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  1. A dead boy who encounters a teenage male around his age and seems to be a normal kid. With both of them unaware the boy is actually dead, they go on throughout the story hanging out and slowly falling in love, the teenage boy never knowing that his newly found friend is actually a ghost.

    Little did the teenager know, he is suffering from amnesia after a terrible accident him and his best friend had on the way home from a party. His best friend is dead and he was sent to the E.R and was diagnosed with amnesia, the doctors informing the school and family members to play along with whatever symptoms he may have in hopes of him regaining his memory so no one informs the two of what really happens till the teenager begins to get flashbacks, noticing the kids avoiding him and whispering at him more than usual, hearing his mother crying at night.

    Then it all comes together.


    Name: Tanaka
    Age: 16
    Tanaka was once, very lively but after his accident he had become very distant and quiet. he refuses to associate with anyone mostly because people look at him weird. He keeps to himself and ignored everyone around him, unaware of the rumors that continue to go on, and on about him.



    MY POST​

    Tanaka didn't bother to button that last button on his collared white shirt. He also didn't bother to wear the tie that came with it that was a "requirement" to go to school. Since no one had said anything to him about not wearing the tie, he continued to not wear it while everyone else did. He looked at himself int he full body mirror, his black slacks were a bit wrinkled and his black dress shoes were dirty and a bit worn out. He didn't care much for his appearance. He allowed his long brown hair to fall where it may and his clothes to be wrinkled. No one paid him any mind at school anyway so why impress anyone. He walked out of his room and closed the door behind him. He walked down stairs and to the kitchen where his mom had breakfast ready. His dad was sitting at the table reading the paper and the dog was laying int he corner of the dinning room on the pet bed, still sleeping. Tanaka sat down at the table silently, reaching across the table to snatch a piece of toast. His mother sat down and poured herself something to drink and his father flipped to the next page of the news paper.

    It was always like this. His father never spoke to him and his mother never bothered to look at him anymore, just like the kids at school. He didn't mind it. He liked being alone anyway. He found it relaxing and liked how he didn't have to deal with teenage drama like most kids he had seen at school. He ate his breakfast and looked at the clock, standing up, he drank the orange juice and grabbed his backpack from the corner of his chair.

    "I'm leaving" He mumbled, not surprised when he didn't get a response. He walked from the kitchen and into the main entrance, just in front of the stairs, opened the door and left. As he walked with his backpack on his back, he pushed the headphones to his MP3 player into his ears and walked the short distance to school.

    Upon arriving he continued to stare down at his cellular phone, playing the mini game as he walked through the entrance and to his locker, not bothering to notice the stares people gave him. Upon approaching his locker, he shoved his phone in his pocket and unlocked the door where he shoved his backpack in and took out a couple books. He listened to the bands music in his ear and nodded his head to the beat. His earphones were snatched from his ears as he looked at the short blonde kid, the only friend he had that bothered to still talk to him.

    "Tanaka-Senpai!" He smiled brightly. Tanaka stared down at him, turning off the music player and listened to he overactive boy giggle. "Do you know what day it is?" he asked, his hands behind his back. When Tanaka didn't answer he was suddenly hugged. "I leave for London today!" He stepped away and walked along side the brown haired male who walked quietly. "Imma miss you senpai!" He giggled, looking to Tanaka who seemed more distant then usual. "Tanaka...what's wrong?"

    "Something's off....I don't know what..." Tanaka said. The blonde boy looked down, knowing exactly what day it was. It was the one year anniversary of their friends death. He smiled and shrugged, knowing he couldn't say anything. "I hope you have fun none the less, Nagi" Tanaka said, looking back to him after standing in front of his classroom. Nagi nodded and waved.

    "Yup! See you in a few weeks Senpai!" Tanaka watched the kid leave and shook his head, walking into the classroom shortly after. The rest of the day was a dull. It was like any other day. It was the last meal he had with Nagi because he was leaving to move to London and wouldn't see him till he visited in a few weeks. After today, Tanaka would surely be alone. He waved bye to the leaving car that drove the small blonde boy off to the airport, kids leaving the school as he stood, watching the car disappear in the distance. He sighed and with his backpack on, he shoved his earphones back into his ears and walked in the opposite direction of his house​
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