American Revolution Pt 2

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  1. Introduction/The Story so Far...
    At the dawn of time, the world's most powerful Caster cursed an enemy with what we now know as vampirism. This particular Caster had a daughter, who may or may not be more powerful than him. She gave birth to the Shifters, the Blue Men, modern-day Casters, the Elementals, the Gargoyles, the Harbringers, the Kitsune, and the Yuki-Onna. Fast forward about 3000 years. The year is 1914, and a vampire in Europe has assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. After the war that follows, governments question how this was possible, as the assailant was able to arrive and leave in such a manner it was almost...inhuman.
    Finally, the head of the Vampire Council comes clean, telling the world about the secret world of Supernaturals, about how they have lived under the radar since humans have recorded history. At first, humans didn't know what to do with this news. They attempted living with them, but that lasted less than thirty years. Parties that will not be named began imprisoning and killing anyone they thought was related to the Supernaturals, and a great deal many of them were really humans. After the war was resolved, vampires were told by the world's main leaders to go into hiding, or face extreme prejudice. They chose to stay in the world of humans, having tasted it and wanting more. Humans created 'human only' restaurants, drinking fountains, schools, parks, housing arrangements, everything that ever happened to any minority group, only magnified onto an entire species of sentients.

    The year is now 2012. A Harbringer child, one who could not yet control her powers, accidentally killed a repeat sex offender. However, that is not how the humans saw it. In front of an entire world, they broadcasted the execution of the girl. It wasn't a "humane" execution either, because, as their logic goes, Supernaturals are not humans and don't deserve to be treated as such. No, this child wasn't given the injection, after a lengthy hearing, like any human would. She was stripped naked, and after being raped numerous times, she was shot to death in a firing line. This killing of an innocent child, with no ability to control or protect herself, sparked the Second American Revolution, or AmRev pt2. As of today, the revolution has only started in the Americas, with the Supernaturals in other countries either afraid or already subdued.
    These are the races you can play, along with human. If you have any ideas for a race, pm me, and I may or may not approve it.
    Vampires: A preternatural being that generally feeds on human blood.
    Casters: Any being that can do anything remarkably extraordinary, called magic by humans.
    Blue Men: A race of beings that live in underwater caves.
    Shifters: Any being that can change forms to another being, be it man to wolf, man to bird, etc.
    Elementals: A nature spirit that represents fire, water, earth or air.
    Gargoyles: A grotesque creature with the ability to appear as a stone statue.
    Harbringers: A being that can see into the future of or kill another by looking into their eyes for fifty seconds.
    Kitsune: A shapeshifting trickster that appears in the form of a fox, a human, or a human with a fox face.
    Yuki-Onna: A beautiful but deadly snow king or queen with long hair and pure white skin. Can command snow and ice.

    Draconian: Reptilian humanoid sentients, closely related to dragons, and can breath a little breathpower if any.
    Character Sheet

    Description (if a picture, please no anime):
    *Religion, if applicable:
    *Sexuality, if you're comfortable with that:
    *Favorite Outfit:
    In the revolution? (y/n) Why?:

    *Not required.
    NOTE: This is in NO way saying that any particular government should fall to a revolution, it is simply an rp.

    Posting Order:
  2. Name: Katherine O'Brian "Kit"
    Gender: Female
    Race: Shifter
    Age: Eighteen
    Description (if a picture, please no anime): kit.jpg
    long, dark reddish brown hair, pale skin with freckles, dark blue eyes. Height of about 5'1, slim, but fast.
    *Religion, if applicable: Agnostic
    *Sexuality, if you're comfortable with that: Straight
    *Personality: Kit is very outgoing and generally very happy. It doesn't matter what's going on, she always seems to be able to find some reason to smile. She loves tricking people and loves making people laugh, and is very sneaky. However, despite her ability to laugh in almost any situation, she does have a temper, and she holds grudges. Despite her diminutive stature, she's actually a rather talented fighter, especially with the ability to change form. She can be very rude and blunt at times, and has poor self control when it comes to certain situations.
    *Favorite Outfit: Jean shorts, t-shirt. She doesn't wear anything fancy, she's a tomboy.
    In the revolution? (y/n) Why?: Yes. Her brothers were fighting, and her family wouldn't let her... So she was home with her father when soldiers broke into her house and killed him, nearly killing her too. She needed to get revenge, and find her brothers.
  3. Name: Allysa Sithe
    Gender: Female
    Race: Yuki-Onna
    Age: 19
    Description (if a picture, please no anime): Pale skin, slight photosensitivity, waist-length black hair, dark eyes, 5'9, stick thin.
    *Religion, if applicable: Doesn't care
    *Sexuality, if you're comfortable with that: Doesn't know
    *Personality: Naturally rebellious, Allysa enjoys making things that explode. She has a heavy caffeine addiction, even though it has been illegalized for Supernatural consumption. She has a rich taste, liking the finer things in life, such as tea and wine. She taught herself proper manners and can pass for any person of social status, as long as she has the right clothing.
    *Favorite Outfit: Long black skirts and button-up shirts.
    In the revolution? (y/n) Why?:
    Yes, because she believes she has felt too much pain because her people aren't treated as people, even though they got treated like people before the exposure.
    She was raised in a village community of her own kind,
    in the forests of Pennsylvania. Was considered nobility in their town, even though the town had no set leader, only a new adviser every week. Allysa's family upheld the law and had very set morals, so in her adulthood, she believes strongly in these. When she was a child, she saw her whole family die to the Ku Klux Klan, which had recently come back to power.