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  1. Warlock, gray

    Jackson woke up at the sound of chatter right outside his room door. His body raised up as he groaned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he removed the covers from his body and got out of the bed. Jackson was shirtless and only had on his sleeping pants as he exited his room and into the hall. "Wakey, wakey. You finally got your hand off your snakey?" One of the boys, who name was Marcus, asked him jokingly. Jackson scoffed and looked at him then shook his head while walking down the stairs, where he was met by the high warlock, Peter Magnus. "Hello there, Mr. Magnus." Jackson said lowly. Peter eyed the boy then pointed at him up and down. "What do you think this is? A photo shoot? Go put on some clothes." Jackson turned heel and went to do what he was told.
    He hopped into the shower, then brushed his teeth and exited the bathroom and changed clothing in his room. He walked back down the stairs and sat at the table, along with the other guys and Peter then proceeded to eat breakfast. "We might need to go door to door and introduce ourselves." Peter proclaimed but most of the guys groaned. "No one does that now a days, Peter." Marcus said and others joined in with him laughing. Jackson looked at them and shook his head then eyed Peter. "I'll go with you." A silent hush quickly fell over the room as all eyes were locked on him - Most were death stares. Peter smiled and nodded his head. "Ah, well, let's go then, son." Jackson took a sip from his juice and stood up, walking outside with Peter.
    "I'm actually glad you came with me on this journey, Jackson. Gives me more time to talk to you about being the next High Warlock." Peter spoke lowly, which caused Jackson to stammer through his words. "I thought Marcus was next in line?" Peter scoffed then shook his head. "Are you kidding me? Someone who has no respect for anything will not be High Warlock, remember that." Peter said as they came up to another mansion, one that was indeed larger than theirs. Peter had an uneasy feeling about this place then looked at Jackson, who looked up at him. "I feel uneasy as well." The sense of staying away was there but they both walked through the gate anyway.
    They walked up to the door and Peter raised his hand up and formed a fist, knocking on the door with his knuckles. Jackson looked around then looked as the door opened up. "Hello there, me and my son are new to the neighborhood and was just going door to door and introducing ourselves. I am Peter and this here is my boy, Jackson." Peter said with a smile, but it was really much more of a smirk. "You have a nice house. It looks magnificent." Jackson said with a smile. Peter communicated with Jackson in his mind. 'There are witches here. I can feel them.' Jackson nodded his head then raised a brow at the female at the door. "Mind if we come in?" He asked politely and in a hush tone, waiting to see if they were going to be invited in.
  2. Witch, green
    The warmth that had surrounded her mere moments before, had soon vanquished. A chill ran up her spine, goosebumps dotting her arms and scowl appearing across her features. Taking a look around the room, she spotted one of the younger witches. A girl who was no older then sixteen, willowy blonde who had the power to make Crystal wake up in one of the worst moods everyday. A few muttered curses could be faintly heard flying past her lips, as she reluctantly made her way out of the bed. Skin completely exposed to the freezing conditions, she shot the girl a hateful glare. It had been like this for sometime now, the girl had taken an instant disliking towards her, and really liked to hold a grudge. "Elizabeth, you better turn up the heat in here before I rip your mind to shreds" She exclaimed through gritted teeth, trying to warm herself to no avail. It didn't help that Crystal's nightwear wasn't the most conventional for these kinds of things, a loose t-shirt and a pair of incredibly small shorts.

    The whimpering sound of the small blonde reached her ears, for awhile he was able to make through these daily hassles with threats of all sorts. She wasn't evil however and would never dare try to hurt someone without real reason too. She was at her breaking point though, so if one day those threats turn into actions she would have to make sure to remind Elizabeth that she had fair warning. The cold in the room seemed to cease, warmth kicking back into the atmosphere. Quickly getting ready for the day ahead of her, she hopped down the stairs to meet her peers for breakfast. Eyes scanning the options she had in front of her, she decided to grab an egg and some buttered toast, before sitting next to one of the other girls.

