Am I Leet yet?

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    So this is my 1337th post. I had some kind of joke/shitposty thread planned but things got pretty busy and I didn't have enough time to write anything up.

    ITT: Help me Celebrate my epic 1337-ness by posting shit or something, I dunno.

    @Gwazi Magnum get in here.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Congrats on achieving the highest rank on the interwebs.
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  3. If you have to ask, you're not

  4. :'(
  6. w0w Gr07hn3r u h1t 1337 p05t5

    s0 1337 s0 amaz1n9
  7. (0|\\|9|247(_)|_47!0|\\|5 (_) 4|23 |\\|0\\/\\/ 4 90|)!!
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  8. 1 h473 3v3ry7h1n@ 4b087 7h15 7hr34d 4nd h0p3 u 4ll d13 0n3 d4y 500n
  9. 1337speak is so 1998. >:[
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  10. ... I had to google what the OP meant even.

    No way in hell I'm bothering to translate the rest of this.
  11. But you contributed!! D:
  12. I said I wasn't translating, not that I wasn't using adding in my own techno-babble.
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