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  1. To be quite honest, I am awful at these things...

    You are all welcomed to call me Ambivalent or any sort of nickname you can pull from it. IE: Ambi, Lent, Biv, etc. This is not my first time at Iwaku, but it has been a long time since I have been here.

    When it comes to roleplays I am a wee bit picky. I want something that is going to keep me interested for some time; not fizz out after a few posts. Multi-paragraph roleplayer with a knack for writing novels when the creative juices are really flowing. I plan to post up a thread, or something, with characters that I would like to use in roleplays. Now this does not mean I am only going to use them. If you wish for me to make a character for your single/group roleplay, just let me know. Creating characters is my strong point. Creating worlds is my weak point.

    So yeah. Not too sure what else to post on here. I guess just ask any questions you want to ask; roleplaying, character creation, recruitment, random questions, etc.
  2. Hello, Ambi! I'm Moody. Nice to meet you, and welcome back!

    It's good to see people coming back to Iwaku. Picky people unite!

    Sorry, I'm a lil scattered, since it's three in the morning.
  3. Yo Moody!

    Some people would say it is not good to be picky, but I am happy to find a fellow picky person. Way too many roleplays have not been interesting. Smh.

    And nothing wrong with being scattered brained at 0300. Sometimes those are when the best ideas happen. Hehe
  4. I've learned since being on Iwaku that being picky isn't bad, as long as I don't treat people badly about it, and make my expectations known up-front, but I've definitely been told I'm too inflexible and snobbish on other sites. =)

    It really is. Most of my characters and plots are created around then!
  5. I have had people get upset with me because I do not like characters that stammer all the time. Sure, I get it if your character stammers every now and then because they are scared or omething, but not all the time. It is bothersome to me. Hehe

    Same here. Some of my favorite characters were made late at night.
  6. Oof, yeah, stammering is a big pet peeve I've heard a lot. I've cut it from all but two of my characters: one has Asperger's Syndrome, and one is constantly terrified thanks to a long history of abuse. What I've found makes a stammer less obnoxious is more closely mimicking a real stammer. "I wan... want to go with... with you!" sounds a lot more realistic and easy to digest than "I w-want to go w-with you!"

    Heck yes. What kinds of characters do you like making? =D
  7. Well then, welcome back to us again. >:3 Hopefully this time you stay forever!
  8. Welcome to Iwaku! ♥
  9. I will accept it if it is done properly and they have an actual reason for it; like the reasons you stated. But I knew a girl who has characters that stuttered for no reason. And nearly all of her characters were like that. :/

    And thank you for the welcomes! ❤️
  10. Welcome to Iwaku!
  11. I've RPed with people like that, too. It bugs me, but what bugs me most about it is that it gives timid and shy characters a worse rep as a whole. They're already difficult when it comes to finding partners to play them with, and assumptions about stuttering don't help.

    Enough about negativity, though. <3 Do you have any favorites from among your character cast?
  12. Welcome to Iwaku *mechanical hand waves*
  13. Yes! See, you get it. :]

    I admit that I do like all of my characters that I have created over the years, but there are some that I adore. They are not here in Iwaku but on another site. One of them I have had for nine years now. Kind of have this feeling that I am never getting rid of them. Hehe

    Oh look, a cyborg! /waves back/
  14. I've got shy characters in abundance, because they tend to have, if not full on Asperger's Syndrome, at least traits of it. It's fun to really inspect myself to learn more about my characters. =)

    Nice, nice! I like all of mine, too, but I do have favorites, and I don't usually host mine on Iwaku, but on my and Litphoria, depending on how quickly I move them to

    Shiny shiny cyborg. =D
  15. I think I have one actual shy character, but she is more wary of people due to something that happened in her past. It really broke her. But most of my characters are not shy. I used to be really shy when I was younger, but not so much anymore. I guess I don't make shy characters because I didn't like being shy myself? Who knows. hehe

