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  1. What I mean mostly is works from Fictionpress, Wattpad, and other such sites that are made to share stories.

    There are many stories that tend to make the eyes hurt, putting it in politest of words. But there are some really worthy gems out there as well! I'm mostly a Fictionpress dweller, and through years of reading and sifting, I'd found a few epic tales, which I'll link to below.

    So, what about the rest of you all? Does anyone have any good stories to share? Perhaps tales you yourself have written?

    Four Kingdoms
    Four Kingdoms Continued
    The Wildest of Tales
    The Idiot's Guide to Ruling an Evil Empire
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  2. I have a wattpad account (or I think I do. I might've deleted the account now that I think about it) and I put a bunch of my super old stuff there. Around the time I did that, I finally actually completed a book and published it. It's nothing major. It is self-published. And I love the world I built for it but everything else is pretty bleh. Subject matter is inappropriate for the audience I think and there's a lot of things wrong with it.

    But I can get through it without thinking I completely wasted my time (as a reader or as a writer) so I'd consider that a success, I guess. Fravashi
    If you're interested, I'd advise reading the sample(s) available on Amazon before buying it to see if you like the writing style. And if you're broke you can PM me and I'll just give you the PDF.

    Never been that invested in promoting my book since I am not sure I'd pay the full price for it myself. Nobody's been able to give me a straight review on it, so I'm just gonna assume it sucks lol. The royalty I get is only $1 so people buying it to support me isn't a huge deal for me either.

    To circle back to your thread, I find almost everything online to be really difficult to read. Nobody who writes things I'm interested in writes in a style I like, and the people who do write in a style I like write about things I'm completely uninterested in reading about.

    So after a while I just stopped trying and don't read free things anymore. =(
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