I imagine the city to look like.


I imagine the city to be filled with crime ranging from prostitution to the illegal dealings of organized crime. The story will be a crime story where a officer finds herself /himself with a recent murder case that had involved her/his long time partner and closet friend. He was found dead in his apartment after a week's time. The officer's friend was the nicest person and had the cleanest record than anybody around. So the officer investigates into his/her friend's murder and finds out some things that leads him/her into trouble with the organized crime hierarchy.

I was hoping this could be played by a small group of 5 to possibly 6 people. I would like someone to play as the detective's informer of the criminal underground who happens to be a female prostitute. Perhaps someone to play as the officer's new partner who happens to be a corrupt cop that is hired to keep an eye on the detective. The daughter of the deceased officer could be a potential character.
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Character Skeleton

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Name: Ange Fortescue
A chivalrous and respectful man that possess humility. He is also a kind and generous soul that will do what he can to help. Though he is very much a realist, he tends to be optimistic. He is very loyal to his those who are close to him; he takes friendships very seriously. He is fair and just when it comes to administrating the law however he takes the law tremendously serious. He is not the talkative type and tends to be quiet and introspective.

Background: In progress. . .
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Name: Ester
Serious and gruff but she's nice enough.
Background: Her parents couldn't care for her so they threw her out at the tender age of 7. Was picked up by a criminal and raised with his sons. Turned to the wrong side of the law because of her "father's" influence.
Officer's new partner


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Name: Alicia
Age: 26 may change….not sure yet :/
Gender: female
Personality: in progress

Background: in progress
Role: informant/ courtesan
Misc: none for now

Name: Maiya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: She's a quiet and shy girl, but can be quite outspoken when she feels the need.
Appearance: (picture below)
Background: Her father had taught her everything about his job, even how to use a gun. As a detective her father wasn't home all the time, so when he was he would spend most of his time with her. Maiya was always daddy's little girl, but when her father was found dead she promised to find who had killed him and for what reason.
Role: Daughter of deceased officer
Misc: N/A
Hey everybody, I'm thinking about converting this rp into a romance rp. Possibly a femslash(female and female pairing) romance. What do you guys think about that idea? And contemplating if characters must be bare or clothed.
Oh. Durn. I was going to start knocking ideas around for male characters.
Everything is up in the air at the moment. I may stay with the Noir idea or i may favor the femslash romance idea. I'm very fickle like that -_-
I would totally add a char to the Noir idea! :D
The Noir idea has potential, but I'd probably skip this as a pure romance RP. Doesn't mean I'd be uninterested if it had a femmslash element.
I originally was wanting to play out a Noir story and seeing that the interest leans more favorably towards the Noir idea, I may just stay with that. ^^

I can also play a male character! Tell me where you want me, I have a literal plethora of characters!
LMAO! Still tell me where you want me. Oooo! I got one! How about a butcher that looks legit on the outside, but secretly works for organized crime as a 'clean-up man'? >:D
I'm still willing to throw someone in if you need another male character in this game. And one that's definitely not canine.
@cammy: I like that idea :D There is quite a bit of potential for that character. ^^

@Gyro: Um, hmm, another male character will be welcomed. :)

Name: Pyotr Bogdanovich Dimitriev
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: Gruff and exacting, but polite to strangers and customers and loyal to his friends. He has a dry, sarcastic and sometimes self-deprecating sense of humour. He doesn't take injuries and insults very lightly.

Background: Fled from Russia after murdering a betrayer and the cops which the turncoat had called on him. The mob helped him get a start in the city, providing him with a butcher shop, on the condition that he do their dirty work whenever they required.
Role: Assassin (AKA "clean-up man")
I like the Noir idea and I'm getting over my little thing I have with this looks interesting.