    The site I have them on is a site I have been on for years now. It is where I started online roleplaying and where they all were created. So I like to keep them on there; though some I have taken off and just keep them locked away in my hard drive. What is

    I had a cyborg character once. Only was able to play for her for a few posts till I had to drop out of the roleplay due to irl things. I miss her. It was looking to be a fun roleplay.
  16. I've noticed I do the same: when I'm feeling confident, I make confident. When I'm feeling shy, I make shy, and i usually try to make characters in some way how I'd like to be, sort of as practice and a way to learn how to do it. is a site made entirely for character hosting. You can upload nearly unlimited images for each character, make your own custom fields, and even link characters together by relationships and such. It's pretty nice, but it is confusing initially, and it requres an invitation to join because it's technically closed beta.

    I've got a few cyborgs and a robot or two, but lately I've been on a huge fantasy or non-robot scifi kick that hasn't let up. I think the last time I played a character made or enhanced by robotics, it was a robot named Unit for a sexual group RP, and nobody (definitely not me) could take him seriously, because once he got going, his pelvic motors made 'vrr-TUNK' noises. My feelings on him are somewhere between amusement and shame.
  17. I do admit that my mood has influenced characters before. Usually I will use music to help create them. And then there are times when I am listening to a song or genre and suddenly there is a character standing there. It can be kind of annoying when they just pop up and go : "Time to get to work on making me!" Especially when I just don't want to do any sort of creating. hehe.

    Ah! Sounds like a neat thing to have online so you are able to access them wherever you are. I have something like that on the site I do most of my roleplays on. Made a little section where I keep everyone's info. Well, everyone that I am currently using. The characters that are on the back burner are on the external drive.

    She was the only cyborg character I have ever made. I don't really do sci-fi based roleplays because I am not that good at them, but lately I have been wanting too. She was a young woman who had been giving a cyborg body, much like Ghost in the Shell, and she was a prostitute. The money she would make from doing that went to the person that had saved her life and given her the cybernetic body. It looked like it would have been a lot of fun. Had this character in it that would have probably become a good friend of my character. Oh well though. Life happens.

    I will admit that I am on the look out for a good sci-fi roleplay though. Have not joined anything yet, but I keep looking for that one that is going to jump out at me.
  18. Same, though using music doesn't ALWAYS work as an aid, except that background noise always helps. I've been known to get new characters by browsing imgur, playing games, reading stories and comics... lots of stuff, and usually they're SLIGHTLY related to what I'm taking in, but not enough that they feel like a ripoff to me. Usually.

    Nice. When I retire a character I usually make them hidden or move them to a .txt file, but I don't like doing that, because only rarely do I perma-retire a character.

    Yeah, life happens. She sounds pretty cool, though. =) I've seen a lot of new members interested in scifi lately, though, so you might not have too much difficulty finding someone to latch onto.
  19. If something really really interests me, then I may build a character from it. For example, in my character archive that I made on here is a character that is a mutant. Created her based off of the X-Men universe. I also have an assassin that I built with similarities to those of the Assassin's Creed universe. It all just depends on how much something interests me.

    Its not really retiring them, more like just keeping them for a later date. Sometimes I don't like having all of my characters lying about because I always worry someone will try to steal them. Have seen it happen plenty of times. So the ones that I usually have lying about for random things, I won't mind if they are stolen.

    I am keeping my eyes open for something good. But its not just sci-fi that I am going for. Basically if it has a good plotline and a good feel to it, then I am definitely going to give it a try. Just nothing furry based. I am not a fan of furries or anthropomorphics, or however you spell it.
  20. Same, that or sometimes previous ideas I liked and new ideas combine suddenly in my head into something that I feel I have to make. =)

    Ah, that makes sense. I don't often worry about that, since I think most of my characters intimidate people who read about them, at least on the front of possibly playing them. I tend to go very in-depth.

    Alright, that's fair. If you want to, the link to my RP search in my signature is updated enough that I'm comfortable showing it around. Would you like to take a look and see if you like anything so far?
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