    "What are you reading?" This girl she could never understand, the girl barely touched a single piece of food but still deemed to look healthier then any other girl here. Though all she got in response to her question was a cold glare and a prized scowl. "Oh Janet, if only somebody loved you~" She commented before getting up from her seat, only to be terrorized by eyes piercing into her back. Creepy much? Though her attention was met with a unfamiliar noise. Who could be knocking at the door? Couldn't be anyone of importance but might as well check anyways. Walking to the door, she now wore a jumper and a pair of jeans along with an incredibly comfortable pair of purple socks. Grabbing the knob, she opened it just a little bit. Where was the supreme? Shaking off that thought, she raised a brow. "Sure strangers, why the hell not. I would love for you to come into my home without me knowing a damn thing about you." It came off in a sickeningly sweet tone, yet the sarcasm edging it was not hard to detect.

    "First state your business here."

  3. Warlock, gray

    Seeing the young woman behind the door made Peter chuckled a little bit. His eyes glanced over towards Jackson, who was staring directly at the female. Peter nudged him with his shoulder and Jackson broke out of his trance like state. "Oh, uhm, what?" Jackson said as Peter raised his hand up to rub his temple as he cleared his throat. "I think what my son is trying to say is that we're new in the neighborhood and all of the other neighbors have been fairly rude to us. We were hoping that this would be any different but apparently not." Peter grabbed Jackson by the arm and tugged him to follow close behind him as they left the porch and walked through the gate. Jackson walked behind Peter with his head lowered as he knew that he was going to hear it.
    Peter and Jackson reached the street corner away from the mansion. "That's an academy for witches. I can tell." Peter proclaimed while pointing at the mansion. "Want me to investigate?" Jackson asked with a raised brow as Peter smirked down at him and placed his hand on top of his shoulder. "That's my boy. Now go and put your charm on them." With those said, Peter whistled and walked away, going back towards their mansion. Jackson turned heel and went back towards the mansion, where the female was and walked back through the gate and up to the door. He raised his hand up and knocked on the door then took a small step back and placed his hands halfway into his jeans pocket.
    "Hey, sorry about my dad. He gets a little temperamental." Jackson would say when the door opened back up. "We were just so intrigued by this exquisite mansion and wanted to view it from the inside." He'd chuckle after those words then looked up at the female. "So, may I come inside for a brief moment?" He'd ask while rocking on the balls of his feet.
  4. Crystal Landon, green

    The strange energy that wrapped it's hold around the two males, turned her away completely. There was something a little more then met the eye with them, but for some reason she could place what it was. Her sarcastic edge and rude words had always been a sort of defense mechanism, making everyone around her disperse. On top of that, she was an empath. She could feel sense people's emotions and could sometimes take on their strengths.. It wasn't a horrible power, but sometimes she wished that she only had the ability to mess with people's minds, the two abilities just seemed to clash like fire and ice, one wouldn't let the other do it's job and it made her frustrated to no end. As they left, she slammed the door and turned her attention towards one of the other girls, who was staring at her with slight confusion and mild disbelief. "Already having fun hurting people's feelings Crystal?" The dark haired girl mused, jade green eyes meeting hers for one moment. Though she had tried so hard to fit into this place, it had seemed she had only become the object of hatred and disappointment. Maybe it was the fact that the supreme reached out for her? Other girls could be jealous of the fact that she had the chance to be the next witch in the line-up. Of course that wasn't the case however, she was nowhere near superior enough. The other girls around her were better at processing their strengths and abilities, maybe one day she could match up to them. Or maybe she was a reject?

    Her attention was soon piqued by another brisk knocking at the door, sending a middle finger in the woman's direction as her head turned back to select her pickings of today's breakfast, she ten opened the door. Casually leaning against the door frame, she sent the boy a raised brow. Fascinating. The boy came back without his legal guardian. Rolling her eyes, she looked down for a moment before meeting his gaze. "It's fine, I was being a bitch. Madame doesn't exactly like us inviting in strangers." She commented, they had been told to act as if they were in some kind of preparatory school. "But sure. I guess I can take a couple lashings for a handsome man such as yourself" Would the older woman actually punish her? It was deemed highly unlikely. Was she still being the sarcastic little bitch she will always be? It deemed to be incredibly likely, sarcasm practically oozed off of her. She was gaining confidence from someone, but she couldn't exactly tell who would make her feel that way. "Seriously..what are you and Merlin doing on our porch?" She chuckled softly, she had figured it out after a couple moments of thinking. The strange aura reminded her much of a Warlocks.
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