Am I the only one noticing this?

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  1. This might not be the right place for this, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Lately I've been noticing a rather horrible trend of people joining the site, creating/starting/joining an rp, and then after a few days deleting their accounts without a word to anyone. It wouldn't bother me so much if they came out and said 'Yeah, this site isn't what I thought it would be' or 'You suck! I'm leaving!' but they're just deleting their accounts.

    Anyone else having this problem? Or do I have some kind of online leprosy that is scaring people off?
  2. I think, as with many interactions on the internet, the transient nature of the web at large has become pervasive in so far as people's interpersonal relationships and or concern over social contracts. Since we don't necessarily have to give of ourselves in ways that are as genuine or as permanent as we would in person, there is less attachment or sense of responsibility to those online. This is also an issue of respect: insofar as give and take is concerned. Taking and not giving is much easier online because of the lack of true social connections and contracts. As soon as the giving becomes too much of a burden, then the person more content with taking is likely to leave. But that's only one side of the coin. And it's more of an accountability side of the argument.

    On the other side of the coin, sometimes life just happens and it happens in ways that interfere with online presence or make it so that coming online is not an option. You'll never have a way to know unless you've established a report with whomever.
  3. I've not had this happen to me yet fortunately but I'm not really taking on new Rp's at the moment.

    I'm sure you don't have leprosy lovely, what the mutual RP partners we have, you seem well liked and respected.
  4. Huh...
    I haven't really seen this in the RP's I've joined lately...
    But that's an awful trend...
  5. I've noticed it a lot. I actually had one person who I was dying to do a particular roleplay with, and even before I replied to the thread she'd started, she deleted her account. She didn't tell me why, nor did she leave anything stating why she planned to leave or was going to leave. It sucks- especially since that roleplay was something I've been wanting to do forever.
  6. Larger site population with a highly active core means Iwaku pops up pretty quick on the radar.


    Search "Roleplay Site" and Iwaku is fifth place. Ergo, we'll get a lot of traffic coming in, which while it means more role players, also means...
    • More know-it-all dipshits like me, only not self aware.
    • More newbies who have no idea what they're doing.
    • More flakes who join and disappear.
    • More people who just generally don't know what they want, leave alone how to go about achieving such ends.
    • Et cetera et cetera.
    Welcome to popularity. You'll get lots of new possibilities, but at least a significant minority of them will fall into the above categories. Especially since we're hurdling towards summer time. AKA: When most of the overly hormonal and emotional teenagers get out. "What about adults?" Do you really think teenagers won't lie about their age, for one reason or another? :ferret:
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  7. Please don't tell me this. Now I'm going to be paranoid about all my rp partners! @_@ The last thing I want to imagine is there's a thirteen year old kid on the other side of the screen that I'm cussing in front of and talking about people getting ripped to pieces. @_@ I'm more comfortable being unrealistically optimistic that all my partners are adults.
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  8. [​IMG]
    The PTA will be contacting you shortly.
  9. The majority of them should be, and the teenagers will more often than not reveal themselves.

    It never hurts to be aware... :ferret:

    ... The Parent-Teacher Association?
  10. They're already going to give me shit because my kids saw me flip off some asshole from New York who cut me off yesterday, followed by a obscenity ladened rant about asshole drivers. =/
  11. You don't seem like the kind of mom to be trifled with, I'm sure your kids wouldn't muck about with something that would get you in trouble. I know my mom used to give me a smack for looking at her wrong (I've got resting b**** face).

    @Brovo : Yup. I didn't know what other association to reference for that joke.
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  12. @Brovo @Nydanna

    Yes, teens lie about their age for a variety of reasons, but worry not! Iwaku has a pretty effective system to make sure they don't! It's part taking away the most common reason for lying (access to 18+ material) by giving teens their own section for this stuff, part making it widely known that lying about your age is a serious indiscretion with big, real world consequences, part being an all-ages, all-styles, all-skills site, so they don't have to fear not getting any partners or not being taken seriously, and part an awesome mod squad and contributing volunteers and members who aren't afraid to report if they see something off :-3
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  13. My kids would love to see me in trouble just so they don't have to help me pack and clean after next week. They're threatening to hide my insulin so all I want to do is sleep because my sugar's high. =/ They want to move, but they want me to do all the work.
  14. Hiding your insulin sounds like one hell of a card to pull. As far as I understand diabetes, not being able to access your insulin can be a pretty tricky situation depending on your overall health.

    As for the moving part, I've been in that situation before. A family friend asked me to help her move and when I got there, she wasn't even completely packed. It took all day to get everything put away and then loaded onto the truck.
  15. There is areason I am a hesitant to let people new to the site join my rps.
  16. Brovo already said all of the things. O___O

    Basically, the higher on google you are, the more drive-by registrations you will get. And during the summer time is when we get the most activity because most between 13-25 are out of school/college for the season!

    I wouldn't take it personally EVER. MOST of the time it's people who have attention problems and tend to dart around everywhere OR someone who just doesn't like the site system. Like they hate the forum or the way we run rps, etc. >> It's almost never about the people.
  17. Usually I don't, but one of the people knew things about me that I don't remember discussing with them. o.O It was weird because right after he mentioned the fact that I had never told him, he vanished. It was kind of creepy, to be honest.
  18. Happens all the time with ilium. I either deal with it or should start being much stricter with applications.
  19. They probably looked in General while waiting for replies.
  20. I would agree with that too, but it wasn't something that I put in general chat either. It's something I talked about to a few of my partners, but he was not one of them.
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