Ambitious Conundrums

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    Your origins are simple... forgettable as yourself, but a young Va-Nu-Pied, the lowest social class of the Theodosian Empire, set out to become more that your born caste, and, perhaps, change your life for the better. It is the Classical age, and as you struggle only with stale bread and foul water clad in your coarse and flimsy tunic, sitting upon one of the higher hovels of the slums you cannot help but envy the wool and silk togas of the elites, their lusciously red wines and juicy red meat.

    That is when you made a vow to yourself; you will be like them one day, from your sweat and blood you would change to become a proud member of one of the five ruling families of the Empire, and by doing so would insure glory for yourself and stability to your descendants... but each journey starts with a difficult first step... and that would mean cut your ties with your past.

    Your tale will start in your hovel, where you will prepare for the near impossible task ahead of you; That of leaving your previous life behind and leap into the unknown. For that you will first need to free yourself from your Cast of Va-Nu-Pied and become Casteless, a even more perilous way of life yet the only one that separate the lower Castes of Va-Nu-Pied and Slave from the 'true' bottom caste of Servant. To make this change remotely safely will be arduous indeed, but with luck, guts, quick mindedness and charm it is possible.

    This life is not without promises, however, for there is plenty of shady dealings to be made with a resourceful beings that is basically a nonentity in the matriarchal Theodosian society. It is not glamorous, of course, but it is an opportunity you would do well not to ignore.

    The Castes are ranked as follow, from lowest to highest:



    There is, of course, many ways to attain power, the most long term way being to impregnate a noble if you are male or seduce a young heir into making you a mistress if you are female, but doing so would only benefit your descendants, and would not change your situation. A more hand-on approach may be to earn enough influence and wealth in the underworld to buy yourself a citizenship, though doing so may trap you as a shady individual forever... many opportunities will offer themselves, but only you can choose what will become of your fate.

    To start your adventure you now only need to be aware of the laws bellow and fill out the present Sheet:

    Age: (15 to 20)

    Prior History:



    You shall be courteous in outside of the RP proper.
    You shall do your best to keep things dynamic and interesting in the Roleplay.
    You shall space your posts properly, with each paragraph spaced by an empty line and each new speaker on a different paragraph.
    You shall use a spellchecker.
    You shall have fun!


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  2. Tentatively curious about this. Amount of players? What will be your role?
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