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  1. Got this idea from the "Artisitic Gif" thread.
    I'm going to post a number of images and you people reply what you see each of them as.

    Image 1 (open)

    Image 2 (open)

    Image 3 (open)

    Image 4 (open)

    Image 5 (open)

    Image 6 (open)

    Image 7 (open)

    Image 8 (open)

    Image 9 (open)

    Image 10 (open)

    Image 11 (open)

    Image 12 (open)

    Bonus Image (open)
  2. Well, that was interesting, I'll get to listing what I saw later.

    The dress is blue and black. It's already been proven to be blue and black by the person who bought it.
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  3. I know.
    It was a *bonus* one for a reason. :P
  4. Show Spoiler

    1. Both bird and rabbit
    2. A face?
    3. Goblet and two faces
    4. Women and a skull
    5. Another face and a man riding a bicycle
    6. Side portrait
    7. A woman turning away...?
    8. People eating and some sort of furry creature like a cat
    9. A seal and a I-think-it's-a-donkey
    10. OLD BUSH MAN
    11. Sax man and lady
  5. The reason being that the answer is already widely known? Or bonus because there's an off chance that someone might not know the answer. Ish confused by this proposition but I'll hide my answer in case of the latter.
  6. Bonus cause it's meant to mess with people who are tired of it, yet not occupy the slot of an actual question.
  7. I've always been a huge fan of these, and I think I've seen at least half of them before, so most of them I was able to see as both things within the first 10 seconds of looking at them.

    The ones that stumped me (and by "stumped" I mean I didn't figure it out after about 30 seconds of looking and I can still only see one thing) are as follows;

    Show Spoiler
    6: I see a... Native American head, I think. Not sure what else is supposed to be in this one but his ear looks a bit funky so I think that plays a part.
    7: I'm almost certain that I've seen this one before and that it's supposed to be either an old woman or a young woman. I can only see the young woman, though, and the image turns black when I try to enlarge it, so I can't get a closer look at it. :/
    10: I see a guy's head with flowers/vines around it. I sort of feel like I'm mixing interpretations, though.
    12: I... think I see a monkey hanging from a tree branch. Feeling pretty lost with this one.

    OH OH AND ALSO here's one of my favorites;


    What word do you see here? :3
  8. Good at first.
    But there's also Evil inside it.

  9. I'm unable to interpret images 7, 8, and 10 into two different clear images.

    In 7 I can't really enlarge the picture without it turning black, so I can only see a woman with a head adornment.

    In 8, I see two people eating but I have a FEELING they're supposed to be also mushrooms being stabbed by forks.

    In 10, I see an elderly man with leaves and vines around his face. Also, the right side of his face (the left side from our view point) looks like a man kneeling or hanging onto a cliff.
  10. Man I love stuff like this. Art class always brought forth the worst in us students.

    1. A duck and a rabbit.
    2. A face and a woman walking.
    3. Two sideways portraits and one of those curvy lamp things. Or maybe it's a fancy vase.
    4. A skull and a woman doing her make-up in a giant mirror.
    5. Another face and a dude on a bike.
    6. Yet another face and somebody bundled up in winter clothes. Maybe a Russian.
    7. The classical posh young woman/old witch combo. Seen it a billion times.
    8. Two dudes sharing ice cream and some weird-ass cat face.
    9. Seal and a horse/donkey.
    10. A couple kissing and an old man.
    11. A face and a dude shredding a sick sax solo.
    12. A monkey swinging on a branch and a lion maybe? Not sure about the lion, actually.

    But that dress, doe. It'll always be white/gold for me, unless somebody goes and tweaks the colour on it.
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