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  1. ((Sorry--I was driving home for hours today so I'm really off right now. And really confused about everything. Where is Harp talking to Jamie from? And who is Harp? And where is Vannessa supposed to be at if the team just found Jamie outside?))
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    (I assumed that since you were a thief and you walked away from the team...that you'd stolen something or something like that and they were coming to get it back. Harp is a mercenary, who I was figuring had assisted Jamie in stealing whatever object was stolen, or they were working together at the behest of a mysterious benefactor or something; if an object was stolen at all, and Harp is communicating to him via a radio device. I probably should have clarified my intentions in some other way...but...yeah, my bad, haha, is that cool or whatever?)
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    ((Vanessa is somewhete.... I guess.))
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    ((Well feel free to double as a team member who is there if you want to.))
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    ((Vanessa is a team member.))
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    ((Yeah but she's not there, is she? I might have read that wrong. I thought that I posted a team member that was there but like I said; I'm really off right now.))
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    ((i'm a bit confused as to where exactly we are. Inside or outside?))
  8. I had meant for them to be outside, originally, so let's just go with that if it's okay with everyone. We can change it if more than three people want it inside, though.
  9. I figured we were outside.